Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Obama smear.

Let me get this straight….

The boy who would be king….but only managed to get as far as President…and who still believes he is at the very least royalty and in most things a minor God moving rapidly toward becoming a major God …is now suddenly concerned about the smears that his opponents may be planning?

I kid you not.

This man, who is a legend in his own imagination, is scared that his opponents may be telling lies about him, and in doing so could effect his re-election chances?

OMG. My sides hurt from laughing so much.

The Obama election campaign has announced a new website called “Attack Watch” which is designed to counteract any lies or smear campaigns against the President.

It works very simply. When you go to the site and sign-up (of course you must provide your email address so that the campaign can fill your email box with all manner of campaign materials) and then, when a smear is located, they tell you the other side of the story as presented by the Obama people.

Call me skeptical…but I find it hard to accept that the “other side of the story” as provided by Obama people is going to be a truthful or thoughtful discussion of the issues. I just know that there is not going too be any bias, right? And when they provide news articles that support the Presidents position, they will come from multiple sources with both left and right bias, right?

Now…this whole escapade gets even funnier when you consider that Attack Watch is actually trying to recruit normal folk to go out and search the web and news stories etc trying to find instances of smears or attacks against the President. They are to report these instances to Attack Watch who will then prepare defenses against those attacks and tell people how to argue against them.

(I don’t think that the news outlets or web sites that attack Obama would ever appear on a list of anti Obama folk…a list provided to the White House who will scrutinize it for any inkling of racism, or terrorism or barbarianism, right? I don’t expect any of the claims of the scouts would be used to deploy the thugs of Holder’s DOJ or the union soldiers of Trumka to apply pressure and blackball the antagonists…wouldn’t happen, would it. Not in this most transparent of all administrations!)

I can save this new site a whole lot of time and trouble….

You don’t need scouts to find out that I intend to fight the re-election of Obama on every level I can….including proclaiming the truth about him and his policies at every opportunity….so take down my url…(it is the address in your browser above, moron)..and go do your digging and dirt-bagging. I don’t care.

So let me start with this gem.

There are not enough lies available in the combined intellects of the entire liberal policies to change the fact that this President is one giant SMEAR on this country.

He started lying before he gained office…just to help your dim memories, his first lie happened on the day he announced he was intending to run for President when he stated clearly that he would use public funds for his campaign. Oh how that changed when he discovered he could raise far more form private contributions. First lie just minutes into his campaign…and he hasn’t stopped lying since.

The smear he leaves everywhere he goes stinks of deceit, thuggery, bully boy tactics, and self aggrandizement. His only achievement of any value was getting Bin Laden, and there is some significant doubt that he even issued that order (some evidence suggests that Leon Panetta was so disgusted with this fool’s dithering that he ordered the action himself….of course, because it was successful Obama claims the credit. If the truth is known, this coward was probably in the bathroom changing his soiled pants when he should have been issuing orders!)

If you want smears, Attack Watch, you need go no further than the many posts I have written.

Do you want to talk about birthers and phony birth certificates? Let’s take a look. I don’t know where this fool you want to re-elect was born. I don’t know if he released true birth certificates etc. I DO know that anyone who spends so much money covering up his past has something to hide. What is that something? I don’t know. But when faced with an opportunity to put all the birther stuff to rest, this fool chose to allow it to simmer and gain strength. Why? What does he have to hide? Is that a smear? Or is it a valid question? The media clearly does not think it a valid question, but then they have been kissing his ass since day one…so that is no surprise!

How about the much vaunted Obamacare crap? How many lies did Obama try to sell when pushing that nonsense through? Speech after speech after speech filled with the same old lies and rhetoric. Pelosi and Reid were cohorts in forcing the most dangerous and costly bill in years down the throats of people who don’t want it. And it is unconstitutional. But we know Obama does not care about the Constitution…after all it is does not state what the government should do, it is not a complete document.

Is that a smear, Attack Now?

