Friday, October 12, 2012

Where did that rabbit go?

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson could certainly be forgiven for thinking that life imitates art if he had watched the presidential debate last week, followed by last night’s vice-presidential debate.

Of course, Dodgson could not have watched these debates since he passed away long before Presidential debates became a fixture in American politics….in fact, he died in 1898!

So why do I speak of him today?

Because he wrote the tale that best sums up the optics of the two debates so far this season.

A week or so ago we watched the President as his size diminished in front of our eyes…he clearly consumed a bottle of “Drink me” just before he appeared with Mitt Romney to debate the issues.

As we watched, he became smaller and smaller…a small man, with small ideas. A man unable to “reach the key atop the table”…a shrinking violet…shrinking away from every challenge, every idea and every jab thrown by Romney.

Is this the man you want as President? Or do you buy the litany of excuses thrown out by the left for the diminished performance of the liar-in-chief? He was effected by the altitude…or he was black…or he was too polite….give me a break!  It is clear what happened…he couldn’t resist the “drink me” bottle!

Now, last night, the vice-president appeared in his debate with Paul Ryan. He clearly also partook of a substance before the debate but rather than the “drink me” bottle, he consumed the “eat me” cake!

As we watched he became larger than life…his obnoxious and rude interruptions were, by some reports, numbered in the 80’s! His gestures, finger pointing, lecturing and inappropriate grinning were reminiscent of the Cheshire Cat but in reality reflected no more than the “eat me” cake he must have consumed before coming on stage.

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, would surely be forgiven for thinking we had followed the white rabbit down the rabbit hole and landed in “Liberals in Wonderland”!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland written in 1865, and much loved by adults and children for nearly 150 years, starts with Alice following the white rabbit….going down a rabbit hole…and into a fantastical land…a land populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures. A land where nonsense rules…and reality has no half-life!

Watching these two debates, I could not help feeling that I was in Wonderland…or at least part way there….

A smaller than life Presidential attempt to convince you to vote democrat was followed by a larger than life Vice-Presidential attempt to induce you to vote democrat.

Is this really where the democrats want to be?

By all accounts the President was not himself…at least that is what the pundits and talking heads say. The general consensus is that he had a bad night…really? Really?  A bad night?

It was horrible….let’s not beat around the bush here…this man was not there…he offered nothing other than absolute proof that Clint Eastwood was right when talking to an empty chair!

Is this the man who you want leading the country?

And then the bottom half of his ticket comes out with both guns blazing. He was arrogant, rude, bullying, disruptive and offensive. What did amaze me was that he seemed to have some substantive things to say…and I agreed with a couple…but his delivery? That is another issue altogether.

Do you really want this arrogant old fool as your VP?

Ok…so I think the answer to both questions is a resounding “no”…but I am not stupid and understand that the people that you saw in these debates are not the people who share the leadership of this country…after all, they had both consumed items found in the rabbit hole before speaking.

But that fact simply begs another question….

If the people we saw in the debates were not the real people…were not honest or accurate representations of what we will get when they are re-elected…how do we know what we WILL get? Who are the real Obama and Biden?

We hear Obama mouthing off about which Romney he should expect at the next debate…we hear the democrat talking points being no more positive than “Romney lies”…we hear excuses…we hear racism…we hear continued obsessions with millionaires and billionaires….but we don’t hear any substantive discussion…unless you consider the blanket statement “Romney lies” as substantive.

So here we are…a few weeks out from an election of vital importance to this country, and we see the current leaders of this country treating it as a game…a trip into fantasy…their arrogance so great that they do not feel it necessary to bring honesty and their real selves to the front and center.

Why could that be?

Could it be because the truth is stranger than the fictional characters they portray?

Next week we will see Obama once again hit the debate stage. I confess to being intrigued as to which fantasy character he will become…could he be the Cheshire cat? I doubt that…Biden grins like a fool and that is better suited to him….

Perhaps we will see Wily Coyote…that is certainly better suited to his policies. Failure at every turn, and being hit by the anvil every time.

Maybe we will see the resurrection of hope and change…after all, that worked 4 years ago!

Whatever we see in the debate, I am certain it will not be the real Obama…no matter how ludicrous the character he adopts; it will not nearly represent the truth. This man is a chameleon willing to sacrifice truth on the altar of the rabbit hole…

I implore you, do not be deceived.

Liberals have long ago left common sense behind and have followed Obama and Biden down their progressive rabbit hole…where fantasy allows the impossible to make sense. Do not follow them.

Retain your sanity…and vote for the person who shows themselves as a true leader. A person who stands tall in the face of adversity…a person who does not need the “eat me” cake or “drink me” bottle…a person who presents real options.

Rabbit holes are everywhere…beware lest you fall in. Democrats make them…democrats live in them…democrats want you to follow them to their oblivion disguised as progress.

Who knew that Alice could morph into two people?

But then again, I guess anything is possible when you ignore reality and live in a progressive Wonderland.


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  1. Very well wrtten, Deveraux! Forward to the exit from Wonderland!