Tuesday, November 8, 2011

52 pickup - the politics of guilt, greed and fear.

The countdown has started.

It is only 52 weeks until we get the opportunity to get ourselves to the ballot box and hopefully cast this Pretender-In-Chief out of the White House for good.

Over the next 52 weeks we are bound to hear all sorts of nonsense form the left decrying the wrongs that the Republicans are about to commit should they will complete control of Congress, and God forbid, the White House.

These raucous warnings are likely to cover the complete gambit of Republican evils starting with denying women their reproductive rights and ending with the old arguments that Republicans care only about big business and would rather see your grandma eating dog-food than taxing their rich friends one more penny. We will hear about the poor children, the unemployed, the teachers, the police and the first responders who the left claims will be victims of right wing ideology.

We will see angry protests from those who are still trying to convince the world that their Occupy Wall Street protests are both non-violent and righteous.

The left will trot out the same old boring claims of racism when someone disagrees with the President. Should Herman Cain actually win the Republican nomination, the claims of racism will be even louder in an attempt to convince those that would listen that Cain is merely a puppet of the White Right brought out to prevent the left’s racism claims.

We will hear the left attack and smear everybody who is a conservative. The tea party will be demonized even more than it is today. The media will tell stories of wonderful liberal program successes while printing every derogatory comment it can find to describe a conservative.

All of this is going to happen. Be prepared.

What will NOT happen over the next 26 weeks is an honest, open and genuine examination of the current President’s policies, successes and failures. What will NOT happen is some sort of determination as to how this guy has performed as President. What won’t happen is any analysis of the economy in terms of the policies that have maintained its downward spiral.

What will happen is that the economic doctors of the left will examine the economy in much the same way as the doctor in Papillon examined Dega and Papillon….
Doctor: [Briefly examining Dega in a perfunctory manner] You're fine. NEXT!
Dega: [Walking away] Must be better than I feel.
Doctor: [Briefly examining Papillon] You're in wonderful shape.
Papillon: How do you fail an examination like this?
Doctor: NEXT!

Yep…that is the most that one can expect from the left…so it is up to the conservatives, people like me and you, to make sure that the President is not only held accountable for the state of the economy, but is removed from office when the votes are counted.

You can bet that when we start looking at this fool’s record, the attacks from the left will multiply…the normally mild mannered but vocal lefty parasites will take on their zombie characteristics and, filled with anger, will attack mercilessly….will reach out with physical intimidation to match the poison dripping from their lips when they verbally assault you.

And this brings me to my subject for today….

Why are lefties so damned angry all the time? Why are they so unhappy? Why are they filled with malice?

It was just this morning that I read this from a liberal blogger…
“Conservatives tend to be mean spirited, close minded, bitter, angry people. Maybe liberals are depressed that we have to share the planet with such people.”
……………………………………………………………..nycwind, December 2010
I guess the left sees the right that way too….but I have to say, that my experience does not support this at all.

I believe that what nycwind is actually doing is “projecting” his/her own attributes onto those s/he sees as political foes.

After all, it is rare to find conservatives acting out in violent demonstrations, indulging in running battles with police. It is equally rare to find the rhetoric from the right being as emotive as that coming from the left. Remember how this fool we have as a President continues to call Republicans intransigents and more interested in their own agenda than in the people? Remember how the left ignited in fury when one of their own was tragically shot? Remember how the President called for the rhetoric to be ratcheted down following that tragic incident?

Remember how liberal politicians have told the tea party to go to hell, remember how the VP called the tea party terrorists, and Trunks (Obama’s buddy) called for physical intimidation and violence against the conservative movement?

And I am sure you remember how Obama asked these bastions of liberal philosophy to ratchet down their rhetoric? Nope…didn’t happen.

I do not think you have to look too far to find the anger festering deep in the heart of the liberal. Scratch his thin skin with the truth, and the vitriol will come spurting out, his face will turn red as he sputters his anger at you.


What is it in the liberal’s makeup that they are unable to contemplate any options other than their own philosophies, without the bitterness and anger taking it’s place in the forefront of their souls?

I have a theory. It is simply that…a theory. But I believe it may be at the heart of the liberal angst.

You see, liberals are leading a double life. They are on the lamb, running away from their own natures while trying to display a higher calling. They are uncomfortable in their own skins simply because they cannot (and do not want to) be the type of person they espouse as wanting the world to be.

