Friday, September 2, 2011

The siren song of fairness.

“You don't own that plane, the tax payers do! Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash.”
……Stinger, Top Gun, 1986

Sound familiar?

Somebody needs to tell our President that he doesn’t own this country, the tax payers do! His ego is writing checks that can never be cashed.

And yet, he continues.

Ahead of next weeks mighty jobs speech, we see today’s job numbers. They were exactly what were expected. No new jobs!!

Surprised? Anyone?

It seems that the only people to be surprised were the investors….the Dow, as at the time of writing, is down a couple of hundred points but looks like it might be rising again. Maybe somebody got wind of the Presidents great plan and is preparing for the massive jobs boost that will start after Wednesday’s speech?

Yeah, right.

While we have our minds on President Ego, maybe it would behoove us to understand what this class warfare thing is all about.

For months we have seen the Fool-in-Chief berate the wealthy, talk about their private jets and saying the millionaires and billionaires need to “pay their fair share”.

What does he actually mean by “pay their fair share”? Has he, or anyone from the progressive left ever tried to define what that might be?

Has anyone from the left ever produced any true statistics to show that the wealthy are NOT paying their fair share?

The closest I have seen is that ignorant fool Buffet claiming that he pays less tax than his secretary. (Now, I am not certain what he means by that. Is he saying he pays a lower percentage, or a smaller number of dollars, or what?)

We have Matt Damon being equally stupid and saying the rich should pay more. (Of course, I don’t see him reaching into his pocket to ACTUALLY pay more….he has no intention of paying more unless he s forced to.)

These folks are hypocrites…nothing more. They don’t lead by example, and yet these fools want us to support their opinion of the egomaniac in the White House.

So I ask again…what is fair share?

If we look at the income spread across this nation, the top 1 % of income earners (subject to income tax ) earn in the vicinity of 18% – 19% of all money earned in the United States. I accept that this is a small number of people earning a rather large percentage of the income.

What % of the total income taxes received by the government would be “fair” ?

In my view…18% - 19% would be fair….their burden would be equal with everyone else’s…does that sound fair to you?

What percentage do you think these wealthy folk actually contribute?

If you listen to Denis Kucinich, in 2008/9 he suggested they contribute a mere 1% of government revenues from taxation. (Mind you, this moron also thought that the top 1% of income earners earned close to 60% of the income of the country!)

You know something…if the top 1% earned 60% of the income and contributed just 1% of the taxes…I would be the first to say they are not paying their fair share.

But that is not the case. It matters not how many times information like this is thrown around by the leftist liars…the facts and truth do not support it. Unfortunately the sycophants of the left, the mindless followers, the stupid and the uneducated, fawn over every word that comes from the mouths of these liars. It is worse than that….they not only want to believe these “facts” but they “have “ to believe them because their entire view of themselves and the world they live in is premised on lies.

When conservatives point out the truth, their whole sense of self is at risk…and very few have the intestinal fortitude to accept that their entire self was built on a lie.

Anyway, enough of the psychology crap…

Let’s get back to the top income earners.

They earn around 18% of all income earned.

They pay around 38% - 40% of income taxes received by the government.

And Obama says they are not paying their fair share!

So, I have to ask again…what is their fair share?

I have pondered this for some number of weeks. It is far too easy to say simply “more than they are paying now”. While Obama likes to use vagaries in his speeches, refusing to provide any specifics, it does not mean that he does not have any idea of what the specifics are. He knows exactly what he considers “fair”…but will not divulge that as he knows that the populace, the voters, will not accept it. He also knows that he can creep toward his idea of fairness over time…and that is what he intends to do.

So how can we possibly know what he considers “fair”?

The first thing we need to understand is what the Liar-in-Chief defines as “rich”. This is relatively simple as he has already said on many occasions an arbitrary cut-off is an income of $200k for singles or $250k for families.

Now, I know that this does not fall into the general description of millionaires and billionaires….but truthfully…that is just hyperbole, and has nothing to do with “who” Obama believes should pay their fair share.

No...the people he is talking about is around the middle of his view of the middle class. With these sort of income levels we are talking most professionals, most small business owners, and many two income families.

