Thursday, September 22, 2011

Will she or won't she.....

… in the 2012 Presidential race?

With the next Republican candidate debate being held tonight in Florida and on Fox News, many people are looking at the hopefuls on stage and perhaps are not seeing the face that lights their fire. Not seeing the candidate that most closely resembles their own political beliefs, not seeing the candidate that they believe can cut through the BS and actually achieve true reformation in the corrupt and halls of Washington.

Is there someone who can convince the voters that they are dedicated enough to make the tough choices, to do the hard things, to show the strong leadership that this country yearns for more than it has in years?

When I look at the candidates, I see several who can beat Obama (but that is not a big deal because, as I have said before, a box of rocks could beat that fool).  So being able to beat Obama in a general election is a very low barrier to overcome. What is a much higher barrier is being able to achieve what you say, and being able to convince the voters that you can achieve what you say. Two very different things….

Which brings me to the question “Will she or won’t she?”

You may think I am talking about Sarah Palin….there is certainly a groundswell occurring that could lead her to announce a run, but as I have said many times, I do not believe she will. I think she serves a valuable role as a “foil” that the media can waste precious air time and column inches on, while the real candidates continue gathering strength. I do not think she will run.

So, why do I ask, “Will she or won’t she?” when I don’t think Sarah Palin will?

Because the question is not about Sarah Palin at all. The question is about another very strong, very capable, and very powerful woman….Hillary Clinton.

And, I have to tell you, that if she decides to challenge Obama in a primary, she will most likely beat him handily. And as for the current group of Republican candidates, she would present a very different problem.

You see, the current candidates have a clear target in Obama. They have more ammunition than they know what to do with. They have Obamacare, failed economic policy, insincere foreign policy, dangerous liaisons with third world dictators, lies about taxation, stupidity and arrogance to name a few. They will have the support of virtually all conservatives, most independents and many traditional democrats who are ready to desert their party because the fundamental change they expected is entirely different to the fundamental transformation they have been given.

The only people left to vote for Obama are the people who believe that the color of his skin is more important than the content of his character, and those young socialists still green behind the ears having been indoctrinated with socialist dogma while in college and have not yet realized the real world does not work that way. Idealists who have no idea. Oh, and there will still be a small group of people who believe that if given enough time Obama will buy their cell phones for them, give them houses, and pay their gas bills (it is not Obama’s fault that this hasn’t happened yet…it is those crazy terrorists in the tea party that have stopped him). When asked what congress is, these same people answer simply with …”Huh?”

There is no doubt that Obama has some support remaining. But how strong is that support?

The Congressional Black Caucus said recently that if Obama was not black, if there was any other President in the White House that they would be beating down that WH door to get some action on black unemployment. So, because he is black, they won’t?

This is a big issue that Hillary has to overcome if she wants to challenge Obama, but I believe she can…and she has the balls to do it.

The bigger question is whether the democratic party supporters are willing to do what the conservatives have to do, and face taunts of racist when they vote for the white one. You better believe race is going to play a huge part in the political plays of the next 14 months.
But don’t forget…Hillary is married to Bubba, often referred to as the first “black” President of the United States. That will be a huge assist when Hillary weighs her expectations. If she can find a way to leverage that, she could overcome that aspect and then she could win the nomination in a land slide. Obama would be toast and the general election would take an interesting new turn.

Will she attempt this?

I don’t know. There is no doubt that she and Bubba have long ago put aside their hippie desires and have slipped into the comfortable life of wealth and hobnobbing with the elites. There is no doubt that they would love another stint in the White House….I hear Bubba is already starting the search for an intern to work under…umm…for him. There is no doubt that Hillary has achieved some world respect firstly as the First Lady, then a Senator and now Secretary of State. Her credentials are much better than anyone else on the left…and far superior to the Community Organizers…and of course, there is no question about where she was born.

The only reason she lost to Obama in 2007/8 was because the media were in love with Obama and gave him a pass at every turn. He was their darling then…not so much now.

I suspect she would get significant support from the left should she run. I suspect she will initially run on a platform of “sanity” and “leadership”. She will placate the far left by showing a longer term slower moving plan that is far more likely to succeed than the failed total fundamental change that Obama tried. She will appeal to the more moderate democrats by having a platform of reasonableness, of lower spending and re-allocation of the available funds with minimal tax increases. She will use her foreign policy experience to show how poorly the Obama policies have been accepted abroad.

Yes…I have no doubt that she can beat Obama, using the same tactics that the current Republican candidates are planning on using. And therein lays the threat to the conservative movement.

Clinton will steal their thunder…and they will find themselves faced with an astute and powerful opponent, who brushed aside the incumbent President with barely an effort.

And the left will see in her the answer to their dilemma. Those that were thinking about abandoning the party will rethink their positions. She may well be appealing to many of the independents who still find the democratic philosophies appealing but simply do not agree with the socialist philosophies of the current Doofus-In-Chief. Of course there will be a small contingent who does not want the Clinton's back in the WH but I doubt that they will be a determining factor.  The fear of a Clinton dynasty akin to a Bush dynasty is well held…but probably not influential.

If the Democrats want any chance of winning the next general election, they must find a way to convince Hillary to challenge Obama. Bubba, in a recent interview with Newsmax did not rule out the possibility that Hillary might raise a challenge. He said it was her decision.

I guarantee that with Bubba acting as the defacto voice of the Democratic party, there is a significant movement behind the scenes to get Hillary into the race. Of course, she will not enter the fray until all the deals are done and victory is guaranteed. This will most likely come in the form of a statement by Obama that he will not run for re-election, and Hillary will then stand unopposed for the Presidential nomination.

If any of this plays out in the next six to 9 months, Republicans need to be wary. The current crop of candidates could easily beat Obama…but Clinton is a totally different proposition.

What is that saying about counting chickens…?

The fight for victory in 2012 has not yet started….let’s not count chickens!



  1. But how could Bubba accept the title of First Gentleman, since he was impeached for lying about infidelity?

  2. Hi Joe,

    that is a very interesting question. There is no doubt that Bubba is no gentleman....but then the ghetto queen we have in the White House today is no lady but is still called the First I guess he will just suck it up and follow the Obama lead and put up with the mantle...after all, the alternative, the First Cigar, really doesn't sit well.


  3. you need to see this to know the lengths this woman will go to

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    I am under no misconception of how dangerous she would be. She is the consummate political animal and will do whatever it takes to achieve what she wants. At the same time, she is no fool and will not do anything that could damage her future. She will select her own timing, and when she is ready, will stab friends in the back and make deals with the devil to win.

    A very dangerous woman whose appeal to the masses could propel her to victory simply because Obama is so foolish.