Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bullies and thugs.

One of the wonderful things about America is that there is never any shortage of things to write about. Just when it appears that things are settling down, more grist for the mill appears….lol

Today I have a lot of choices.

I could spend some time talking about the pathetic leadership skills of our Pretender-in-Chief. The bully backed down at the first sign of strength from Boehner, and now will be presenting to a Joint Session of Congress in competition with the opening game of the NFL season. Of course, that really doesn’t matter a whole lot….if he was speaking in competition with re-runs of Gilligan’s Island in black and white, I suspect he would still lose the ratings battle. After all, who wants to hear the same old dribble gain? If we wanted to hear that, we would at least be entertained with Gilligan’s Island!

But…being the fair person I am, I will wait till we see what he has to say next week before I pass final judgment.

I thought about talking more about the Congressional Black Caucus and their outlandish statements, but really, that is no surprise and there really is no story there. Of course the left is going to throw some nasty name calling at conservatives. When they have nothing else, they always fall back on that. And attacks on the tea party or Fox news or whatever other target they can find is no more than finding a straw man that they can direct anger toward….hoping that the ignorant masses pick up on the anger and direct it toward conservatives in general.

This is their big weapon of choice as we run toward the next election.

If you think the rhetoric will ease off as the election approaches you will be sadly disappointed. There is no doubt in my mind that this coming election season will be the ugliest and nastiest we have ever seen.

I expect out of control rhetoric from the left, and poorly veiled calls for physical intimidation from the black community. They already know that their man has failed miserably, but will not let go of the need to have someone in office who will continue to provide freebies for them. After all, they are addicted…and their addiction will not allow them to see reason.

The left will continue to lie, threaten that the conservatives will cut off their goodies (true) and that conservatives want them to stay poor and controlled under a fascist system (false). The left will call their brethren to arms to fight for the rights of the useless in their fight against the responsible.

It is going to get ugly. I have heard reports that if a conservative wins the presidency in 2012, their will be combat in the streets as the left mobilizes. Will this actually happen? I don’t know…but I do know that leading up to election day the thugs and bullies will be out in force.

So…today I want to talk a little about how to deal with thugs and bullies.

The ONLY way to deal with them is to not bow down before them. Not give them the power they seek to take. Not be scared of their intimidation.

Now, that is not an easy thing to do.

So I am going to try to help you with this.

The intimidation you can expect to see will be in two forms. The first will be the psychological form. They will use words, accusations; create straw men just as they have started to do.

The second form will be physical. You will see demonstrations of strength, physical intimidation at conservative rallies, threatening mobs ….much like what we saw in Wisconsin.

I fear that it will be a particularly scary time for conservatives. It will be tempting to lower your voice to avoid the confrontation that will certainly come if you speak boldly. It will be tempting to avoid conservative rallies for fear of being caught up in a physical altercation that was none of your own doing. It will be tempting to quietly prepare for election day when you get the chance to have your voice count, but until then stay out of the fray…after all, you are just one voice in a sea of babble.

I understand this very well….however…by doing that you allow the thugs and the bullies to win. You allow the progressives, Marxists, socialists to take control of the democratic process. You allow them to simply take what they want…because you have neither the energy, will, nor strength to fight for what you believe.

I want to change that…here, today…right now.

And to do that we need to know how to defeat that fear that we have.

Let’s talk a little about physical fear and what it does to the human body.

At rest, the average heartbeat runs at around 75 to 90 beats per minute. This is the optimal speed to keep all functions of your body working well without putting undue pressure on any organs or muscles. Reflexes are ok, strength is ok…everything is good…but in this relaxed place you would NEVER respond well to a stressful or dangerous situation.

When exercising, your heart beat will increase to around 125 – 135 beats per minute. At this rate more blood is pumping to your brain, helping you to think faster. More blood is pumping to your muscles making them stronger and more agile. Hormones are released into your body making you feel good, feel stronger, feel better equipped for an emergency. The same thing occurs when you are afraid. Your heart beat increases and blood pumps to your muscles. You have a heightened awareness of your surroundings and can look for threats.

