Friday, September 9, 2011

Find your!

I guess a day or two is a long time in politics!!

Business commitments prevented me from catching the Republican presidential candidates debate on Wednesday night and also prevented me from catching Obama’s speech to Congress yesterday.

So here I am writing this blog with no real ammunition in my hands…just second hand opinions from talking heads pushing their own agendas by cherry picking what they want to discuss and repeating the same tired crap they heard from other talking heads.

I don’t want to fall into that particularly sticky fly-trap…so, apart from a couple of cursory comments below, will leave the excitement of this week to those who claim to have actually seen the debates and speech.

I will say a couple of things though.

1. Polls indicate that Perry won the debate…or was it Romney? Maybe another poll suggests that Paul won. Or maybe it was Cain? Santorum and Bachman seem to have dropped behind a little since Perry announced…or maybe they are leading the pack?  

Huntsman? Who?

Gingritch, it is all agreed, won the debate on technical merits…or maybe he lost?

I want to ask a really dumb question.

How can someone “win” or “lose” these debates? Such a measure should be based on scores, with right and wrong answers…the person with the best score wins.

But in an event where some people answer more questions than others, there are no right or wrong answers (just answers that do or do not confirm the individual beliefs of the listener) and the questions are framed by people with their own agenda…how does one determine who wins?

In it I suggested that the candidates must create a moment.

Well, clearly the only moment that these candidates are creating is whether they won or lost.

If they had created a REAL moment…it would have been splashed all over the media by now…and it is not…as I said before….yawn!!

The debates should not be about winning or losing. They should be about presenting the candidates to the public, and allowing the candidates to express their beliefs, their desires for this country and their plans and their execution strategies.

I want to see a debate where there is not a single question asked.

Each candidate gets three minutes to state their case. A
When the buzzer goes off, the sound gets cut. After each candidate has had their three minutes, they get 1 more minute to counteract a statement made by another candidate ONLY if their name has been mentioned. Otherwise, 3 minutes is the sum total of their allotment.

I wonder which of the current candidates can make their case in just 3 minutes?

I can do it in 6 words…can they?

Smaller government, lower taxes, national security

It’s time.

Talking about yawns brings me to the second thing I wanted to mention…

2. From all accounts the speech to Congress was just more of the same with Obama upping the ante to get Congress to act.

The same old crap, the same old infrastructure stuff, the same old extensions to unemployment yadda yadda yadda…

I was going to suggest yesterday that anyone watching this speech could have been well served by creating a drinking game out of it. Every time he said infrastructure or middle class, take a swig. It may have made the time wasted more enjoyable! Maybe I should have made that suggestion?

Anyway, this morning I hear the goon making a speech somewhere in Virginia… the two minutes I heard he referred to:-
-         his speech to Congress
-         his bipartisan plan that democrats and republicans had both done before
-         his statement that the “bill” can be passed next week
-         BS, BS BS

My simple comment about this is that this guy is nothing more than a bully and a thug. He took a vacation, he waited 31 months into his presidency before doing something about jobs (apart from making speeches, that is) and he has not yet explained how this plan will be paid for (but he assures us it IS paid for – we believe him,right?)…and now he wants Congress to rush it through the House and Senate in a week?

Either he is insane (which I doubt – he is a buffoon but a sane buffoon) or he is setting up the very political gamesmanship that he accuses Congress of playing. He knows that the House will not pass this Bill without a close study of the fine print (can anyone say Obamacare) and he knows they will most likely not pass it.

He intends to use this to further advance the belief that it is the Republicans and mostly the intransigent tea party who are playing politics with your jobs.

Do not be fooled. The only job this guy cares about is his own!

Enough of him…he is so irrelevant!

On another matter….

I have been outspoken on several occasions about the need for us conservatives to find our voices. That we all need to share our opinions, and our thoughts with confidence and strength as I believe this is the only way to counteract the thugs and bullies on the left.

I want to help you do that. Here’s what I would like…

Anyone who actually watched either the debate or the Presidents speech is invited to write to me with their opinions, thoughts, ideas, reactions etc. (You can email me at )

I am going to include a selection of these emails in their exact forms in an upcoming post. I will not include email addresses or any identifying information, so I encourage you to be as candid and non-politically correct as you can be.

If you have views opposing mine that is fine…I am an equal opportunity destroyer of liberal stupidity, so your comments will also be included.

Do not worry about how you write, or how your grammar is….I don’t care about that…you all know that my typing sucks and I make plenty of mistakes. The important thing is that you start to express your opinions…

Finding your voice is one of the most empowering things you can do. Who knows, maybe this could help you become the next great blogger?

If you want to try your hand at expressing yourself, this is a good venue.

Do you want to make a difference? Here’s a small way to start.

IF you just want to write about a personal experience, and not about the debate or speech that is fine…I just ask that you be truthful, always. It must be YOUR experience, not someone else’s, ok? I have no way of checking this, so you are on your honor.

I look forward to reading some interesting mail…and to putting your voices out there, in your words.

And finally, Sunday marks the tenth anniversary of the attacks of 9/11. This is a time of great sorrow for the families of those who lost their lives on that day. It is a time when we should remember and honor the feats of the first responders who rushed into those buildings without a moment’s hesitation. We should remember the spirit and bravery of those people…that is what has made America great.

We must also remember that it was Islamic terrorists who flew those planes into the buildings in a cowardly and clear act of war. That war has only just begun and we must always remain vigilant and wary. We know who the enemy is…we must never become complacent because the enemy will never stop.

To those who lost loved ones on that day, I give you this solemn promise. I will not forget the horrors of that day. I will not forget who did it. I will not forget who they are or what they are.

My town is planning a memorial for the victims of 9/11 on Saturday evening and on Sunday morning. I will be at both. We are thousands of miles from the site, and our pain is but a fraction of the pain some experienced, but we join together in true solidarity and love with people all over this country..

If your city is holding a memorial, I encourage you all to attend and be a part. It is only by becoming a part of something that you truly appreciate its meaning.

The time to be on the sidelines is over. Plug in, get involved, find your voice.


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