Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ohio capitulates to the thugs!

Yesterday, the good people of Ohio chose to pursue government bankruptcy rather than to speak evil of unions.

There is no doubt that the unions (who spent a reported $24 million on this campaign) will today be celebrating their ability to bully the Ohio people into supporting them.

I do question one thing…..where did the $24 million come from? Did it come from the volunteer donations of people who supported the unions? Or did it come from the union contributions forcibly taken from members paychecks?

I honestly do not know the answer to this question. Maybe a union head can help me?

I think the people of Ohio have made a huge mistake that they will come to regret in a few short years. They have prevented the Governor from taking action that would inhibit the power of the unions, but in doing so will also be encouraging the unions to demand ever more trinkets from the government. A huge mistake that the workers will come to understand in the future.

You see, unions have no interest in their members. The unions do not care if you are kept safe, or are paid fairly, or are protected from losing employment. That is the ruse that the union leadership use to sucker people into paying obscene dues every paycheck.

The union leaders know that the source of their power comes from two places:-

1.      The dues they are able to collect
2.      Their ability to keep the workers believing that the unions have their best interests at heart

By achieving the second, they are able to increase the first. By increasing the first they are able to influence every aspect of the lives of all Americans through their corrupt associations with political figures and their financing of campaigns designed to defeat any laws that could weaken their power.

I find it interesting how many of the OWS supporters are demanding limits on the amount corporations are able to donate to political causes…yet not once have I heard any of those morons talk about how much the unions spend on political campaigns and endorsements and direct donations.

Why is this?

Yes, I am anti-union. Yes, I want to bust ALL unions apart. I believe there is room for some form of employee association to ensure workplace safety but that is where it ends.

I believe union membership should be 100% voluntary. This crap that the union gets benefits that the non-union member would receive is just that…crap. I do not want some union official “negotiating” on my behalf and selling me down the river because he gets a bonus when he calls a strike for higher wages. If I want higher wages, I will negotiate that myself thank you very much!

The law of unintended consequences is rampant within union circles. Their objectives are to increase their circle of influence, grow their power and control the workforce. The unintended consequence….you, the worker, gets shafted every time. Whenever you are called to strike, you lose income. But the union leaders do not. Whenever you are asked to picket in the cold, the snow, the wind or the heat…you are being asked to put your very health on the line while those who would be your leaders travel to meetings in air-conditioned comfort, enjoy the hospitality of their foes, are wined and dined and cut deals that may not even benefit you.

In fact, in most cases, the deals struck will not make up for the pay lost.

Here is an example for you to consider.

Larry earns $18 an hour assembling gadgets for Pandamonium Inc. His union bosses are negotiation for a $1 an hour pay rise. After much negotiation Pandamonium Inc says “no dice” and the union representative decides that he has to recommend a strike to get what the workers want.

Larry, being the good union boy that he is, does not stop to crunch the numbers. He just wants that extra dollar an hour…he sure could use $40 a week more!!

So he, along with all his co-workers down tools and go on strike. He pickets the company, being somewhat successful in stopping scab labor and supplies from crossing the picket lines. It is cold and miserable but he stands out there dutifully every day because this is what his union expects.

After 6 weeks, Pandamonium Inc makes another counter offer to the unions…$0.75 raise per hour. The union grudgingly brings this to its members who are now really hurting financially and decide to go back to work. Larry, unfortunately, had contracted the flu and that morphed into a mild form of pneumonia and he was unable to go back to work for another two weeks.

But Larry was happy…$0.75 an hour was about $30 a week extra…woo hoo!!!

But Larry had lost out on 8 weeks work …around $5,760 (40 hours *8 weeks*$18 dollars per hour) of before tax income. By my calculations, it is going to take Larry 3 years 8 months ( $5,760 /$30 extra income/ 52 weeks) just to make up the lost income out of his $0.75 per hour raise that was such a victory.

Do you still believe the union was looking out for Larry?

If I were Larry, I would tell that union to get the hell out my business and let me negotiate my own pay increases. All the union managed to accomplish was for me to work over three years longer just to stay in the same financial position…and I got pneumonia to boot!

Yep, unions look after the working man….

Larry didn’t think about this but his union bosses all received pay while he was not….something about that just doesn’t sound right to me.

Unions look after the working man? Yeah right!

Unions look after themselves, and do everything possible to keep their members not only in line, but trapped in the closed shop thinking.

So…the people of Ohio had a chance to say “no more”…they had a chance to reduce the power of government sector unions. They had a chance to stand up and take responsibility for themselves rather than giving it away freely to an institution that cares nothing about them.

All I can say is…that the people of Ohio will rue the day they let the unions win this particular battle.

And that fool in the White House is celebrating this day. On this day, he saw the power of the unions to sway the unthinking masses…and he knows that with these thugs on his side, if the free trinkets don’t get him voters, the bully boys with deep pockets will.

Ohio, I hope you are happy with what you have done to yourselves…and more importantly, I hope the Nation will not be blind to the stupidity you have shown.

Less trinkets and more responsibility. Is that too much to ask?


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