Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A foot long crap sandwich.

A week is a long time in politics!

And what a week it has been.

We have had the OWS warriors crying about being pepper sprayed when they refused to follow a direct and legal order given by a reluctant police officer. Oh, “boo hoo hoo” …run home to mommy, you fools. Being pepper sprayed is the least of your worries…and does not even come close to proving your virility.


And the laughs continue. Michelle Bachman appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show recently. The band struck up…and Ms. Bachman walked to the host to the tune of “Lyin’ Ass Bitch”…well done Mr Fallon….you have once again shown who you truly are.

Can you imagine the uproar if President Obama was introduced on a conservative TV program while the band played “Some Niggers Never Die” by Johnny Rebel?

The unabashed hypocrisy of the left is sickening…but unfortunately they get away with it daily because the media thinks they are clever…while if a conservative host did it, it would be disrespectful racist and unacceptable.

More fools!

And now we get to the super committee…or perhaps better referred to as the stupor committee.

About a week ago I wrote that the super committee would not come to agreement. See that post here… ...

Well, I was obviously right because the stupor committee has now admitted failure to reach agreement.
As Gomer Pyle would say….”Surprise, surprise, surprise”.

Oh the shock…the horror….the utter turmoil that the economy will be thrust into now that the stupor committee has admitted failure and all the requisite cuts will automatically kick in!! How will we survive?

What’s that? The cuts don’t kick in until 2013? Wow…so financial and economic Armageddon is not going to happen? I really thought that with the claims of Obama about the Republicans, certain economic death was expected if they didn’t play the Democrats game?

Guess I was wrong on that and economic disaster is deferred until AFTER the next election! What a surprise! How convenient.

After all….50% of the cuts will be in defense spending and the other 50% in government programs. Over a ten year period….so…about….ummm….$60 billion a year in defense spending…..and $60 billion in other spending….out of a budget of around $4 trillion?

Yep…certain economic Armageddon will follow.

Of course, the Republican hopefuls were able to discuss this at length in last night’s debate. Most were in agreement that cuts to defense were not only stupid but very dangerous to this country. Ron Paul yawned and pointed out that the cuts were not real…they were only a reduction in proposed increases in spending…and therefore merited no more than another yawn…..

On this occasion Ron Paul was right…..yawn!

Speaking of the debate, it appears that the subject matter did not really provide a platform for the candidates to have the “moment” that I have continually said is needed for a candidate to win selection. See my post here for what I think is necessary…. .....

None of the candidates really made an impact ….except perhaps for Newt Gingritch who clearly has not understood the depth of the illegal immigrant problem. His “moment” last night could easily become a “moment” he will regret when he said (paraphrased)…”If an illegal has been here for 25 years and has several kids and a couple of grandkids, has been working and paying his taxes etc. We should not break up that family. Not all illegals should be sent home.”

Really, Newt? Really? You do realize that you are talking amnesty for a specific group of illegals….treating people differently. I can imagine what a disaster such a program would be…and our courts would simply apply that “stay here” exclusion to every class of illegals in the interest of fairness.

Newt…some advice from a political nobody….you are going to need some very serious damage control on this one. The conservative voter does not want to hear any talk of amnesty in any form. You are best advised to stating simply:-
1.      You will close the borders, fill the holes, destroy the tunnels, build the fence…fill the moat, stock it with crocs…whatever….just state that you will stop the illegals from slinking across the border
2.      You will provide the resources and tools and support for the current existing immigration laws to be defended and applied. You will fast track the court process and illegals will be sent home as quickly as possible under the current regulations

No talk of amnesty….no talk of new legislation. Just compliance with existing laws and a big fence!

So we see all sorts of foolishness happening around us. The lies from the left are becoming bigger and louder and range from the absurdity of the Bush tax cuts for the rich to the absurdity of government being too big to shrink.

Just a couple of days ago, Gennaro Bernile, a professor of finance at the University of Miami, handed down these words of wisdom:  "The big debate is how do you reconcile shrinking the government with not killing the economy, because the government is a big chunk of the economy, and if you shrink the government, you shrink the economy."

This guy is a professor of finance? And he is telling us that if we shrink the government we will kill the economy?

As much as this is an indictment on the education of this professor as it is an indication of the nonsense being taught our young people, the fact remains that a group of influential leftist people are able to lie so blatantly that everybody believes them.

The fact that Economics 101 clearly shows the lies inherent in this statement is irrelevant…who would ever want the facts to get in the way of the story?

Let me see….a government produces nothing, right? It doesn’t generate any revenues? It doesn’t build anything? All it does is take money away from people who make things and give it to people who do not make things. Oh…there is a word for that….ummm…oh yes…redistribution of wealth.