I believe there are three legs on the liberal anger stool….guilt, greed and fear.

A liberal wants poverty to be eradicated, or, at least reduced significantly. They want everybody in the world to be a part of this vision, to buy into the philosophy that you can eradicate poverty simply by making the wealthy less wealthy. While they do not understand where wealth comes from, they certainly do understand that THEY are only willing to do so much in their march to eradication of poverty. They still work, seeking promotions and higher pay. They still buy cars, and big screen TV’s, live in houses bigger than they need and enjoy the fine things in life. They see the poor and homeless every time they go to the local store.

And they do nothing!

They don’t sell their homes and give the money to the poor. They don’t sell their cars and ride a bicycle (except some who are truly devoted to the green cause). They don’t invite the homeless to take shelter in their spare room.

And they feel guilty.

And their hypocritical side starts to fight with their logical side. In their hearts they want to eradicate poverty. In their heads they know they cannot do it. Emotionally they refuse to do anything unless their neighbor is also forced to do it. After all…why should they be the only ones to give up what they have when there are people far wealthier than them that could do it.


They do not know who they are.

On the other hand, conservatives see the poor and homeless and choose to help or not, but do not feel guilty or angry about their choices simply because they understand who they are. The conservative principals they believe do not prevent them from providing a hand up, nor does it plague them when they choose not to. Conservatives do not lead a double life. They are not running away from the nature of man…they embrace it and accept it for what it is. This leaves them free to be far more compassionate than ant so-called compassionate liberal. To prove this all you need do is look at the charitable giving comparisons between those who label themselves as conservatives and those who label themselves as liberals. The conservatives give more money and more time to charitable causes. It is that simple.

Conservatives are not angry because the world does not work the way they want it to.

Are liberals? You bet your ass they are.

They want to live in a utopia. The compare what they have with they really want, and what they have falls short. They know deep inside that the utopia they dream of is nothing but a figment of their imagination, and they feel anger at the prospect of being stuck in reality for the rest of their miserable lives.

Conservatives, on the other hand, tend to look at the world the way it is. If they do not like it, they take responsibility to do what they can to change it…but because they see themselves as masters of their own destiny, no matter how bleak that destiny is, they see they have the power to make changes that will improve that destiny. For conservatives, anger at the state of things is a wasted emotion that steals the energy needed to make things different.

Liberals are angry and upset because others  do not or will not make the changes they demand in order to make their world in the image of their desires.

Conservatives take responsibility for making that part of the world they inhabit the best it can be, and accept the outcome based on the effort they put forth.

If I had to rely on other people believing the exact same way I did, on other people taking the responsibility to make my world right, to rely on other people for everything good in my life….I too would be angry, and depressed, because I know that other people will let me down. And how unfair is this world that I have to rely on others to make my world right?

Greed. The second leg of the liberal angry stool.

Liberals want …they just want.

They want what you have, they want what I have, and they want what everybody else has. In fact in liberal land everybody would have exactly the same thing. What a marvelous dream. Except it leaves out personal responsibility.

You see, in America, if you want something enough you have every opportunity to get it. You don’t have to steal it, you don’t have to get someone else to steal it…you can simply get it yourself. But that means a different level of effort…and you will have to work harder or do more, study more or train harder…than the next guy.

Conservatives understand this….it is an easy concept. They may choose not to pursue what they want because it is just too hard, but it is their decision. Liberals, on the other hand believe they should have whatever they want, and when they don’t get it they get angry….after all, their neighbor has one so why can’t they?

The third leg of the liberal angry stool is fear.

They are scared of failure. They are scared of success. They are forever doomed to dwell in that place called mediocrity. They do not want personal accountability and the accompanying responsibility because they are scared of what it will do to them.

They may even be scared of losing that anger that they hold so dear to their hearts. WOuldn’t that be something if that was true?

Guilt, greed and fear.

A very potent combination.

It is no wonder that liberals bathe in the glow of anger, breathe its delightful scent at every opportunity. It is intoxicating…and like all drugs, it hides the true malady that afflicts their miserable existence.

Guilt, greed and fear.

To truly remedy the mental disease that is liberalism, one must show the liberal his true malady.

Then and only then, may he be able to see the freedom offered by conservatism.

Conservatism breaks the bonds of guilt, greed and fear…and sets the person free to pursue his life without the anger that blinds him to the truth.

Just my opinions….


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