Sunday, September 4, 2011

The New World.

“This announcement is brought to you by the Shimato Dominguez Corporation - helping America into the New World.”
                                         ……………Bladerunner, 1982

Don’t you love the marketers and how they are able to lie so easily.

Really?  “Helping America into the New World”?

There was a time when America was seen as the New World…when American exceptionalism was seen as the guiding light…when nations followed America’s lead and emulated her behaviors in the hope of achieving the same success.

Now, we are seeing other nations leading America…other nations controlling what America does, other nations demanding that America “toe the line” and come into the New World.

The voices are loud. Their leverage is greater than they have ever had in the past. America’s love affair with debt has left her weakened and vulnerable in the same way that a politician’s lustful relationship with the $10k a night hooker will leave him vulnerable.

And vulnerability leads to stupid decisions. Vulnerability leads to wrong decisions. The fear of truth seeing the light of day leads to even more inappropriate actions and will eventually destroy the nation as it odes the politician.

We have seen this play out many times in Washington.

We now see it playing out with our Nation.

Our President has been bought by the big labor unions. You doubt that? Just look at the way he ignored the Rule of Law and threw bondholders on the scrap heap while giving unions a bonus when the government decided to help out GM and Chrysler. Are these the actions of a sound law abiding citizen to you?

Our president has watched as unemployment continues at the official rate of 9% or more (the actual rate is suggested by some to be in the 22% range)….actually, he has improved his golf score while the economy struggles.

Our president has made speeches. He has promised jobs. He has talked about a non-existent recovery. He has maligned all those who disagree with his policies.

Our president has used agencies such as the EPA to regulate what he has been unable to legislate.

Our president has appointed a Homeland Security director, Janet Napolitano, who has no interest in securing our borders. The Department of Justice has been encouraged to launch law suits against states that wish to protect our borders and handle the increasing illegal alien problem.

Our president has spent more in his 3 years in office than any other president in history. To provide the dollars for this spending, he runs the printing presses and borrows from overseas. (Perhaps from the Shimato Dominguez Corporation?)

And now…he promises us another speech on jobs….

People, when do we say enough is enough?

A Nation’s identity can be protected only if we protect 3 things:-

-         our borders
-         our language
-         our culture

What is this administration’s record on these three things?

Let’s take a look at each:-

1)      Borders

Protection of our borders is essential. It prevents the terrorist fringe from coming in and doing us harm, and it protects the economy from the ravages of illegal entry.

Of course, this administration has already decided that the terrorists have won this battle…after all, they call tea party members terrorists while refusing to call those that attack us terrorists.  This administration has also refused to allow border patrol agents to carry guns for either protection or enforcement purposes.

Once in America, those that slither across the border under the cover of night are free to do or go wherever they wish. Legal immigrants must carry identification and their visa/green-card with them at all times…yet it is not legal to question an illegal and ask for proof of legal residence? In California and some other states the cost of tertiary education is paid for by the state – if you are illegal. If you are a legal citizen you must find a way to pay for your own tuition.

It is perfectly ok for sanctuary cities to be created where illegal’s are welcomed with open arms.

The border problems are not only to be laid at the feet of the current administration as multiple administrations are at fault…but the current administration has an opportunity, nay, responsibility, to secure our borders. Failure to do so is in complete opposition of the Constitutional demands that the federal government is to protect our citizenry.

Our borders are porous and open. Strike one for Nation.

2)      Language

Language is also important on not one but two specific levels.

While it is clear that language changes over time, with new words introduced and old words falling out of favor, the meanings of words must be sacrosanct as without meaning that everyone understands, language becomes nothing but a lie.

The second aspect of language that must be protected is the language itself. In America we peak a form of English known as American English. We do not speak Italian, French, Japanese or Chinese. While many people are able to converse in many languages other than English, English remains the cultural language of this country.

SO why is that we have to print government documents in other tongues? Why do we have to press 1 for English? Why are we English speakers expected to learn to converse in other languages when those immigrants are not expected to learn English? Why do we have school children taught in Spanish?

How is this administration doing on language?

Well, it is not only failing to protect the language, it is promoting the dissolution of language. The President consistently tries to change the meaning of words…something the Press and Congress both condone by using the terminology incorrectly.

