Monday, November 14, 2011

Upside down cake, anyone?

I have written many times about how the left has hijacked language, changing the meaning of words and in fact creating entirely new definitions.

Over the months, years and decades that this has been occurring, America has stumbled, slid and is now racing at break neck speed into a world where the mad hatter would be comfortable. A world where what we believe is tempered by what we are told to believe. A world where moral certitude is replaced by moral equivalency. A world where up is down and down is up.

Plunged into this world are the good….the bad…the disillusioned and the downright ugly. You see, the path to lunacy is an equal opportunity path….it cares not what color you are, it cares not about your sexual orientation, your religious beliefs, of your political affiliations.  It cares not if you attended an Ivy League school or the local community college…or no school at all.

The path to lunacy is paved with trinkets and freebies, with colors dazzling to the eye and beckoning the soul. It teases with promises of hope and change. It beckons the traveller with promises of equality, fairness and the equitable distribution of the riches that instantly materialize along the way.

The path to lunacy is broad….it welcomes misfits of all denominations. It succors the useless and the uninformed alike. It lies to the educated and the quasi-knowledgeable in the knowledge that years of educational punishment have softened the brains of those who would otherwise know better.

The path to lunacy is patient. It is does not need to rush. It knows that the basic natures of those inclined to walk it are filled with greed, laziness, hate and anger….the ingredients that lead to jealousy and the ultimate insanity of all…redistribution of wealth.

At the end of the path to insanity is the pineapple upside down cake that the world has become….

A world where it is a felony to lie to Congress, yet when Congress lies to us it is just politics as usual.

A world where if a white person dislikes a black person, he must be a racist…but if a black person dislikes a white person, it is no more than his constitutional rights.

A world where the government will spend untold millions to rehabilitate the poor unfortunate criminals, but virtually nothing to assist the victims of those same criminals.

A world where our schools teach the joys of homosexuality and lesbianism as mainstream lifestyles to be honored and supported, as long as they don’t mention God.

A world where the unborn child in its mother’s womb is at the mercy of the mother’s whim, yet mass murderers, serial killers and rapists are protected from the executioner.

A world where books are re-written because language becomes insensitive or the common meanings of words change, or people feel offended. A world where we do not need to burn books to stop the spread of ideas…just simply rewrite them.

A world where the threat of communism and its evil step-child socialism is dissipated simply be renaming them progressives.

A world where to protest against the President and his Administration’s policies labels you as a terrorist, while to burn an effigy of a previous President or desecrate the Flag makes you a patriot expressing your 1st Amendment rights.

A world where pornography is a staple of television and internet, and nativity scenes are not allowed in a Public park at Christmas (ooops…I mean holidays!)

A world where criminals are labeled as sick, and it is not their fault.

A world where parents come in the form of Ritalin and video games.
A world where the government takes from those who work hard to give to those who don’t.

The path to insanity leads to a place where America is no longer the land of opportunity but is the land of hand-outs.

The saddest part is that the path to insanity is travelled by many with well-meaning intentions…it is not just the lazy and uninformed who are seduced by its promises.

The good of heart who have spent years practicing their faith and honing their beliefs in God above, are all to eager to travel the path to insanity as it beckons with promises of a world the way it should be…a world bereft of poverty, pain and war. Promises of equality and an end to world suffering through the abolition of greed entice these believers down the path. A misguided belief that man’s nature can be changed simply by walking hand in hand along the trinket laden path will pull many believers into their own particular hell…the one that waits them at the end of the path to insanity.

But this path did not simply just appear. It has been under construction for a hundred years…each roadblock has been meticulously disassembled, each obstacle diverting it for a short distance, but only temporarily.

And now, with Obama manning the toll gates…it is a ten lane superhighway to oblivion.

Obama is working overtime to get as many supporters as possible through his toll gate and onto the highway. Using his constituents fear he guides the black man down the highway. Using his constituent’s jealousy he guides the lazy. Using his constituent’s cowardice, he sends his jackbooted union thugs to round up the stragglers.

In 12 short months he hopes to have a majority of Americans caught in the tide that will carry them down his path of insanity.

The only thing that can stop him is the conservative voice. It must be loud…it must be clear….it must define in simple language what is waiting at the end of the path to insanity.
It must rise up as one accord, proclaiming truth….proclaiming righteousness….proclaiming the need to return to moral certitudes and honor.

It must shine a light of true knowledge on the path to insanity…it must illuminate the lies, the deception and the arrogance of those who would lead you to the desolation that awaits you at the end of the path to insanity.

Speaking of insanity, I wanted to share a couple of quick thoughts on debt. As I watch the goings on in Greece and Italy it is amazing that we hear nothing about the fact that democracy has been temporarily replaced by technocracy (at least we hope it is temporary). The democratically elected leaders have stepped aside so that non-elected technocrats can lead those countries through the wilderness that is their debt and economic malaise.

Of course, should the technocrats succeed, they will soon be removed at the next general election and replaced by a new group of trinket givers, and should the technocrats fail…well, ….oblivion sounds like an appropriate word.

Which brings me to thinking about debt….sovereign debt in particular. It does not seem to me that America is all that far behind Greece and Italy in its level of debt.

When you and I are in debt, we have two choices…either we default (simply not pay, or perhaps declare bankruptcy and not pay) or we pay.

Sovereign debt has a third (and a fourth) alternative.

We can pay with inflated currency. By printing millions of dollars and flooding the world with greenbacks, the currency will be devalued and debts can be paid with inflated dollars. So, America could pay its trillion dollar debt to China easily…and along with the money send a note saying “Good luck trying to buy a loaf of bread with these dollars!”. Incidentally, this is what China fears will happen and the Administration is definitely trying to use this tactic. Of course, with the deflationary pressures caused by high unemployment and 46 million people on food stamps, the prospect of inflating our way out of this sovereign debt looks very unlikely.

And that leaves one other option.  Grow the economy. If taxes were reduced, regulations eased and the entrepreneurial spirit encouraged rather than discouraged, the economy would grow and grow quickly. By relying on the deflationary pressures currently existing in the economy, interest rates could slowly be increased which would support the dollar’s value against other currencies. Investment would flow into this country from overseas and would ignite a growth spurt not seen in decades.

But here’s the problem.

Obama is so invested in his superhighway to insanity that he cannot institute the policies that would grow the economy and relieve the debt problem. He is so invested in the policies that created this situation that he cannot and will not swallow his pride, pack up his arrogance in an old kit bag, and turn the tide.

If America wants to get out of her economic malaise, she has one simple option. At the ballot box in 2012 she must remove this Moron-in-Chief from office. If we do not achieve that success I see America rapidly conflagrating like Greece. The only difference I see is that Obama will not step aside and allow the technocrats to do their thing….his arrogance will not allow that. This narcissistic fool believes he can solve the problems…if only Congress will do what he wants.

Let me warn you in no uncertain terms. If the Moron-in-Chief should win in 2012, he will find a way to make Congress totally toothless. He will free himself of the shackles that Congress represents and will advance this country through a tyranny closely akin to dictatorship.

Chaos. Oblivion. Insanity.

I think I will have a slice of that pineapple upside down cake while the going is good….who knows when I would get another chance?


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