Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Three blind mice...see how they run!

Is today really only Tuesday?

So few days into the week and so many choices of stupidity to examine. I feel like a kid in a candy store today…..lol

I think I will pick my 3 favorites today….

1.      OWS
2.      DOJ
3.      Supercommittee

The Occupiers have been occupied. Bloomberg finally grew a pair and tossed the occupiers out of Zucotti Park. A police action in the early hours saw the park cleared of vermin and then cleared of the trash the vermin left behind. This was closely followed by the occupiers obtaining injunctive relief by court order which they claimed allowed them to return complete with tents, sleeping bags and the accoutrements of civilized living that they have been enjoying for how long? A couple of months?

That injunction was proven to be short-lived as a court decision in the last few minutes makes it clear that while the protestors are free to return to Zucotti Park, they are not permitted to set up camp, bring tents, sleeping bags etc, or stay overnight.

Where are they to go? As I wipe away the tears that are streaming down my face I have to ask….how could the world be so mean as to prevent people from demonstrating peacefully?

Well…if it was a peaceful law abiding demonstration, I could have supported their right to be there. But it wasn’t. Far from it.

The exact moment that the occupiers decided to use that name for themselves, they were stepping on thin ice. You see, the term “occupy” in the sense they meant it…means that they are taking by force, that which does not belong to them. They knew they were not in Zucotti Park by right, but were in fact taking something that didn’t belong to them, and in doing so, preventing those who rightfully could have been there from being there.

Are you with me?

The general public was unable to use that park while the idiots were occupying it. This was in fact preventing by force, by intimidation, and by oderiferous assault…the ability of many of the rightful users of the park from enjoying all it had to offer.

Anyway, the amazing thing is not that the OWS groups are being chased out of town, but that it has taken the local governments so long to do it. I do not understand this at all. Had I been Bloomberg, I would have done something similar to what he did last night….the second night the encampment was there. I would have sent a strong message that this would not be accepted. I would have surrounded the park with riot police all banging on their shields to drown out the camp drummers, and then simply worked from one end to the other clearing out the demonstrators and their trash.

Weird how he discovered it could be done after two long months!

And this in turn makes me wonder if there is any truth to three rumors I heard yesterday….
-        That Joe Biden’s son has just been employed as a lawyer by the Zucotti Park owners, Brookfield Properties?
-        That Bloomberg’s live in girlfriend sits on the Board of Brookfield Properties?
-        That Brookfield Properties received a significant payment from Obama’s last stimulus package for shovel ready jobs?

I actually do not know if these are true or not….but they sure do make great fodder for a press starved of real news…oh…I forgot….it is only unsubstantiated claims against conservatives that get Press coverage…not possibly true claims about liberals!

Enough of this stupid movement, OWS.  Just more of the same.

Let’s look at my second piece of stupidity for today. The much loved and highly regarded Department of Justice. You know, the department that allowed hundreds of weapons, perhaps even thousands, to walk across the border to Mexico…with nobody knowing where they ultimately ended up.

While the operation was itself an exercise in stupidity, that is not what I want to look at today.

Today I am looking at the answers that Eric Holder and his side-kick Kevin Ohlson. It seems that Ohlson is nominated for a federal Appeals Court and this whole fast and furious thing might put a kink in his plans to drive Obama’s agenda in the Courts.

Anyway, what is really stupid is this…

We have heard that Holder didn’t know about it…now we hear that his sidekick Ohlson didn’t know about it. In fact Ohlson admitted that he didn’t read the case files unless there was something on the front page that interested him. What sort of idiots are we dealing with here?

I would have thought that a file that had a front page stating that thousands of weapons had found their way to Mexico as a result of a crappy plan by ATF would have been something he found of interest? Wouldn’t you?

If it was me, I would have been all over this thing…but I guess he was way more interested in something else than he was in DOING HIS JOB! I wonder if a search of his computer usage would show anything of interest? Maybe a subscription to the Latin issue of GunsRUS? Or maybe the Mission Impossible tapes with Obama instructing him “if he chooses to take the mission”?