The administration sends it DOJ thugs on the attack when cities try to pass ordinances that say English is the language.

Political correctness prevents the truth being spoken and controls the language that can be used.

Second strike for Nation!

3)      Culture

What is the American culture? Apple pie, stars and stripes, Chevy cars? Remember the saying “as American as apple pie”?

America has, since the founders first arrived, been a Nation that has welcomed LEGAL immigrants. Over the years it has adopted the best attributes of its immigrants, and discarded the worst. It has gratefully received the foods, the ideas, and the cultural diversity of its peoples and melded that into a unique but ever changing culture.

American culture has been based on truth, honesty, trust and generosity. It has been built brick by brick and stone by stone on the bravery and determination of those who went before. It has relied on providing charity to those who need it, and a work for those who are able.

It has always been a culture of hard work, opportunity and personal reward. A place where personal responsibility and accountability proved the value of men.

Is that the culture we live in today?

Or has it been replaced by the leeches with their hands out? By the lazy who do nothing but wait for their next handout? Replaced by the addicted, the greedy, the thankless and the hopeless?

Has Obama’s message of hope and changed strengthened the American culture or weakened it?

Where are today’s men and women who value the honor of their word more than the signature on a form? Where are today’s people who are willing to stand up against injustice and evil.

Where did all the cowards we see walking down the street come from? What happened to our culture of hard work, self reliance and self determination?

I can tell you what happened. Government happened. When government is seen as the answer to the meaning of life, and is seen as the provider of all thigs good, when government is the protector and provider, something in the human spirit goes to sleep.

The culture that made America great is sacrificed on the throne of Government reliance.

And this fool we have for president wants to tie everybody more firmly to the government teat.

Strike 3 for culture.

All we are waiting for now is for the umpire to say…..YOU”RE OUT!

But until he does, there remains real hope.

Real men and women who love this Nation must rise and demand that she be restored. The Tea Party is doing this. Some potential Presidential candidates are doing this. Some in the House and Senate are doing this.

Are you?

Are you demanding your Representatives and Senators hear your voice? Do you have a voice? Do you still need to find it? That is ok….not everyone has the desire or ability to speak out loud and clear…but everybody DOES have the ability to make the voice of others heard.

I implore you to find your voice or magnify the voice of others. When you read blogs that you like…send them around…promote them…tell others about them.

Start your own blog, tell your friends…write what your heart demands.

We all know the truth…and need to share it with vigor.

If we fail to do that, we will not need the Shimato Dominguez Corporation to help bring America into the new world…we have allowed our President to do it for us.

What will the New World look like?

I don’t know, but I can assure you it will not be the one the founders planned for us…

It is up to you and me to make the difference.

It’s time.



  1. Wonderful, wonderful post Devereaux!

    While the government is suing the individual states that dare to clamp down on illegal immigration, California is pushing through a bill that will allow illegal immigrants access to public funds for their college education. Why aren't the feds trying to stop this? California is already going broke yet they are throwing more money we don't have to people who aren't even entitled to the benefits of being a US citizen.

    I work as a nurse in a small community hospital in California and see first hand the numbers of illegal immigrants we treat (for free, of course), the numbers of illegal immigrants who apply for MediCal, the numbers of immigrants who can't speak English (while I am continually encouraged to learn Spanish). There is absolutely no incentive for these immigrants to become legal citizens as they already have benefits handed to them, all at taxpayer's expense. They don't have to learn the language because we enable them by providing information in their native tongue. A few months ago I had jury duty and there was a Chinese woman who was dismissed because she couldn't understand English well enough to sit on the jury--and she has been in this country for 23 years! I find that simply outrageous and unacceptable!

    Sorry to go off on a tangent. Just wanted to let you know that I think this blog is great! Thank You!

  2. Thank you!

    As I write I discover more and more things that are threatening the very culture we believe we, in America, hold true. The truth is that gradualism is slowly changing this Nation, it culture, even its history.

    Unless good people stand up and say "NO", unless strong people tell the politicians and leaders "ENOUGH", unless ordinary people decide the future is in their own hands, America will continue on the path of decline she has been travelling for some time.

    It's time.