Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don't expect a soft landing.

“You know, I've personally flown over 194 missions and I was shot down on every one. Come to think of it, I've never landed a plane in my life.”
                                                   …..Admiral Benson, Hot Shots, 1991

Sometimes, it is clear that the US congress is giving us flying lessons but has never landed a plane in its life.

I for one believe that every time Congress says we have to do something or the sky will fall, what they suggest is guaranteed to be the exact wrong solution.

Every time they get on TV and smile and say, we reached an agreement…it means that the conservatives have folded and the agreement is exactly what the liberals want.

Every time Pelosi and Reid open their mouths, not only is it a waste of time listening to them, they are stealing a part of your life that you will never get back again.

And now, we can add Boehner and McConnell to the time wasters, the stealers.

Not one of these so-called leaders has ever landed the plane, let alone safely!!

They are Admiral Bensons…pompous fools that do nothing but make promises they have no intention of keeping, give advice they would never follow in their own lives, create crises that they have to fix, and then smugly and sanctimoniously state stuff like…

“It is good that we have got past this debt crisis thing….now we can go back to working hard on the things that matter to Americans…like jobs”…Pelosi (paraphrased)

You have got to be kidding me, right?

And you get the Republican fools standing up and saying stuff like “It is the best we could do!”

And this one…”We only hold half of one third of the government…we could not do more.”

OK…I have heard it all before…the excuses, the deliberate lies, the smiles and the strutting….none of it amounts to a hill of beans compared to the danger these idiots have thrust this country into.

I expect it from the Democrats…no surprises there. But the Republicans have totally sold out under the guise that they could “not do any better”.

Boehner and McConnell strutting around as though they are the smartest people in town do nothing to convince me. They are just third rate clowns who can’t get a serious seat at the clown table controlled by Obama.
Ok...it is easy to be critical without offering any suggestions. We all know this…and Obama has once again proven it can be a winning tactic. All you have to do is get the Republicans to start negotiating with themselves, and they will eventually fold. This is a tactic that the Clown-in-Chief uses regularly (along with blaming the Republicans for doing what HE is actually doing). The Republicans are either too damn stupid or too damn smug to understand what is going on….

…so I will tell them what every conservative knows should have happened.

1. When cut, cap and balance was passed by the House and sent to the senate where it was procedurally dumped, the House should have doubled down.

What I mean by this is that it should have immediately turned around and made the cuts bigger, deeper and sooner and sent the new bill back to the senate inside of 24 hours.

When the senate procedurally dumped that one, the House should have doubled down again, getting specific on cutting the pet projects of Obama.

While it is certainly clear that the Senate would not vote for these bills, it would also become increasingly clear that it was the senate that was not doing it’s job.

2. When Obama held press conferences telling everyone it was the recalcitrant Conservatives who were not willing to negotiate, the House leadership should have stood up and said “Damn right we are not gong to negotiate. We are not going to sell out on what we think is right for this country. We have presented multiple bills to the Senate and they refuse to debate them. We will continue sending bills to the senate, with each one being closer to what we want than the last. When the senate chooses to debate those bills, we will then be able to move forward. Until then, we will continue to stand by what we believe, and what we were elected to do. If that means the debt ceiling remains where it is, so be it.”

What did the Republicans do? They back pedaled every time. They have no damned backbone and shudder at the very thought of having to fight for what they believe…bunch of cowards!

3. While doing 1 and 2 above, they should have been out (in numbers) putting on a strong united face and explaining to the people what would REALLY happen if the debt ceiling was not raise. What would really happen would be a partial government shut-down…and that, by itself, would help to reduce the waste in the Federal Government.

They should have stood up at every available microphone and called Obama out for his lies. They should have used every available mouthpiece to show that the Democrats were playing politics, and not disclosing the truth.

This should have been all about getting the truth out there, not the political hyperbole. If people knew the truth, they would not have been in such a hurry to buy the BS coming from both parties.

4. Obama should have been forced to veto a bill. He should never have been allowed to demand a bill that allows the debt increase to go through to cover the period of time beyond his election. This whole crisis was manufactured. Obama knew back in August of last year that the debt ceiling would be hit by now. He had ample time to get exactly what he wanted through the democratic controlled House and Senate with no problems. So, why did he not do that?

That is simple. Because he wanted to be able to blame Republicans if it all went to hell.

He can now blame Republicans if the credit rating is downgraded (which WILL happen - if not now, in a few months or a year or two - but it WILL happen)…after all, it was them who held up the negotiations…it was their House that passed the bill that caused the downgrade. He can stand up and say that it was a bipartisan agreement and both parties believed it was the best for the country….yadda, yadda, yadda….

None of this would have been hard to do….none of it.

It would have taken some bravery; it would have taken great conviction: it would have taken a desire to win; it would have taken an unrelenting belief that what was happening to this country was it’s own destruction; and it would have taken complete honesty.

Sadly, all of this is lacking in the crop of useless lying cheating politicians in Washington.

I am being somewhat unfair here. There are some who stood up to be counted right to the end. I admire the strength of  Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann, Tim Scott, Steve King, and the rest of the twenty-two Republicans who had the intelligence, the courage, and the conviction to refuse to vote for raising the debt ceiling.

As for the others? No more need be said.

The next time you take flying lessons, make sure it is from someone who has actually landed a plane. The Congress is full of Admiral Benson’s…and we MUST weed them out.

Stupid is as stupid says…..



  1. You are SO right, Mr. Devareaux. I am a 64 year-old woman who wants to leave the country, and I USED to be a Pubbie Committeewoman. Right now, if I could throw up on Boehner and McConnell, I would. They are currently the most despicable, cowardly people in the USA, in my opinion.

    Thank you for your insight and courage.

  2. Please...just call me devereaux.... :) (I really don't go in for titles). Courage, and finding a voice, are two things missing in conservatives today, although that is starting to change more rapidly than even I expected.

    Be strong, young lady...at 64 years young you have plenty to offer and plenty to fight for.


  3. Mr Devereaux,
    You need to be a strategist for our next "true" conservative presidential candidate.

    Thanks for your insight.


  4. Mike,

    you are too kind. I doubt that what I have to say will be heard by anybody in a position to run for election. Before they even announce, they are bought and paid for...if not by their rich and powerful allies, then by their need to appease the voter.

    My unwillingness to compromise would not serve them well...and would simply frustrate me no end....lol

    But if my voice can be heard by the voters, if my readers can find their voices, if the millions of conservatives give voice to their own opinions, then eventually a true conservative will appear and do what is needed without compromise.

    I am still looking for that special person to rise up from the ashes of mediocrity and show us all how to lead without compromise, fear or favor.


  5. I followed a link from a comment posted at another site a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoy reading your opinions. Keep up the good work!

    And yes, we were sold a bill of goods but the problem is that the majority of people out there are either too stupid to see what's going on or they simply don't care. I for one am bracing for tough times ahead.

  6. Thank you for the kind words....I want to think that people are not as stupid as they appear, but I am slowly becoming convinced that maybe they are....laziness can not fully explain the lack of interest in the truth.