Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Who do YOU want to be when you grow up?

Today I am writing to all Americans…not conservatives and not liberals.

Friends, in just one week we are faced with electing the man we want to lead us forward for the next 4 years.

There are many elements we should consider as voters. As Americans I believe we all want to see:-
-          America remain free
-          America remain great
-          America remain strong
-          America remain the light on the hill
-          America remain the standard against which all others are measured
-          America remain a land of opportunity
-          America remain just
-          America remain compassionate

I truly believe we all want the same things.

One of the great things about America is that we can disagree about how we get “there”; we can disagree about where “there” even is. We can disagree with our neighbor and yet join arms to battle a common foe. We can ague vehemently about policies but will join together to help a nation in need.

So why is it that in the last four years we have seen a division, nay, many, divisions occur in the fabric of our society?

Just some of the divisions I have noticed include:-
-          The rich and the poor
-          The black and the white and the brown
-          Those with jobs and those without
-          Those in unions and those not wanting unions
-          Those on the government teat and those paying for it

Divisions of race and class have been thrust into our faces for 4 years in an attempt to make us forget that we are, together, Americans.

Political differences have torn families apart, have laid waste friendships that were expected to hold strong forever, and have pit brother against brother in a way not known since the civil war.

For over 200 years American’s have been strong, united and brave. They have held their honor and character as sacrosanct and their work ethic, determination, grit and resolve as the power that drove them forward.

For over 200 years American’s have stood hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder as the world’s evil tried to spread to this country. No Pearl Harbor could break the resolve and resourcefulness of you fine folk. No 9/11 attack by Muslim extremists could defeat your optimism. No financial turmoil of depression could break your spirit.

It did not take anything of that magnitude to degrade you….it did not take a momentous event to break your spirit…it did not even take the passage of time.

No…the American people sold their heritage in one day.

Since then, the decision of that day haunts us all, and will continue to haunt good Americans until that man no longer stalks the halls of power.

Who are you that gave up your freedoms so easily? Who are you that cast hope aside for the promise of change?  Who are you?

Watch this video….and then tell me…does this represent who you really are?

Do you really associate with those who seduce young ladies to vote with their lady parts? Or do you want all Americans to vote after fully considering ALL the implications…not just the sex?

Do you, like me, think this ad for Obama is degrading to the office of the President?


So who are you really?

Perhaps these people are more like you? After all…they are from the greatest generation. Perhaps they hold the values that you hold…perhaps you can identify with them?

Or perhaps, like me, you find this rude, crude and totally unacceptable as a political advertisement? I do not know about you, but the greatest generation, in my eyes, used to love and honor this country. These people used to be proud of their America…and now?

Who are you?

Are you like them?

Or do you find this ad insulting, and beneath the office of the President?

Perhaps this is more like you? Perhaps the use of a cute child will enable you to identify?


After all, children are the future of this country. With the right upbringing, the right support and a good education, these children will one day be handled the mantle of leadership. Is this the leadership you want them to take? Is this the person you want them to emulate?

Who are you?

Are you the first time voter looking for the big “O”, or are you the member of America’s greatest generation making threatening physical violence, or perhaps you the innocent child driven to hurling obscenities through the open window?

If you are a conservative, you must get out and vote. You MUST remove the Divider-in-Chief from office.

If you are a Democrat...you too must get out and vote, but before doing so, you must understand who you are…are you represented by these ads…and the many, many more that the left has produced that paint conservative America as extreme…or are you more like the people who stand for all those things that made America great? You have a tough decision ahead of you…choose wisely.

AS this election approaches, I am asking all Americans to put aside questions of party affiliation, to put aside questions of domestic policy and of foreign policy. I ask you to step outside of the circus that is the political sideshow full of sound bites and media filters.

And I ask you to look deep inside your heart.

I ask you to look at who you are.

Are you more like the Occupy thugs with their demands for free stuff…or are you more like the folk who simply ask for the freedom to achieve their own way? Are you more like the politicians who lie and waste your money…or are you more like the many charitable organizations who wisely spend the money you freely donate?

Are you more like the people who seek forgiveness when they do wrong, and offer forgiveness when they are wronged…or like the people who take no responsibility for their actions and blame others no matter what the situation?

Are you more like the Americans who made this country great? Or more like the Americans who produced those three videos?

Perhaps that question is too hard…perhaps I should rephrase it.

Who do you WANT to be?

Do you want to be the child hurling obscenities, the old person threatening violence or the young woman chasing the “O”?

If that is who you want to be…you know what to do.

For everybody else, the choice is simple….do the right thing!


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