Tuesday, September 13, 2011

People create jobs....

Plenty to write about today. To be honest I am not sure where I want to start.

Yesterday President Jobs Plan held a campaign speech in the rose garden. Among the guests was a group of construction workers resplendent in their hard hats and “see me “ vests….I guess they were just waiting for those shovel ready jobs? What may not have been so clear is that these were union guys…they could not have been more obvious in their intent if they had worn jack boots and brown shirts.

The thugs were out and were showing allegiance to their bully boy leader.

Of course, the speech had everything to do with job creation…or is that job saving? I get confused these days because every time we hear “govspeak” about jobs the metric is “jobs created or saved”…a metric that is literally impossible to measure. So is Obama now trying to create jobs…or save jobs?

There is no doubt that he is out there sprouting his nonsense in order to save his own job…but really, nobody cares about that anymore do they? I guess Michelle cares about it….she would be furious if he didn’t fight for his own job, and she ended up losing that big credit card she abuses so easily.

Anyway, today the Job-planner-in Chief continues on his merry campaign, heading back to Ohio to present another campaign speech about jobs.

I think an untrained chimpanzee could see through this fa├žade. He knows that the House will not likely pass the Bill he “wrote himself” (according to Valerie Jarrett – like I believe what that shrew has to say). The House will need to make sweeping changes before this piece of crap is acceptable to them…and the Senate will just suck up to Obama’s version…and nothing will happen. The House and Senate leaders will make all the noises about working together to get something…but the truth is there is no incentive for the House Republicans to pass this garbage masquerading as a Jobs Bill.

After all, the President already calls them obstructionists, intransigents, and more concerned with politics than fixing the economy. The Vice-President already calls them terrorists. Several Democrat senators call them racists. There is really nothing that can be said by any of these morons that will impact what the House Republicans will do. What they will do is what they believe is right for the country…and that is to refuse to p[ass this bill.

Politics? Of course, it s clearly politics….but it is driven by two things:-

1. a belief on the part of Republicans that the President is leading his lemming followers over the cliff…and they have a grown a pair big enough to say stop!
2. they want this fool out of office, and will only do something he wants if they totally believe it is right for the country. Otherwise, they will fight every step and try to make the President look even more a fool than he already shows. (Interesting point here is that fewer ad fewer Presidential requests will be accepted as fewer and fewer things he says are good for the country.)

So, while the Job-Planner-in-Chief was trying to save his own job in the Rose Garden, those who would replace him were preparing for battle in front of a largely tea party dominated audience in Florida.

I confess to a great deal of surprise as the debate unfolded. The surprise was caused by the degree of professionalism shown by CNN in producing this debate. I thought that while Wolf Blitzer clearly gave more time to some candidates than others, he was pretty fair and didn’t skirt the hard questions. The questions from the audience were much tough in many ways than what I have seen in previous debates.

For a left leaning organization like CNN to provide a fair and feisty debate targeted largely at tea party type conservatives, was something that gives me hope that perhaps CNN is able to recover from its temporary insane love affair with the left. The jury is out on that one, but I saw glimmers of hope.

And so we had a feisty debate. It was fun…it was full of “moments” that I have longed to see and hear (if you have my posts about previous debates you would know what I mean about “moments”)

When the candidates were introduced and went to their podiums, it was clear where CNN thought the candidates stood in the food chain. Front and center were…well…Perry and Romney….beside them…Bachman and Paul (One either side). Beside Paul, Gingritch and then at the end Santorum. On the other side, beside Bachman we found Cain and then Hunstman on the edge of the stage (the debate would have been MUCH better if he actually fell off and we didn’t have to listen to that lightweight answer ANY questions. It is clear to see why the left media favors him…he is dumber than a box of rocks.)

There was no mistaking the intent of CNN when determining stage placement. They were showing where the game was going to be played, and who the major players would be. Claims from Wolf that he was going to share the love around, were largely unrequited and the three or four major players received all the attention.

There were a couple of awesome zingers that I really thought were effective:-

Herman Cain: “People say to me that I don’t know how Washington works. I say to them I do. It doesn’t work!”

Rick Santorum: “Some say Obama’s economy is a disaster. I say it needs to see dramatic improvement before it can be called a disaster.”

Newt Gingrich: “I am not concerned about Mitt Romney and Rick Perry scaring the seniors with this talk of social security. After all, President Obama scares them every day”.

All good stuff and all getting serious cheers from the very vocal tea party audience.

But…none of these or anything else that was said throughout the entire debate has as much truth, had as much immediate and topical concern as this brilliant statement from Newt Gingrich….

“People make jobs. Governments do not.”

Six simple words….spoken in context and 100% topical as it was in direct opposition to what that fool in the White House was saying not 30 minutes earlier.

I do not think Newt can win the nomination. I think he is too establishment for that . However, of all the candidates, he is the one who understands best what is going on in politics today and is best able to cut through the crap and state in the simplest terms possible what his position is.

The other candidates should take note of the notes he hits, and the “moments” he creates. They need to study his delivery, his expressions, his words….in a Presidential debate, Obama would look like he is still in the ghetto where he belongs next to the statesman Gingrich.

Michelle Bachman, take note. While I want you to be yourself, learn from the delivery of this man.

Herman Cain, great ideas, good use of language…learn how to deliver better straight into the minds of the audience.

Ron Paul…well, I like you a lot but just wish you had better capability of answering one question at a time and not and not trying to answer all the unspoken questions as well.

Rick Santorum and the aforementioned John Hunstman…time to vacate the stage….Santorum, you played hard and well, but you are not appealing to the people. Well played, but time to move on, Rick. Hunstman, you are likely to get just one vote…your own. Stop embarrassing yourself further and take your Kurt Cobain jokes and just go.

So, there you have it.

A President in Ohio…his challengers in flux.

Life gets interesting sometimes….. J


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