People like us.

That is who he considers to be the wealthy who are not paying their fair share.

So now we know who he is targeting. But what is the fair share they should be paying?

The answer to this perplexing question lays in the ideology held by progressives. Their entire philosophy revolves around fairness. Since people are by nature greedy, uncaring, selfish pigs, it is up to government to ensure that everybody is treated “fairly”. The way to do this is to level the playing field. Those who have more should be penalized and those who have less should be rewarded.

If the government gets this balance right, everybody will indeed be equal, and the world will be filled with rainbows and unicorns. The seas will roll back and the land will be healed. (Didn’t President Idiot say something like that in one of his speeches in Egypt a few years ago?)

Well, the unicorns have to be fed…and the only people who can provide the funds to feed them are the wealthy.

So this is what I believe Obama is pushing for when he says ”the wealthy must pay their fair share”.

It has nothing to do with the level of taxation. It has EVERYTHING to do with how much money people will have AFTER tax.

I believe Obama intends, over time to tax everyone who earns over the $200k/$250k mark the exact amount that it would take to allow them to keep only the cash that is equivalent to what a person earning just under those limits gets to keep.

His idea of fairness is not based on what the government takes, but is based on what the income earner has left over.

He can then use those dollars he steals from the wealthy to redistribute to the poor so that everyone ends up equal. After all…it is only fair!

If you think I have jumped onto the crazy train, I don’t really care. Obama is pushing for fairness…and just like in the courts fairness is becoming the driver of decisions, as opposed to truth.

Next time you hear a liberal talk about “it’s not fair”…do not be trapped by this straw man and argue about fairness…simply say…”Why does life have to be fair?”

Life is not fair, it never has been fair and no amount of government meddling will make it fair.

The only people who complain about fairness are the money grubbing thieves who want to steal the blood sweat and tears of your brow, the very heartbeats you expended to make life what YOU want it to be. They want it because “it is not fair”.

Beware the dangers of the fairness song. It sounds great, but is rife with peril. Those who advocate fairness are nothing more than the sirens singing their intoxicating songs to lure the unwary to their death.

Obama wanting to make the rich pay their fair share is simply the first step in identifying a class that can be blamed and made to pay. If this is allowed it will not be long until we all pay the price for an idiot ideologues’ time on the throne of ego.

After all…when a person’s ego writes the checks, what logic can slow it down?



  1. The thing I am most insulted by from the lefties screaming for "economic fairness" is that the ones who are the most vocal are at the same time the most hypocritical.

    I believe that by & large, the bulk of the screamers are simply attempting to assuage the guilt they may feel from their opulent lifestyle, often attained very quickly (inheritance, marriage[Pelosi, John Kerry], illegal stock deals [Hillary], etc.) &/or in huge chunks with non-conventional work (Hollywood stars, musical stars, sports stars, David Letterman, Michael Moore, etc.). If they truly believed what they assert, they should write a check to the IRS for everything they own/earn above, say $250,000/year. I do recall Ted Turner donating $1 billion (if memory serves) to the United Nations some years back, but outside of this showy act, I don't recall ONE of these liberal screamer types doing anything resembling this. Heck, the Kennedys had a huge house in Florida that apparently was used only as a base for philandering & perhaps raping, and that house would have housed a large number of homeless folks. I do not recall any such donation.

    If several of these very prominent & vocal "economic equity" folks did as suggested above, I might listen to their assertions. BUT IT NEVER HAPPENS. Lip service is cheap...heck, it's FREE! Putting one's money where one's mouth is would certainly get WAY more attention than insinuating that I need to get a second job & pay a higher percentage of my earnings to go to folks who contribute ZERO to our coffers now.

    Hypocrisy: saying one thing while doing the opposite.

  2. Hi lesslSbes,

    While th ehypocrisy is os easy to see, you will find most progressive liberals are blinded to it....I suspect this is because what is important to them is what is said, not what is done. The progressive philosophy relies heavily on intent...not performance or results.

    So it is fine for an individual to say he believes he should pay more taxes (that is the intent)...the reality (that he DOES not do this)is overlooked because he had good intentions.