When you see a threat, your heart beat will increase rapidly to around 150 beats per minute. The blood will start circulating more toward your major muscle groups and away from the extremities of your body in preparation for the expectation of physical injury. Your major muscle groups are primed for fight or flight.

As the threat approaches, if you are untrained your heartbeat will increase further into what is called the red zone. This is where a person is said to “see red”.  At 175 beats per minute, the blood is pumping furiously to your major muscle groups and virtually nowhere else. The untrained will feel paralyzed and will fall to their knees, crying and soiling themselves while the threat takes complete control. Even the very best trained martial artists will be unable to use their skills with finesse and must rely only on major muscle groups as they fight for their lives. The ability to balance, run, and think quickly have all been diminished by the lack of blood to the smaller muscle groups.

Most professional fighters maintain their “fighting heart beats” at around 150 beats per minute. This is the level that provides the best blood circulation to allow fine muscle control and greatest strength. Professionals train to get their heart beats to that range quickly and on demand.

Rarely do they end up in the 175 range because regardless of how beaten up they are, they know that they are not in any real danger because the referee is there to step in when need be.

Not so in the real world.

You and I will face threats that will send our heart beats up to 175 in an instant. If we do not know what to do we will be victims. If we DO know what to do…we will be able to fight back and protect ourselves.

(I am not advocating physical violence….I am simply talking self protection here.)

The first thing you need to know is that when in a dangerous situation your actions need to be fast, committed and effective. (Let me say here that I am not a martial arts expert, have done no training, and am only telling you about what has worked for me in dangerous situations. It is not intended as self defense teaching.)

Would you believe me if I told you that I could put all but the most highly trained fighter on the ground in less than 2 seconds? I don’t care if he is twice my size, 7 foot tall and uglier than Nancy Pelosi. He would go down…and I would be able to go into flight mode and get away.

And you can do that too.

After all…the basic premise is that where the ears go, the head follows. Here is what you do. If someone attacks you let them get close enough for you to grab his chin and then rapidly push up and back, forcing his head backwards. Get on your toes, use your legs to push forward and up.

Two things will happen:-

1. the first is you will have caught him by surprise…your fear did not paralyze you as he expected
2. the second is that his head will jerk backwards…his arms will go out to his sides as he tries to regain balance, and as you drive forward with your legs, his ears will end up behind his heels (imagine a perfectly vertical line from heels to ears…get his ears BEHIND that line)….when that happens, the slightest push will put him on his back on the ground, giving you time to run away

Don’t stand there admiring your work…as soon as you see his arms flailing give one more strong push and start running….he WILL go down. (Feel free to gouge his mouth and knee him in the groin as well….lol)

Now, I don’t propose that you go around doing this to people….but you may like to try it with a friend (make sure there is something soft for him to fall on)…one or two practices and you will automatically know what to do….and you will do it before your heart beat gets to 175.

So why did I tell you this?

Because you no longer have to be scared of a dangerous situation. You can stand straighter, taller, with more confidence, knowing that you have at least one tool that you can defend yourself with.

And with knowledge comes confidence. And with confidence comes a willingness to speak out, to stand up, and to not cower before a bully. Ever again!

Let’s turn our attention to verbal assaults.

Have you ever wondered why it is that blackmail exists? It exists solely because someone is afraid of the truth. The blackmailer has information that someone does not want made public. The easiest way to stop a blackmailer is to make the information he has worthless, by making it public.

And that is how we deal with the verbal assaults from the left.

If they call us racists, we define what we are doing and clearly state that if that makes us a racist, we wear that accusation with pride.

It is a two step process…redefine and accept.

The names have no power if we do not wear the mantle. By redefining the meaning of the name…as the left is so good at doing, by not fighting back with statements like “we are not racists” (which only fuels the lies) we redefine and accept. Their power instantly vanishes.

There is no doubt that we conservatives need to grow thick skins. There is no doubt that we need to be prepared for physical intimidation. There is no doubt that the attacks will not only continue but become more fierce and ugly.

We need to be prepared.

We need to understand their game plan and not allow them to define the agenda.

We must stand up without fear…we must be prepared to defend ourselves if necessary.

Above all, we must not cower before bullies and thugs!

Stand strong and proud…and the bullies will eventually run away.


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