Monday, September 26, 2011

Divide and Conquer.

This last weekend, I took some time out and started to consider exactly what it is about the Fool-in-Chief and his ghetto queen first lady that I so abhor.

The calls from the left tell me that I am a racist and that is what is driving my opinions. Could that possibly be true? Nope. Not even remotely possible. While I think there is a tendency for blacks to want different treatment than whites are given, while blacks tend to be greater in number on the unemployment rolls, and greater in number in the prisons….while blacks tend to be more frequently caught by security cameras during drug store robberies, or are the ones sought by police in home invasions…..I am definitely not racist. Denial of the truth of the above facts simply because of the word blacks would make me a racist.

So, no….that is definitely not it. And I have several black friends who can attest to the fact that I have not a racist bone in my body. But I will tell the truth, and the truth is that the black community has a long way to go.

So, if not racism, what else could it be?

I am sorry to disappoint my left leaning friends, but it is really pretty easy to determine why I have a problem with the current administration.

While I have major differences on policy and think this man is a fool, leading a band of lemmings down a one way street….but going the wrong way….that is not all there is to my issues. (Although, that would definitely be enough to create the abhorrence I hold for this pretender.)
Nope. The main reason is that this fool is determined to split this country. He is the Divider-in-Chief and has, since he first won the 2008 election set sail for a “divided we conquer, united we fail” presidency.

What do I mean by that?

Well, just look at the divisions he and his minions in the media have created or tried to create…..

-        The classic democrat/conservative relationship in this country has often involved a spirited debate between two groups of people who have differing opinions on how the country should be run, but have always succeeded in standing together when the rubber hits the road and there is work to do to maintain the health of the country both groups love. The belief that people with different views were simply misguided was the driving force of political discussion.

Now, however, in just a few short years, that is no longer the case. People who disagree with the political philosophies of the left are labeled deranged, terrorists, intransigents and obstructionists…oh, and don’t forget that they must also be racists.

Never before has this country been split so evenly between conservatives and progressives. And never before has the hate from the progressives been filled with such vile rhetoric. And they call the conservatives the dangerous ones?

This president has stood over and watched, nay, encouraged, the total destruction of reasoned political and ideological debate in this country.

He has created two armies….one demanding that more socialist policies be forced upon this nation or violence will ensue, and the other quietly preparing to protect themselves, their families and their assets from the marauding hordes who are constantly being told by the Divider-in-Chief that what is ours is theirs.

The Divider-in-Chief has certainly succeeded if his aim was to divide the people along political and ideological lines.

But it doesn’t end there.

-        The struggle between white and black has been raging for two hundred years….really? As I look around me I see many colored Americans working side by side with white Americans. I see many white Americans denied a place in college because black Americans with lower performance take the spots for reasons of cultural diversity. I personally know of several white Americans who were chopped from their jobs while black Americans were retained (notwithstanding poor work records, poor attendance records, and poor attitudes) but retained because they were needed to make up the numbers required by affirmative action.

I see black Americans being accountable for their own lives alongside white Americans. I see black Americans taking advantage of government largesse, alongside white Americans.

In short I see the same problems and the same issues faced by both black Americans and white Americans. And at the end of the day, they are all Americans…pure and simple.

We happen to have a black President. Oooops…sorry….not correct. He is NOT black….he has a black father and a white mother. But he displays his skin color as a badge of honor, reminding everyone that he is the black president. And if anyone disagrees with him, they must be racist. Ably supported by the two goons Sharpton and Jackson, the Divider-in-Chief is hammering a wedge into the relationship between black and white in this country.  When their work is done, he brings out the Congressional Black Caucus to spread their hate and incite the brothers. It is clear that if you are conservative, and happen to be white, you are definitely on the wrong side of this Presidents goals.

You are nothing but a racist terrorist….and you better watch out before the uprising of the brothers who will come and get what they want.

-        So now, he has managed to divide this great nation along two very distinct lines…color and political leaning. So what remains?

