Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Honor....or golf?

I trust you all had a great Memorial day...some of you will have had a three day weekend, others less...but hopefully all took a moment to think of the fallen soldiers who gave their lives so that you and I could not only taste freedom but remain free.

When I was younger I had some difficulties in understanding that Memorial Day was a day to remember the fallen warriors...after all Veterans have their own day right?

Well, that was a juvenile way of seeing the world and I am thankful that I have matured sufficiently to understand the difference.

It is too bad that our current Commander in Chief still lacks the maturity to understand the reality of Memorial Day.

Now, I am not going to beat down on Obama specifically...because I would do this for any President who did the same thing. It does not matter who did it, what matters to me is the principal behind it.

Here's my problem...you can agree with me on these thoughts, or you can be wrong....your choice!  :)

Let's digress for a short time and think about the last couple of weeks our fearless leader has had. First he throws the Israeli's under the bus and then is surprised that the Israeli Prime Minister doesn't bow and scrape and say thank you. In fact, he stood up to the President (in the oval office of all places) and made it quite clear that Israel would NOT do what Obama suggested. What a nerve he has to say that! And what an effect that must have had on Obama!! After all, who would dare stand up to him like that?

So Obama runs off to Ireland and the UK. Ireland was the source of some heritage in Obama's blood (his red hair and green eyes suggest it had to be Irish heritage!). And then it was off to good old England where he and Michelle could take turns in showing their ignorance of etiquette.

And so, back to the USA where pesky problems like the economy, and debt, weigh heavily on the hearts of many, and yet seem so distant to the pleasures of the White House. Barely having time to catch his breath, Memorial Day is upon him and he knows he will be called upon to make speeches about the warrior who have passed and the thankfulness the Nation feels.

But there is light at the end of this bleak and dreary tunnel. It is a three day weekend...and he can get those pesky speeches out of the way by noon, and take advantage of the holiday to enjoy the Company of movers and shakers who can help guide his policy decisions while putting in a quick 18 holes. He never gets the chance to enjoy golf...has only played 12 times this year so far.

A game of golf? You know, I have never understood the appeal of golf. Maybe I am missing something....but it seems that a game with such high green costs and membership costs would be something that you would want to do a lot. But with golf, it is the exact opposite. The idea is to take less swings and walk the shortest distance possible...what? If I was paying those thousands of dollars in membership and green fees, I would want to get my money's worth. Lots of swings and lots of walking....makes much more sense to me.

And then, there is the whole concept of the game. Let's see if I can get this right. You put a small white ball on the ground...and then hit it as far away as you can. You then walk all over the place trying to find it, and when you do, you hit it away again. This goes on a few times until the ball goes into a hole, and then you start all over again. Is that about right? I don't want to offend any golfers among my readers, but, really? This is a sport?

I can see some skill there certainly, but it is not the ball is going to hit you back, is it?

Anyway, I digress...I was talking about the Presidents memorial day.

So, he takes a few hours off to play golf with some high powered folk....what's that? No high powered folk? Who did he play golf with then? Oh, a couple of junior staffers from the White House....aaaaah, ok. The kind that are likely to fawn over every word that passes from his lips - I am quite sure they would never rebuke him over anything. I am sure they are nice lads, but really? Golf with staffers...of course, they may not care if he doesn't score his round and certainly would not question his counting!!

Here's my problem.

On a day when America remembers her fallen, this President chooses to spend his day playing golf with a couple of junior staffers.

The Commander in Chief, who has sent men and women to war, to their deaths, under his orders...plays golf. The Commander in Chief who represents previous Presidents who have ordered young men and women to die for their country chooses to play golf on the day those lost lives should be remembered.

In my opinion, on Memorial Day, the President should spend his time thanking the families of the fallen, not just through a speech that he bets bored with half way through, but by honoring them all day. That could be by quietly listening to the stories of heroes, as told by their Grandchildren, or enjoying the families of the fallen at a Bar-B-Que in their honor, or by reading of past exploits of the brave men and women in uniform.

Memorial Day for the Commander in Chief should be different to those of us who do not issue the orders that send our brave troops into battle. For the Commander in Chief it should be a day of retrospection. A day when he puts aside childish things and learns of the costs of his orders. A day when he faces the reality of the pain and suffering his, and his predecessors decisions have created.

I am not saying he should apportion blame on himself....this is not about blame...this is about being thankful for the willingness of those in uniform to defend liberty, faith and America, to the death. This is about one day in a year when the President and Commander in Chief has the opportunity to show that he understands the sacrifices made, and makes a silent promise that he will never order our children to war without due consideration and understanding of the cost of those orders.

And our President played golf.

Does not seem right.


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