Friday, September 14, 2012 many more?

It is now 9/14…and the lessons from that fateful 9/11 of 11 years ago have been ignored by the current administration. A President who feels he is smart enough to understand security briefings by glancing at a daily summary…without any attempt at questioning or discussing the conclusions with those entrusted to prepare the briefings…is a President who has failed in his sole duty as President…to protect the citizens of this country from dangers both home and abroad.

This failure of a President has chosen to attend fund raisers rather than attend security briefings.

And the Muslim world looks at his lack of interest and pounces as a cat pounces on its prey.

Much has been said about the Muslim world reacting to some stupid movie about Mohammed…really? Do you really think that has inspired attacks and demonstrations against America in 19 (yes…19 as of this moment) countries around the world?

Right now the list includes:-
-          United Kingdom
-          The Netherlands
-          Morocco
-          Algeria
-          Tunisia
-          Nigeria
-          Libya
-          Sudan
-          Somalia
-          Syria
-          Yemen
-          Iran
-          Iraq
-          Pakistan
-          Afghanistan
-          India
-          Bangladesh

I daresay that by now the trouble will have spread to even more countries as the Muslims, emboldened by the pathetic response from this Administration, seeks to take even more advantage of a weakened America and show that the Great Satan is not only a pathetic caricature of its former greatness, but does not have the will to defend its own belief in free speech.

Nor does America have the will to defend its sovereign land (embassies) from rampaging mobs, or to protect its citizens serving in Embassies and Consulates around the world from the aggression of these mobs.

Rather than protecting their sovereign lands themselves, embassies and consulates are relying on local law enforcement to provide the security. Has nobody considered that in many cases the local security forces could be more supportive of the mobs than they they are of the US occupants they are supposed to be protecting?

Since when has America subjugated its right to defend itself to other countries?


And now we discover that the Marines in Cairo defending the Embassy were not permitted to have live rounds in their guns? Incredible madness!!

Look…this is not about some stupid movie. This is the outcome of the Arab Spring…and without America making it clear that she will support free speech and WILL DEFEND her people from ALL  AGGRESSORS…we are seeing what is only the start of the Muslim attack.

Obama is MIA….Clinton is making all sorts of noises that amount to nothing more than apologies and empty words…and in the meantime American interests abroad remain vulnerable.

A true leader would stand strongly and make the following clear statements:-

1.       America supports the constitutional right to free speech and will NOT be dictated to by foreign mobs who simply do not like what they see or hear.
2.       America will not cow before pressures from foreign mobs and will protect her sovereign territory from aggressors of all kinds.
3.       America will protect her citizens at all times.
4.       Any attempts to attack or threaten Embassies or Consulates wherever they are located in the world will be greeted with the full force of America’s defenses. While the reponse will be measured, it will also be appropriate to the threat. Mobs scaling walls and trespassing on American soil will be met with whatever force is necessary to deter them, including deadly force where required.
5.       America will not rely solely on the security forces of foreign nations to protect her citizenry and sovereign lands.

OK, Obama…are you willing to say these things?

Are you willing to stand up to the mobs? Or are you nothing but a scared little boy running away to hind behind the skirts of your next fund-raiser? Are you really that scared of the results of standing up to bully mobs?

Indeed you are pathetic.

I have heard it said that we must support our President in times like these.


Even when he acts like a coward and in doing so puts our citizens at greater risk?

The muslims attacking America now do not care about civilized actions. They do not care about words. They do not care about life.

The only thing they care about is killing Americans.

And this fool we have as a President lets them do it.

It is time for America to protect her own. .. and for the world to know it!


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