The Divider-in-Chief knows that reasonable people will eventually come to terms with the politics and the race issues as they have for years and decades. The divisions he causes there are simply picking at the scabs that have been healing slowly. This by itself is not going to result in an unstoppable movement. The type of movement that can shove America further to the left.

He knows that he needs some physical strength to instill a sense of strength in the eyes of his followers, and strike fear into the hearts of his opponents. The unions are his weapon of choice here. The perceived strength of the union movement, and its visible bullies, is the Divider-in-Chiefs tool to provide boots on the ground. Wherever the Unions can make noise and intimidate those who stand against them, they will. The divide between union and non-union employers will become smaller and smaller as the Divider-in-Chief offers more and more ways for unions to gain strength. From giving the Unions stock in failed auto makers, to preventing corporations moving to right to work states, to requiring employees pay Union fees even when they are not a member, this Divider-in-Chief will do everything he can to reward his bullies for a job well done.

The unions are the big stick….and the country is being divided along Union and non-union lines.

And then there is his latest move…

-        Class warfare between the rich and those who are not rich.

The Divider-in-Chief is using the jealousies of the lower classes to ignite a class war against those they see as richer than they are. More times than I can count, I have heard this statement….”Why should they have so much? Why don’t they give it to the poor?” and on and on. Sigh.

When we ask the right questions…”Why do you care? What business is it of yours?” we are decried as heartless, uncaring capitalist pigs…and we know that we are nothing of the sort.

Yes, the Divider-in-Chief knows that if he can ignite hate against the rich, by claiming they don’t pay their fair share (without ever stating what that fair share should be), his ultimate plan for dividing this country will succeed.

There is one more player in this design….the media. Although not a division, the media has generally chosen to support the Presidents positions on ideology, color, unions and wealth.

Every tyrant knows that to control the people you must first control the media. Well, he controls the media but does not yet control the internet based media.

In a world of sound bites and poor reporting, with an audience more inclined to watch reruns of Gilligan’s Island than serious news coverage, the media has it’s challenges….but it has stoically continued the fight…a fight to divide the country as much as possible to ensure there is no powerful group that can coalesce and present a threat to the Divider-in-Chief.

And therein lays the reason for so many divisions.

You see, many people can fall into one or more of the groups outlined above.

As an example, the tea party contains conservatives, blacks and possibly union members in their numbers. As the President further defines the divisions he wants, some of these people may find themselves unsure of which segment best suits them. They agree with some of the philosophies from each but do not totally agree with any. This makes them ineffective in every way….and is the end game for the Divider-in-Chief.

So what can we do about this?

There is only one way to fight this process …and that is through education.

If you have read some of my posts you will know that I am big on finding a voice or spreading the voice of others. That is a small part of what we have to do.

We have to speak to our friends and family. We have to be willing to accept the name calling and the anger that will come when people hear a truth they do not want to accept.

We need to face those who would divide this nation and tear down the fences they erect as fast as they can build them.

We need to build bridges of truth.

We need to accept that Obama is not just misguided but that he has an agenda that will ultimately destroy this nation. He is not simply misguided but is actively seeking to divide and conquer.

He must be stopped and 2012 is the way to stop him. But as we get closer to the election expect more attempts at division from this man. Expect more racial troubles. Expect more union violence. Expect more riots aimed at the rich. Expect more disturbances and “civil outrage”. Expect violence against middle America to increase.

And when you see it, understand that this is the direct result of the Administration wanting to retain power.

You know, several black leaders have already suggested that should Obama lose in 2012 there will be riots in the streets….have you heard Obama say that this should not, under any circumstances occur? Has he stood up and said that the free elections of the people are sacrosanct and the results should be and will be respected?


He has said nothing. NOTHING!

If you think I am being over dramatic, or that I am just crazy, I don’t care. All I ask is that you take a look at the way this man has run his presidency, and watch each step as it is played out.

If I am wrong, I will be a happy camper.

But if I am right, we need to be prepared.

It is up to you.


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