Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cedrick wins the lottery -a tale of redistribution!

An interesting week in politics…we have the media going crazy about a “leaked” video of Romney telling the truth about a large portion of the American society…and literally ignoring a video of Obama telling the truth about what he believes.

I find it amazing that the media chooses to select the words of Obama and call them truth when he lies, yet ignores his words when he speaks truth.

Are you confused yet?

I sure am.

What is it about Obama’s continual references to his belief in the redistribution of wealth that gets the media so hell-bent on ignoring it?

SO…today we are going to go back to school for a few minutes and look at redistribution of wealth.

In today’s lesson we are going to find a way to remove all elements of opportunity differences, equality differences, economic differences, color differences, political differences etc, and look at redistribution of wealth WITHOUT all that crap getting in the way.

Now, folks, remember as you read this…this is what Obama believes in.

“Listen while I tell you ‘bout a man named Jed,
A poor mountaineer,
Barely kept his family fed,
And then one day
While he’s shooting at some food
Up from the ground came a bubblin’ crude
Oil that is
Black Gold…Texas tea”

Well, the next thing you know
Old Jed’s a millionaire
His kinfolk said Jed, move away from here
Said Californi is the place you want to be
So he loaded up the ruck
And moved to Beverley
Hill that is…
Swimmin’ stars”

So what does the Beverly Hillbillies have to do with what I am talking about today?

It is simple…luck…pure unadulterated luck was what happened to Jed.

And today’s lesson on redistribution of wealth starts at that point.

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine…his name…well…let’s call him…ummm…Cedrick.

Cedrick could have been an educated man, but he didn’t work hard at school…or he is a highly educated man who is a powerful captain of industry…or he is a lazy assed cocaine addict. You see…it doesn’t matter who Cedrick is…he is everybody and nobody.

But Cedrick has a dream…he has a dream of obtaining great wealth…and he religiously goes down to his corner store and does the one thing that he hopes one day will bring him the wealth he dreams of…he buys a lottery ticket.

This lottery ticket is the equivalent of Jed Clampett’s bubblin’ crude….one ticket…one day when luck smiles on you…and Cedrick ‘s numbers come up. He wins $87 million cash value…and after the tax authorities take their share…he stands to get around $50 million!!

Cedrick does not think twice about where his winnings came from. He spares not a thought to the schoolkids who benefit from lottery profits, or the thousands of people who bought tickets so that he could get their money….nope...he thought only about what he was going to do with this money.

Cedrick suffers from greed…he wanted something for nothing….he wanted to get rich through just his own good luck. He didn’t think about how a lottery is nothing other than the redistribution of wealth…he didn’t think that taking small amounts of money from a large group of people and then combining it to give it to one person was actually redistribution of wealth.

In fact he didn’t think at all…but he was sure going to learn fast.

You see…while Cedrick was planning on how to spend his money, a group of vocal people were planning on how they could get some of it.

Starting with his family, and then his friends, and acquaintances, and ending with charities and total strangers…everyone was putting out their hand wanting a part of Cedrick’s good fortune. After all…he didn’t earn it, he didn’t work hard for it, he didn’t study for years to get it…he was just the recipient of dumb luck.

These greedy people wanting to share in Cedrick’s good fortune did not spare a moment to think about the kids that were helped when Cedrick bought his lottery ticket along with millions of other people (including them). They didn’t think about the fact that had, because of their own greed and desire to get something for nothing, provided the pool of funds that Cedrick now enjoyed. Nope….these people were captured by greed and envy and just wanted to get a part of Cedrick’s new found wealth…after all what right did he have to be lucky?

Cedrick is a good and generous man…he helps his parents by paing off their home, he gives his sibling a lot to help with their lives. He finds several charities that he wants to support and gives them some.

But this is not good enough for the angry throngs who populate the internet screaming that Cedrick should do more. Demanding that he should give more away because he doesn’t need that much. After all, how many cars does one man need? The clamor for their share of Cedrick’s good fortune did not go unnoticed…

Sitting on his throne in the Oval Office, Obama hears the cries of the greedy….

He sees Cedrick as a target…a way to show that redistribution of wealth, which he believes in, is right…it is morally good…and if Cedrick won’t willingly do it, the government will be forced to step in. After all, it was just dumb luck that resulted in Cedrick having that money in the first place.

And…we must always remember that the government knows much better how to use Cedrick’s money than Cedrick does…especially when someone of the intellectual capacity of Barack Obama, the smartes President in history, is at the helm.

SO Obama sees an opportunity …an opportunity to start the process of making the rich pay their fair share. He sees that he can get public support for greater taxation on lottery winnings…that he can push higher taxes on lottery earnings because since it was just dumb luck, nobody could claim that the government was “stealing the hard earned labor of the tax payer”…just dumb luck.

So with the approval of the 47% of non-taxpaying Americans, Obama raised the taxes on lottery winnings as a separate element of income…first to 50%, then to 75% and finally, to the delighted howls of the masses, to 90%!

And the lottery died instantly. Nobody would buy tickets.

Nobody wanted to support the children through their ticket purchases. Schools lost their funding, and, as is often the case, the schools in the poorest areas were hardest hit.

No longer was the lottery attractive…not only were lottery winnings taxed inordinately, but the size of lottery prizes, which are a direct result of numbers of tickets sold, decreased almost overnight.

You see the greedy didn’t want their winnings redistributed by the government…the risk/reward scenario no longer made sense to them. Even dumb luck now resulted in their luck being stolen from them.
And the students paid for this with reduced funding.

The moral to this story is simple.

The only people who believe in the redistri9bution of wealth are those who can take it from somebody else. The greedy. The jealous. The myriads of people with their hands out…begging government for something for nothing, begging the Cedrick’s of this world for their wealth.

The hard truth s that redistribution of wealth is the surest way to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

You see, trying to keep this simple…when you steal wealth, you can only steal what is in existence at that point in time. So you have to do it again…and again…until at some point the wealth creators simply stop creating. The ones relying on dumb luck, simply stop buying tickets.

This is what our President believes in…

I am not against the lottery (although I never buy a ticket because I do not want to be inflicted with the psychological damage that comes with wanting something for nothing)…and I feel good for those that win.

With sudden wealth comes sudden responsibility that many are not prepared for…and they become nothing but pawns to those who would steal their wealth.

Redistribution of wealth does not, in any way, raise the poor from their lot in life…nor does it cut the wealthy down to size since they will ultimately find a new land in which to ce=reate…a place where wealth does not get taken from them. No…redistribution of wealth simply creates powerful governments and elitists who rule over their subjects with no thought other than of their own position. In a country that redistributes wealth, there are but two classes…the poor and hungry, and the fat government elitists.

It can work no other way.

It is time to believe Obama when he says he believes in redistribution of wealth,. And it is time that we all understand what that actually means.

It means the destruction of opportunity, the destruction of choice, and the destruction of freedom.

If you want that, Obama is your man in November…for surely he WILL give you what you want. For everyone else…Romney may not be your preferred choice, but at least he can slow the decline…and does not believe in redistribution. He is the only choice you have.


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