Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We are all warriors.

 Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

The only thing less surprising than Gomer Pyle USMC re-runs, is the liberal response to the downgrade.

We have the clan leader of Chicago thuggery, David Axelrod telling us that this is a "tea party downgrade". We have John Kerry  jumping on the Moveon.org daily taking points telling us it was a ...."tea party downgrade".

Of course, John Kerry , like Obama, had his university records sealed so that no-one could find out what a bad student he was. In both cases, we do not need academic records to understand how badly educated they actually are!

Anyway, it seems the left is clearly taking aim at what they see as a future threat....diverting the issue to damage a party that does not exist in the normal sense of the word.

A quick message to the left....the tea party is not a "Party"...it is a grass-roots movement of activists dedicated to preventing your man, Obama, from further destroying this country. Blaming them for the downgrade is akin to blaming a thermometer for telling you it is 105 degrees outside!!

And then we get the financial guru's stepping in. Great thinkers like Warren Buffet stand up and say S&P is wrong...that America really has a AAAA rating. Really?

And of course Obama and tax cheat Geithner are both saying that S&P is wrong...but if they happen to be right, it is the fault of the tea party.

Gimme a break!

To all you morons on the left....

I know you do not like the truth....

I know you cannot handle the truth....

I know you would prefer to live in some fantasy land where the truth is exactly what you want it to be, regardless of the facts...

I know you can't accept responsibility...

...and I know you can't accept that your great leader has screwed the pooch....again....but....

if you took your head out of your collective asses for 3 minutes, you would see the truth:-

1. the S&P rating downgrade is not the result of protracted Congressional negotiations
2. the S&P downgrade is not the fault of the tea party
3. the S&P downgrade DID happen
4. It matters not what Buffet says, or Axelrod, or Obama, or Geithner or anybody who does not speak for S&P...the rating is not AAAA...or AAA...IT IS AA+
5. the reason it dropped is because S&P believes the debt is too high and does not believe the administration is prepared to seriously endeavor to reduce it

How do I know this?

Look at what S&P actually said (as opposed to what Buffet, Obama, Geithner and co say) ....

 “The downgrade reflects our opinion that the fiscal consolidation plans that Congress and the Administration recently agreed to falls short of what, in our view, would be necessary to stabilize the government’s medium-term debt dynamics.”

I don't see any reference to the tea party here....nor do I see any reference to a AAAA rating or even that it means that we really have a AAA rating but we are gonna call it AA+ coz we think you deserve it.


The rating is AA+...suck it up leftists. Man up. Take responsibility and fix it!

Of course, that is just one of the things going on this week.

Another that really gets my goat is the reaction to the deaths of our fine military.

The outcry about these deaths is astounding. People have been saying it should never have happened. People are saying this is another reason to get out. yada yada yada

I have nothing but respect for the brave warriors who put their lives on the line every day in that sand-pit. I have family there right now. These people are heroes...they are of the warrior class, proud and humble at the same time. They love their country and they fight for their country. 

And they know and accept that they may die in service to their country.

No amount of bleeding heart thinking can reduce the dangers they face every day. No amount of political correctness will protect them from the enemy. No amount of "rules of engagement" will keep them safe.

What will keep them safe?

Allowing them to do their jobs. 

We are at war. People are going to die. Americans are going to die. The enemy will die. Innocent civilians will die.

Changing a war into a long drawn out occupation will NOT save ANY lives. In fact, I believe it will increase the number of deaths and end in a complete route of our armies, forcing us to leave with our tales tucked between our legs as the Russians did from Afghanistan.

Why do I say this?

Because the enemy is only slightly advanced from the 6th century, but has access to modern weapons. They are patient. They will wait. They will strike targets of opportunity only when those targets are poorly defended. The throw rocks if they have to, but they will not give up. Their faith, however wrongly placed, drives them.

So why do we allow them to fight on their terms? Why do we do the politically correct things? Why do we not allow our warriors to fight and do their jobs, but rather give the enemy ample opportunity to regroup, re-arm and re-target?

People, this is war.

Wars are viscous, horrible and nasty. People die.

We either have to accept that our warriors will die doing what they love, or we should get out now.

If we want to win, we need to go in and FIGHT...and when we are done, get out and leave them to rebuild their own devastated country.

I will probably lose some readers here....but...it is not up to the victor to rebuild the country. The victor has the right to take the spoils of war if they so wish...or to leave with a strong warning that if the country cannot get it's act together, and wishes to represent a threat to America or our allies, that we will be back to kick their butts again! 


I tell you, this country has become soft. The men of this country have allowed themselves to be emasculated by the pathetic liberal progressives who want life to be fair. They have given up the strength that women seek. The women have been so intent on winning more than equality with men, that they have ignored all that makes them desirable to men. (OK...if you want to call me a sexist...go right ahead....I believe men and women are equal but should celebrate their differences!)

We have become a sniveling, pathetic scared pack of lemmings who do as we are told, when we are told. 

We elect people who will tell us what to do because we don't believe we can decide for ourselves.

Yesterday, I wrote about climbing mountains.

How can we hope to climb mountains when we are scared...when we are unprepared...or when we can't even see it looming in the distance?

We are soft.

It is time for us to man up...time for us to throw off the fears...time for us to stand strong, arm in arm....and let people know we will not be soft any more.

When we fight a war, we must fight to win....not to be nice. We must become the warriors who stop at nothing defending the truth and honor of the US of A.

Whether it be defending the truth, exposing the lies, or simply deciding to no longer accept the definition of ourselves that the left wants us to use....we must remain strong.

It is time to man up...and accept what is...and then make it what it should be.



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