Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pelosi's twisted knickers!

Question: How do you get Pelosi’s knickers in a twist?
Answer: By saying nothing.

Pelosi is fit to be tied today…and the reason is simple.

The GOP have decided that they are not going to make a formal rebuttal of Obama’s jobs speech on Thursday night.

Pelosi thinks this is disrespectful to the President and the American people.

What a hoot she is these days…. J

Here’s the thing.

When we talk about the left, including the Obama Administration, we have to understand that they are a one-way street.

Respect must be given the President even though he shows nothing but disdain and disrespect to his political opponents using words such as intransigents, obstructionists etc to describe people who disagree with his policies.

His lead has devolved into a time of exceptionally heated rhetoric from the left…

Trumka implying that the Tea Party has to be taken out, that the there is a war, and the unions are the soldiers. Interesting how he did as Obama requested and dialed back the rhetoric so we can have civil discourse.

And then we have Biden, calling the Tea Party terrorists, and barbarians at the gates.

And Waters saying the tea party can go straight to hell.

Of course, Pelosi has her own ideas about millionaires and billionaires.

There is no doubt that the civility in the rhetoric from both sides has been abhorrent.

As was pointed out yesterday by Bob Beckel…some conservatives have had the gall to call Obama a socialist!! That is way up there with terrorist and barbarian as far as name-calling goes. It seems to be irrelevant if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably IS a duck. Of course Beckel would never consider that…so the claims of Obama being a socialist are just terrible.

And of course, there is Alan Colmes who also made a fool of himself yesterday when he tried to equate Joe Wilson’s “You lie” to the clams that tea party members are terrorists.

The talking heads on both sides of this argument seem to miss a very valuable point.

Free speech is protected by the constitution. So if someone wants to call me a perverted child molester, they have that right. I of course can sue for slander, which is MY right.

If someone want to call the tea party terrorists and barbarians, that is their right. Most educated people are not fooled by the rhetoric and take no notice anyway.

As far as I am concerned, the rhetoric can heat up as much as they want. The left ca use any mean spirited words they want to portray the right. The truth is that the reflection is on them not on their opponents. The greater the number of empty insults in an attempt to portray the evil of the tea party, the less effective they will become. Of course, there will always be that group of mindless sycophants who believe every word that the media sound bites produce (their education prevents them from thinking for themselves or even doing some basic research), but the vast majority will eventually tire of the name calling and not be influenced by it.

Even though it appears that the left is winning the “paint your opponents as evil” game today, I wonder if they have shot their load too early…after all, what can they ratchet up from after terrorist and barbarian? Child murderers? Rapists? Yeah…we all believe that crap!

Anyway, back to Nancy and her twisted knickers.

I have to say Boehner surprised me when he said no to Obama’s request for a joint congress tonight. He showed that he was not going to validate the Presidents desire to do yet another campaign speech under the thin veil of a jobs speech without having to accommodate the Congress. The message was loud and clear…you can do what you want but you can not dictate the terms.

I don’t know who won that poltical tom foolery and I don’t really care. What I care about is that a message was sent…Congress is not your slave Obama…so you need to think twice before making demands on it.

That message was well sent.

And now the GOP are not going to respond formally to this speech.

Once again, the GOP are sending a very strong message.

They are saying, we know this is a campaign speech thinly disguised as a jobs speech, and we have acquiesced to your request to do it in front of Congress even though it would have been far more apropro to have delivered it from the White House.

However, we are under no obligation to comment on what you say. In other words, President Dude…you are irrelevant!

What a wonderful message. Clear. Concise.

Above all…TRUE.

There is also talk of some GOP members not bothering to attend. They are also sending a clear message that they don’t want to hear another speech.

Empty words from an empty suit telling us all how the government is going to create jobs….why would ANYONE even bother to attend?

And therein lays President Idiot’s problem.

He has no credibility. He has no leadership skills. He has no ability to ignite any passion. He is probably not even a good community organizer any more (whatever the hell was when he was doing it.)

Some say he is a good orator. Well, I would pay to hear Reagan, or Churchill, or even Thatcher. The Kennedy boys had some skills with oration (except for Teddy who was too often reliving his Chappaquidick high points to learn how to ignite a crowd with his speeches).

And then we have Obama…who pauses every second word….who has so many “umms” and “ahhhs” that his words become lost in the background. A great orator? Nope! This guy pauses every two words because he is trying to remember what the focus groups said about what words he should use and which ones to avoid. He is working out what way to best spin his next lie.

He has a mind like a steel trap. Every thought gets trapped their and has no way of  escape!

If this is the best orator that the left can find, then the conservative movement has nothing to fear.

However, he does have a skill that conservatives should fear. The ability to lie consistently. He does not care if he is caught in a lie. He does not care about consistency. He cares only about how many people he can fool and how that can result in his re-election.

A person so capable of lying without remorse or apology is pathological and he has it in spades!

So, the GOP is right in not formally responding to the nonsense that will be delivered on Thursday. I am sure there will be plenty of comments from them informally….but I wish that the whole event could be just totally ignored.

Let’s make this doofus who sits in the White House completely and totally irrelevant…and laugh as he continues to fume and curse the American people for seeing straight through this charade that he has played for 3 years.

It’s time!



  1. This is the second or third time I have visited your blog. After reading your commentary today, I will definitely be back more often. This is my off hand way of saying I thought your commentary was very good and I look forward to reading more of your political views and analysis.

    Rob Janicki
    op/ed writer for Will Profit over at:

  2. Thanks Rob,

    It has taken a few days to respond, but I am going to go check out your site now.