Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When do rainbows stop being rainbows?

Well, it appears that more places than Washington DC are all shook up today.

While DC and surrounds are dealing with wondering how to deal with an earthquake that is reported to have caused some localized damage (including destroying a couple of houses), and Congress wrestles with the big decisions like how to keep Biden from making stupid comments, and how to remain important and relevant to the American people, other parts of the country are dealing with their own quakes of a different sort.

In a small town in the High Desert of California, the city of Lancaster is enjoying their annual fair known as the Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival.

Just a small town fair, with carnival rides, competitions, displays, music and lots of good food. You can see these fairs all across the nation and they are generally very good at bringing local communities together in an atmosphere of fun, enjoyment and inclusiveness.

So, what is going in Lancaster that has the people in uproar? Why is the Council besieged with complaints for actions taken by an independent committee? Where are the sparks coming from?


Yep, flags have caused a firestorm of controversy.

We are not talking about American flags here (at least that is a welcome change!)

What we are talking about is this. A fair organizer thought it would be great to add some colorful flags around the fair, so, she did what seems reasonable and ordered many multi-colored flags and had them displayed around the fairgrounds. I believe that these flags numbered in the 50's but I could be wrong here. In any event, there were a lot of them proudly adding vibrant and festive colors to the desert landscape.

It did not take long for complaints to start flowing in. It seems that the fair organizer was totally unaware that the use of rainbow colored flags was in fact an endorsement of the gay and lesbian communities. She was unaware that the rainbow flag she had ordered and displayed so proudly was a symbol of the Gay Pride movement.

The Rainbow Flag as we know it today was developed by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker in 1978. At the time, there was a need for a gay symbol which could be used year after year for the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade. Baker took inspiration from many sources, from the hippies movement to the black civil rights movement, and came up with a flag that resembled a rainbow. Each of the colors have specific meanings as applied by Baker., rainbow flags, and indeed rainbows, have been stolen by the gay movement and can no longer represents simple beauty but has been tarnished with the over-sexualized and in your face activities of the gay pride movement.

Back to Lancaster for a moment. The fair organizers, when understanding the meaning of the flags, immediately removed them and replaced them with multiple flags of different single colors. And now the gay community is up in arms because their symbols are no longer displayed (of course it was never intended that they be displayed but that fact does not bother them).

This is yet another example of a minority group (yes, gays are a is estimated that around 10% of the population are gay)...demanding that they have equal that they have rights far beyond what everybody else has.

To make their point, they take our culture, including and specifically, our language....and apply meanings to those words and cultural norms that prevent them from being used in the way intended.

A great example, as I have said before, is the use of the term "gay". Another is their use of rainbows to support their claims of additional rights. This is simply not acceptable, and yet we allow numerous groups of minorities to do the exact same thing.

I don't care whether someone is gay or straight...that is their problem, not mine. I don't care if someone is black or white, red or brown. I don't care if someone is short or tall, thin or fat. None of that crap matters.

What I do care about is that people who think they are a minority make demands that effect everybody who is NOT in that minority group. 

Here's a newsflash...being in your particular minority group does NOT make you more important or give you any additional rights over anyone else.

And it is time for America to STOP the crap and stop bestowing those rights.

Let's look at gay pride for a moment. What gives you the right to be more proud of your sexual inclinations than a hetero person? Why do you believe you have the right to hold parades where inappropriate sexual activity is displayed and applauded? If a hetero parade took place with inappropriate hetero sexual simulation displayed so raucously, the parade would soon be stopped. Not so with the gay pride marches. Why do you think you have that right ...and why do you think anybody who is offended by those displays must be anti gay?

You people do yourselves and your cause a great disservice by demanding acceptance of your "in your face" behavior.

Here's the truth. You are nothing but a bunch of cry-baby "pooftas" (Australian slang) who are not satisfied with living your own lives. You, like the entire liberal movement, will never be happy. Acceptance and equality is NOT your goal. Domination is.

I cannot accept the abuse of the language or the culture by a portion of the gay community who has usurped the movement for their own agenda. Enough, I say!

This world has turned totally upside down.

When a small town like Lancaster runs afoul of political correctness simply because they remove flags that were inadvertently raised in the first place, the world has gone crazy.

When the organizers of a small town fair have to be aware of the ramifications of raising a colorful flag, simply for it's aesthetic appeal, only to find that it represents something unintended, the world has gone crazy.

It is time for America to take back it's heritage. It is time for her to enjoy rainbows, and rainbow flags without being a supporter of gays and lesbians.It is time for gays and lesbians to act like normal members of the community, to share equal rights and to stop demanding special is time, but it is not going to happen unless the rest of America takes a stand.

To all you gays out there that have stolen something beautiful, a rainbow, and used it to symbolize your fight for for exceptional rights, shame on you. To the gays and lesbians who simply want to live their lives with minimal regulations and equal rights, welcome to the conservative right. We want the same things.

To you clowns who march in gay pride parades, you are fools and do you cause no justice. You create greater divides between the hetero and gay communities by your outlandish displays.

Just as Jackson and Sharpton are the two biggest supporters of racial bias, you are the biggest supporters of a split and un-unifiable sexual community.

It is clear that you do not want acceptance. It is clear that you do not seek understanding or equal rights. It is clear that you want nothing less than to control the way others think. is not going to happen!


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