What about this latest effort at a jobs bill? What about his continued attempts to create class warfare, what about his statements about the millionaires and billionaires?

This fool and the policies he espouses have only one avenue if successful. The bankruptcy of this country, the utter destruction of the middle classes and the collapse of the Union. There is NO other outcome.

So…given this FACT…what can we say about the Ditherer-in-Chief? There are actually a number of options:-

1. He is ignorant of the final outcome of his policies. He simply does not know that they will destroy this Republic.

In this case, America elected a total tool to the most important office in the land. A tool whose education is seriously lacking. A tool who claims loudly that he is not an ideologue and yet is highly critical of those who suggest alternate policy direction. A tool who knows no way of discussing the pro’s and con’s of his policies and must create urgency in an attempt to force his policies through. A tool who is not afraid to use Executive Orders to mandate policy even when Congress has refused it. A tool who could not even appoint advisors who understood the areas he did not understand. A tool who doesn’t care what the outcome is, just that the dreams from his father are fulfilled.

2. He doesn’t care about the outcome.

It is really tough being President. You have all those meetings with heads of state all around the world. You have to deal with the protection details assigned to you. You have to fit in all those White House concerts to keep the wife and kids happy. You have to somehow encourage the wife to do something meaningful while she is there. You have to find time for your advisors to explain the latest focus groups results…”No, no, no Mr. President…we don’t say spending any more, it is investing…we don’t say tax increases, it is revenue enhancement, we don’t so take more, we say pay fair share…got it? We are going to do this all day until you get it right!!”

With all this going on, how can he possibly find time to care about what his policies are doing? He has a staff who will look after that for him…and besides, he has golf to play, hoops to throw and games to watch….who has time to care about results?

And anyway, if he thought too much about that, he would get depressed and as he says, nobody wants a depressed president.

Nope. No need to think about results….but…when does that next campaign tour start? That is ONE result he DOES think about!

Sounds like America elected a real winner this time around!

3. He knows, he cares, but he just can’t change it.

In this scenario,  he knows what he is doing, and he cares about the results. He just can’t (or doesn’t want to) change it.

This option leaves many questions, all of which come back to one basic BIG question….why?

It could be that the boy who would be king sees a way to the Kingdom through the destruction of the Republic. In this respect he is 100% right. The path to success and the fruition of the dreams of daddy is through the destruction of America and it’s rebuilding in daddy’s eyes.

Traitorous? Absolutely.

Treasonous? You bet!

Possible? Only if good men do nothing can evil prosper.

There are many good men and women fighting this evil…and it will not end well for Obama. The only question that remains is WHEN it will end and what it will take to get this usurper out of the office that he wishes was a monarchy or dictatorship.

Will it be at the next election? Or will the Office of Misrepresentation and Lies, otherwise known as the White House, and its lackeys, Attack Watch, ably supported by a cast of Soros funded media types have enough lies to counteract the truth?

Can the Obama clown posse incite the Obama voters to leave their crack pipes, and bongs, get off their government assisted asses and go to polling booths where they will receive free lunch if the vote for the current guy?

Can the unions find enough buses to get voters to the polls with the promise of a free ride?

Will the dead come out in droves as they did in 2008, or will they, in disgust simply roll over in their graves?

Will Mickey and Bugs have another Election Day party, complete with poker machines where every push of the button comes up Obama?

If these things can happen, then Obama can win.

If good men and women proclaim the truth, stand up to the bullies without fear and encourage and help all like minded voters to stand up and be counted, the smear of Obama will become nothing more than a bad memory…a bad memory that has created so much damage that it will take years to repair and forget.

So, Attack Watch, are you going to come after me?

Are you going to claim my smears and statements and opinions are lies?

Go for it…because nobody cares what you say or think. You are nothing but another bully that thinks intimidation works now as it has in the past.

It won’t.

Stupid is as stupid says.


On a final note, the Attack Watch site is the laughing stock of the internet today...but the below video is just priceless!!

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