Thursday, October 25, 2012

Laughter is NOT the best medicine!

Much has been said about this upcoming election. We have heard that it is about choices…a choice between two people who have fundamentally different ideas about how to move the country forward.

On one hand we have the current President… pretender with little knowledge and less substance.  A man swept to the highest office in the land on the back of a clever campaign pitch. A man who uses the dollars from the Hollywood elite to campaign in 2012 against the wealthy…a man who promised to cut the deficit in half while actually increasing it…a man who was outspoken about healing the earth, stopping the rise of the waters and creating peace and harmony around the world. A man who promised greater transparency in government while doing secret deals behind closed doors, creating bills so large that lawmakers didn’t read them, and pushing through congressional votes in the darkest hours. A man who promised that unemployment would never reach 8% if the stimulus passed, while massaging the unemployment numbers and still not avoiding 43 months in excess of 8%...(he can’t even lie convincingly on that one!)  A man who believed that through sheer force of personality he could make our enemies suddenly develop a new affection for the US…who through sheer bravery took out Bin Laden…and, with the exception of those trivial “not optimal” events of the terrorist attacks at Fort Hood and Benghazi…has disabled Al Quaeda and all form of world terrorism.

Yes, this Pretender-in-Chief is one choice.

The other choice is a man who has been a successful businessman, in fact so successful that he clearly falls into the definition of wealthy that is so under attack from Obama. A man who has shown he can successfully govern a state, but not just any state…a left wing state where he had to learn to work with Democrats to achieve any success…and by any measure his time as Governor was successful.  A man “saved” the winter Olympics from financial oblivion. A man who cares deeply about this country…and is more concerned with the country’s success than he is for his own legacy. A man who is financially literate, who understands the deep and essential connection between a strong economy at home and a strong foreign policy.

One of these guys has socialist roots….the other a conservative background.

One is a narcissist while the other is not.

But all of these truths seem to be totally irrelevant to the average liberal out there. Why is this so?

It could be because they strongly believe socialism is a viable option…after all, having been educated within a system that decries personal success and has replaced it with a collectivist mantra, it is no wonder these folks are screwy in the head!

It could be because the simply want all the free stuff that Obama gives them. The thought of actually working for a living is anathema to them. The thought of getting educated so they can get better jobs is just downright “stupid”. That means effort…and why should they make any effort if all they have to do is vote for the right guy and all will be given to them?

It could be because they like his blackness…of skin and heart.

But here’s the thing….I think it is something totally different to any of these.

I have been watching Obama closely on the campaign trail and in the debates and have seen what I find a very disturbing trait.

It seems that Obama does not want to be President – he wants to be a stand-up comedian…

His pettiness, and petulance, comes out in every speech….his small mindedness and lack of policy hidden behind 5th grade humor that wouldn’t get a showing on Comedy Central if he wasn’t the President….but nevertheless he spends an inordinate amount of time trying to make his followers laugh, or the very least, indulge in a chuckle or two.

And there is reason behind this approach. 

Laughter is good for the soul. That is why comedians exist. When people laugh all sorts of “feel good” hormones are released into the body and they feel good. This is like a drug…a drug that conceals truth because once that “feel good” hits, nothing else matters.

So Obama’s many appearances with John Stewart are not simply to enable him access to the younger crowd….they are learning experiences…teaching him how to deliver a line, teaching him how to connect on a humorous level and hence undermine any logic that may be preventing the listener from believing his BS.

There is no doubt in my mind that Obama is knowingly using humor to hide the emptiness of his suit…after all, how many people love their spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend…and when asked to explain what it is that they love, the first words out of their mouths is…”He/she makes me laugh”.

The drug of laughter is powerful.

But a word of warning to the addicts of laughter….

Who do you want as president? The class clown? Remember back in high school, there was always one guy or girl who was the comedian. People liked him/her…they usually had mediocre grades but were smart enough to get through without too much work…and relied on their wit and heavy doses of sarcasm to hide their true selves. I know you remember someone like that.

Now fast forward thirty or forty years….most people like that will have matured…will have grown out of the comic persona. Living normal healthy hardworking lives they have moved forward. A very few may make a living from humor…some may do voluntary gigs tinged with humor…but most will have moved beyond those childish ways.

But if they didn’t?

Would you elect the class clown as President?

Could you imagine what it might be like when the class clown was sitting down holding talks with Netanyahu about Iran’s nuclear future…and the clown starts talking about these special ships he has that airplanes can land on….or these special boats that can travel underwater?

Give me a break.

Not only is that crap not funny in the debate dialogues, but it would be downright embarrassing in a foreign relations discussion.

But…this is what you have in the President. This is what he is showing you as the next four years come close. This is who he is selling.

The Clown-in-Chief has another problem that we all know about but seem to hide from. The last four years has shown us that the current democratic leadership is more akin to a Ringling Bros circus than to a working Congress…three rings each with its own clown….with Obama acting the fool in the center ring, he is ably assisted and supported by Harry Reid in the senate ring, and Nancy Pelosi in the House ring (although she is no longer Speaker, she remains leader of the Democrats).

Clowns one and all…the clown posse that will make you laugh till your sides hurt while they rob you blind, give away your country to foreigners and appease every bully that comes along…

Friends…in this case, laughter is the wrong medicine.

In 2012 we need a sober leader…a man of character and wisdom…a man who understands the depth of our problems and who promises to deal with them accordingly. A man who does not rely on lofty meaningless slogans like “hope and change”…a man who will roll up his sleeves and get down to work making this country strong again, making your lives easier, providing a real future to your children and grandchildren.

Not a man who laughs at you…who derides you…who garners your affection through laughter. Like all drugs…the laughter drug wears off…and the resulting withdrawal sends the addicted searching for more. While you search for your next hit, the Ringling Bros circus is tilted full ahead to your destruction.

So the choice is bigger than what we have all thought…

The choice is do we want a man of honor as President or do we want the class clown?

I know who I want…do you?


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