Thursday, August 4, 2011

A sensible comment from...gasp...a liberal?

Where do I start today?

There is so much on offer that we can talk about....

We could get all upset at the President spending millions of taxpayer dollars on his birthday bashes that are really just fund raising efforts to get re-elected. Of course, if we are so inclined, we could look at Juan William's ridiculous statement that "it is his 50th birthday...that is a milestone that should be celebrated"...

Yes, Juan, it is a milestone and I would never begrudge anybody celebrating fact I celebrated my 50th in style...but it didn't cost you or any other tax payer a single I don't see why I should pay for this idiot's!!

Furthermore, I don't see why the taxpayers should be paying for his fundraising efforts - but to be fair, most presidents have abused the taxpayers in the same way.....this has to end in BOTH parties!

We could talk about the markets and their strong response to the good economic indicators and the debt deal. What's that?

The markets are down over 2% today? And the economic news isn't that great? And nobody likes the debt deal?

Ooooops...guess the Idiot-in-Chief is wrong again....but then anyone who says this, is not very bright...

" that the debt ceiling issue is resolved, I can get back to fundraising. I know you are all frustrated that I have not been able to do that until now, but I had work to do. Now that is done, we can get back to the real fundraising efforts..." Now, I know that is paraphrased, so don't go telling me I got it wrong...I got the intent right.

Newsflash Mr. President...the people are not frustrated because they have not had a chance to give you money for your re-election campaign. I think you missed the point just a little! Moron.

Maybe we can talk about the VP Biden and his big mouth....I know it was a private meeting, but calling the tea part "terrorists" IS going a bit far, don't you think? After all, I find it hard to consider that a group of people who call for fiscal responsibility, lower debt, less waste and lower taxes "extremist" let alone terrorists. Of course, I predicted this tactic, showed you what was happening in my post back in June ...Stop the Republican Extremists! ( ).
Been there, done that, tick it off!

Don't you think it is funny that they are so damned predictable?

Here's an interesting one...the Communist Party today endorsed Obama for President in 2012....I guess that will make front page news.  Oh, it doesn't get a mention? What a surprise. I do find it comical that 18 months before the election, he already gets endorsed by this pack of losers.

So, what will we talk about today. I am so tired of looking at negative actually becomes very wearing.

I tell you what...I am going to find something that comes from the mouth of a liberal, and actually makes sense.....let me see.....

hmmmmm....this is starting to look like a lost cause.....

....wait...wait...this looks kind of promising....

After the debt ceiling debacle, Democratic Congressman Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania, instead of celebrating the Republicans’ latest cave-in, purportedly said:  “This small group of terrorists (i.e., the tea-party members of Congress) have made it impossible to spend any money.”

There we go with the "terrorist" thing again...but I am more interested in the second part of this statement....
"have made it impossible to spend any money".

Congressman Doyle...maybe you have some brain cells left! Are you starting to realize that that is the exact reason the tea party candidates won around 85 seats last November? Are you starting to understand that it was the tea party candidates that gave the Republicans control of the House and an increased minority in the Senate? Are you starting to understand that they were elected because the People are sick and tired of Washington idiots like YOU wasting money on every stupid idea you can come up with? Are you starting to understand that it is the tea party candidates job, to STOP you idiots spending any more money?

Do you get it yet, Congressman Doyle? Or do you just like blaming others for your own failures as so many liberal progressives do?

So yes, Congressman Doyle...the tea party will try to prevent you spending taxpayer money at every turn.

If that makes them terrorists, then they will wear that title with pride.

Gone are the days when you liberals can change the meanings of words and expect conservatives to bow to those pressures. It will not work any more.

Conservatives are standing proud and tall...and calling them names will not chase them away or make them cower before your pathetic little asses.

But...conservatives will stop your spending. Conservatives will stand up for and demand truth and honesty from Washington. Conservatives will no longer allow Washington to steal from some and give to others.

And, Congressman Doyle...Conservative power WILL sweep to victory at the ballot box in 2012.

All conservatives have to do to win, is to proclaim the truth.

You, on the other hand, must lie, cheat, distort and mislead. You must do this in the face of truth...and we all know that deceit withers when faced by truth.

So call us terrorists if you will. Get the VP or the President or the hordes of mindless TV comedians to call us terrorists. Recruit the uneducated, the slovenly and the useless...use the Hollywood whatever you want, it matters not.

The truth will be heard, the truth will prevail, and Washington WILL change.



  1. I think it's amusing that they talk about hijacking and such. Think through what it all means; a group wants to refuse to supply additional money to the government. They are 'hijacking' the funds 'needed' by the government. Would the government need those funds if they spent less than they took in? Can you consider an action 'hijacking' if it is something that belongs to you and you want to keep it? Anyone who considers citizens who wish to keep what they've worked for 'terrorists' shows that they believe the money all actually belongs to the government in the first place. I'm too much a believer in freedom to support such a notion.

  2. Yes...the only torrorists here are those who wish to forcibly take from one so they can give to another. This is our current "voluntary tax system". Oh how they twist the words!