Monday, October 22, 2012

Not the only game in town....

About two weeks of electioneering to go before those who have not taken advantage of early voting present themselves at the nearest polling booth to vote for the man they want as President of these United States for the next 4 years.

The two men vying for this top elected position are worlds apart in their economic philosophy, the domestic policy, their foreign policy and in many other ways that will impact the voters’ decision, rightly or wrongly. Some people feel Romney looks more “presidential” than Obama, notwithstanding that Obama has been in that role for nearly 4 years (note that I said been in…not performing!). Some people like Obama’s folksy style, preferring his chameleon qualities to the more sophisticated style of Romney. Some people feel disquieted by Romney’s insistence on keeping his good works as quiet as possible…while others prefer to hear all about the good things Obama has…ooooh...never mind…

One would be forgiven for thinking that the presidential election was the only election happening on November 6th…the truth is that there are many other elections taking place that same day.

House of Representatives and Senate elections will have a big bearing on what happens AFTER the dust from the elections has settled.  State legislative elections are also very important…a fact that Romney has identified and been efficient at including in his presidential campaigns references to and introductions from the local candidates who support the Romney campaign.

You see, Romney understands that by supporting the local candidates in their quests, he is building a base of allies who will continue to support his Presidency. By having a majority in the House and Senate, he will have an easier time of moving his policies through Congress, getting bi-partisan support when necessary. This is the way an elected official works…this is the way politics works…this is the way government works.

The Obama campaign, on the other hand, has done very little, if anything, to support the local candidates for House or Senate seats, let alone state legislatures. There could be a number of reasons for this:-

-          It is possible that the Obama campaign does not believe that support of local candidates for House and Senate seats will assist in his own re-election (ie. He does not believe that that there are any votes to be had by supporting these candidates. This is a very short sighted view of the world. In my experience there are some folk who simply do not think about federal politics but have a deep concern for state and local politics. These people are there for the taking if a candidate can help them see the connection between state and federal governments and how the two can work together. Simply supporting a local candidate can convert into votes with a little effort. Obama clearly does not think he needs every vote he can get.

-          It is possible that Obama does not believe that the House will remain under Republican control, or that the Senate is in danger of falling under Republican control. If this is how he thinks, and because of his narcissistic nature such a view is highly likely, it follows that he would not spend effort trying to assist an outcome that he already believes will be the case.

-          A third alternative is that he simply does not care. He does not care whether there is Democrat control of the House or Senate. He does not care whether democrats win elections for the state legislature or for local elected positions. These things simply do not matter to him, so he is not going to waste precious time and resources supporting those candidates.

Of these three possibilities I see only one logical one, the last in that short list.

I believe that he simply does not care….and here is my reasoning.

For the last two years Obama has complained about the intransigent conservatives, the do nothing Republicans. This has served as a nice foil to explain Obama’s failures…and to provide a target for the thoughtless voters. Blame Bush…blame the intransigent do nothing conservatives…blame the tea party extremists. It is them who stopped the progress of my policies since they wouldn’t pass any of them…and on it goes.

Now we look forward to beyond 2012…if Obama wins a second term he does not care who controls Congress because he has already stated that if Congress won’t act, he will.

I believe he fully intends to use the next four years to slowly neuter Congress, slowly disembowel the Supreme Courts and slowly shred the Constitution. If this is his plan, then he will more easily succeed by ensuring that Congress is in fact controlled by the Republicans. If Congress blocks his moves, he will simply blame conservative extremists holding the country hostage, and do what he wants to do by executive order. With a democrat congress, this will be much more difficult to achieve, as he will not be able to blame the conservative movement.

It is very much in his interests to have both Houses controlled by the Republicans.

Should Obama win this election, he will have just 4 short years to achieve the upheaval required to ensure he becomes the dictatorial head of this country. Just four years. He cannot afford to play nice with Congress…and with a democratic Congress, he will have no choice.

Nope…he wants a Republican congress.

And this is why he does not campaign for and with democrats seeking office. It is not because he doesn’t have time or doesn’t want to spend the money. It is much more diabolical than that.

It is because he does not want them to win!

In order to betray this Country, he must first betray his party and the loyal voters who elected him. He doesn’t think twice about that…if you want some indication of what this man is capable of, simply read “The Amateur” by Edward Klein.

There is no big conspiracy here. There is no puppeteer pulling the strings. There is just Obama and his cadre of Chicago thugs ensuring that should they win, they will have power for a long, long time.

Do not look to liberals to understand this end game. The same blinders that allow them to vote for this man also prevent them from seeing the plan he has for America. Their foolish worship at the feet of this man is akin to the wild fervor of the German people when they looked the countenance of Adolph Hitler.

As Bob McLean wrote; “No angel born in hell, could break that Satan’s spell”
While McLean was referring to the Hell’s Angel murder of a fan at a Rolling Stones concert…he could easily have been writing of the liberal/progressives adoration of Obama, and the hold he has over them.

So, in the next two weeks I do not expect to see Obama campaigning for any democrat candidates in any race. If the Democrats retain control of the Senate and win back the House, Obama’s plans for the future will be wiped out!

Something to think about.

Of course, I do not recommend voting for any democrats at any level. By far the best thing to do is to ensure that Obama does not get a 2nd term!


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