I don’t know what I find most offensive. The fact that a program was launched with insufficient safeguards to prevent the operation going awry, or that the heads of the DoJ, by their own admission, did not know about either the operation or that it had gone horribly wrong.

These jerks in DoJ have to go.

….and finally I get to my favorite piece of stupidity….the Super committee concocted in the feverish brain of an incompetent President and then thrust upon the unsuspecting American people in a display of arrogance not before seen.

Let’s recap here for a minute.

Obama wanted to increase the debt limit to avoid a government shutdown and stop grandma from getting her social security.

The Republicans did not want to increase the debt limit without a significant reduction in spending.

Obama wanted to reduce the deficit by increasing taxes. The Republican controlled House said “NO”…there has to be a reduction in spending. The Senate gets involved and says that you can’t cut spending without increasing revenue…in fact Harry Reid ran around trying to convince everyone that an increase in taxation WAS a reduction in spending!


So the Liar –in-Chief thinks through the political ramifications and comes up with some sheer brilliance. Why not just kick the problem down the road? How can he do this…by tasking a bipartisan super committee to come up with at least $1.2 trillion dollars of savings – with the results of their recommendations to be available by end November.

Of course, he knew THAT wouldn’t work…there were two problems…
-        Nobody wanted to make the decisions as to where to cut
-        There were no incentives for the super committee to achieve any more success than Congress had done

I have to admit that Obama’s solution was brilliant. Let’s incentivize their action by stating that if they could not come to agreement, there would be automatic cuts of $1.2 trillion (over ten years) and those cuts would be from the military budget and some entitlements.
This was brilliant.

You see, the super committee did not want that job. They did not want to make those hard decisions. Neither sides of the political aisle wanted to be seen as intransigent or obstructive yet they did not want to let their constituents down.

And Obama made it possible for all to enjoy the benefits of being on the super committee with none of the downfalls of actually achieving anything.

Obama could then continue his attacks on the Republicans with terms of endearment such as obstructionists, putting the party in front of the people and so forth. He could study real hard and throw out intransigents, and millionaires and billionaires, and create class warfare without having it come back and bite him in the ass because he was disparaging the very folks he needed to pass his agenda.

Nope. He knew from day one that there would be absolutely no chance for agreement in the Super Committee…he planned for it to be that way!

So, when we hear noises coming from the super committee that they may still be able to reach an agreement, we should take that with a grain of salt. The reality is that when the super committee fails to reach agreement, the pre-ordained by Obama cuts will take effect.

A trillion dollars from defense and a couple hundred billion from entitlements.

Let me see…is it possible to cut $100 billion annually from defense? Sure it is when we pull out of Iraq….that is budgeted money that was never going to be spent anyway, but because it was spent last financial year it is budgeted to be spent this financial year as well. Cut that (code for removing troops from Middle East as already planned)…and voilla…instant savings.

The whole super committee is a joke. The whole plan to reduce spending by $120 billion a year for the next ten years is a joke. The Republicans who accept this crap are a joke.

It is time for some real spending cuts.

If the deficit budget is $1.4 trillion this year…then we should immediately cut spending by $1.4 trillion to stop debt increasing.

We can then look at further reductions and use the excess to pay down sovereign debt.

THAT would be spending cuts in my book.

Forget the super committee, forget the games of Obama and his accounting challenged advisors….forget the redistribution of wealth pleas. Just start cutting spending. Start with disbanding the Department of Energy and the Department of Education. Every person who was employed by these departments can all go onto unemployment for 3 years and the Country will still be better off. Don’t believe me…read my post that explains the economies of government jobs at http://devereauxdailydose.blogspot.com/2011/09/economy-needs-jobs.html .

I know it is not going to happen. I know that it is highly unlikely that even a conservative President will disband these wasteful organizations…for they too must rely on the receivers of their largesse for the votes to regain their office.

Until this country starts understanding that the road to prosperity lies in the difficulties of hard work, politicians will continue to give away the farm to buy votes. The only difference is in how fast the farm is broken up.

Stupid is as stupid says.


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