If the government was reduced by 50% in size and all government expenditure was reduced by 50% what would happen?

Ummm…firstly a lot of people would not have jobs and would find themselves on the unemployment lines. Last time I looked unemployment is paid at a much lower rate than these employees would have been earning so there is a huge government cost saving there.

The next thing to happen is that the economy would grow almost instantaneously due to a number of things:-
1.      New opportunities for private enterprises to take the roles that now defunct government enterprises used to do (eg. Health and safety, FDA etc)
2.      Reduced government spending means reduced government borrowing and reduced printing of money, therefore the value of the dollar would rise significantly
3.      Confidence would return to the private sector
4.      Money would stay in the hands of the people who make something – so more somethings could be made

If you are unsure how a $60k job in the private sector is better economically than a $60k job in the government sector, please read this…

So now the left tells us that some banks are too big to fail……that some car manufacturers are too big to fail….and that government is too big to shrink.

Can anyone tell me how we lost all semblance of common sense? At what time did we decide that it was better to agree with the lies and enjoy our ride to oblivion, rather than face reality and fight like hell to get back on the right track?

The Obama administration, starting with that fool himself, and working all the way down the ranks is doing nothing to create value, create wealth or create a strong economy.


Because Giovernments can not do any of those things. Yet an increasing number of imbeciles believe that not only can government do that, it is the government’s role to do it. Standing with hands out and begging…”Please, sir, may I have another” results in the government putting a foot long crap sandwich in your outstretched begging hands.

For some reason, those on the left seem to want that…it is really not to my taste. I would rather earn my five dollars creating something and going to Subway for a $5 foot long, than eat the freebie crap the Government buys votes with.

The government is too big to shrink? Crap!

Stupid is as stupid says.



  1. Devereaux: As usual, your blog is informative, pithy, and infuriating to leftist "progressives".
    I enjoy all of your writings; keep plugging away!

  2. Devereaux,I have to go along with Newt, there has to be some way to fix this problem yes secure theborders but if people have been living here 25 years or so not criminals paying taxes it would be pretty hard to kick them out this would be known as home to them, I don't know for sure but trying to kick out 13m seems impossible and would cause lots of turmoil. thanks for the post. footman

  3. Hi Joseph,

    I really do enjoy infuriating the left....thanks for your kind words.


  4. Hi footman,

    perhaps you misunderstood my intent....I think Newt has the start of a workable idea, but I do not think he chose the right forum for announcing it. In this world of sound bites it will be watered down to little more than amnesty.

    He may be keeping some powder dry for later...I hope so....but his idea is too simplified at this stage of the debates....and is likely to turn off the majority of conservatives who still see a hard line on immigration as vital.

    Before anything can be done, any candidate must first win the nomination and then beat Obama. One step at a time...nomination first (which means having better ideas and an expectation of better execution than the other candidates). To convince conservatives that he is the man/woman for the job, Newt (or anybody) must be very clear in their communications to conservatives...and the debates are the wrong forum for some of that clarity....especially on a hot topic like immigration.

    Anyway...just my thoughts. I think Newt can fact I am sure this is not the end for him....but he needs to show more care as he reveals his ideas. He is clearly an ideas man...some are great, some are good and some are simply

    He must show show good judgement along with great ideas if he is to win the nomination.


  5. devereaux, I too was surprised by Newton's timing, but maybe he was trying to beat Obama to the draw, I don't know, but I picture Obama fuming what's Gingrich doing stealing my Latino vote. Keep up the good work. footman

  6. Well, well, well. If we could get rid of welfare for the sound of body perhaps we could get members of the "pee party" (OWS) to work in the fields so we could have no decrease in food supply when the illegals left. It is clear to me that there are plenty of help wanted signs in the doors of supermarkets and retail stores, but apparently they pay less than unemployment insurance so they go unfilled.

  7. Wanted: Prospective GARBAGE PARTY MEMBERS who can take the cold for more anti-establishment demonstrations.

    Preferred Qualifications:

    Must be a Marxist/progressive of Saul Alinsky persuasion. Former ACORN and SCIU members are more than welcome. No Bolsheviks, or homeless please. We need clean looking people without facial hair or dreadlocks to fool opposition. No body odor or dirty clothes and a hungry look accepted. There will be no examination for drug use. However you must be willing to defecate and urinate on police cars and the ground, spit on members of armed forces, defy police orders, and spread your trash around. You must be willing to spend time in jail and go to court to drain public resources. You must not be allergic to flea bites. We offer prevailing Union wage for picketing and demonstrating.

    The battle is between those who want a government that encourages individuals to keep the fruits of their labor and those who would have those fruits without labor.