Monday, May 16, 2011

Actually, "the Rich" Don't "Create Jobs," We Do....Another lie!

It has been a few days since I have posted....that is not because of a lack of topics (it takes no more than 3 minutes to find a multitude of examples of stupidity)...but because I, unlike my liberal counterparts, have responsibilities outside of my blog that I attend to. It is called having a life...something that is sadly lacking in the rantings of many on the left.

Speaking of rantings, I came across this article and thought I should share it with you....

If you ever want to understand just how low the education system in this country has become, you just need to read this article. And if you want to truly understand how effective the intellectual dishonesty enjoyed by the author is, simply read the plethora of comments in support of his basic premise.

The few stand-outs who dare to question his premise are virtually lost in the noise of the clapping and cheering of dishonesty.

This article is so wrong on so many levels that I really do not know where to start. Do I start by showing where his thinking is astray? Do I start by showing where his facts are wrong? Do I start by pointing out where his knowledge is deficient?

If I do all the above, this will become a much larger post than anyone with half a brain would want to read, so I will simply select a few things he said and add my opinions/thoughts.... :)

1." The idea that there are producers and parasites as expressed in the example above has become a core philosophy of conservatives. They claim that wealthy people "produce" and are rich because they "produce." The rest of us are "parasites" who suck blood and energy from the productive rich, by taxing them."

OK. So, the author is claiming that the core conservative philosophy is that the rich are producers and that if you are not rich you must be a blood sucking parasite? The author uses Atlas Shrugged and comments from Boehner to support this. Clearly, the author has never read Atlas Shrugged, because if he had, he would understand that the workers are considered to be producers, while the parasites are the union thugs, the government employees, the handout recipients etc. The labor needed to produce goods and services is not considered parasitic. I further question the authors intelligence and ability to understand simple English when he chooses to misrepresent not just the intent of quoted sources, but the actual statements made.

The authors entire basis for this article is intellectual dishonesty. He has created a lie, and then proceeds to attempt to prove it is a lie. Ordinarily one would expect that to be a relatively simple task...after all, it is usually easy to destroy something you created, right?

Apparently not, for this author stumbles in every possible way.


2. "Democracy Creates Jobs"

Really? Firstly, the author is showing his extreme ignorance by referring to USA as a democracy. He was very clever by not actually stating that but it is certainly inferred in many ways, since he continually writes about "in a democracy". Listen up dude. You obviously either failed history or you were educated in the public school system.  I will say this a few times so that you can understand.

The USA is NOT, I repeat NOT a democracy. The Founding Fathers knew that a Democracy is nothing more than mob rule and that in a Democracy the largest numbers, the most powerful, can control the rest with no in built protections. That was not going to happen under their watch.

So...they created the best political system ever known to mankind...a Representative Republic. A Republic is a nation governed by the Rule Of Law. The Constitution and Amendments are the Law by which USA is ruled. The people elect representatives to the Senate and House to represent them in creating the laws that the country will be ruled by in accordance with the over-riding requirement that all new laws must be consistent with the Constitution. 

So..America is NOT a democracy. It is a Representative Republic...a totally different animal indeed. I know and understand why the left continues to misinform people about the political system in place in America. By convincing and teaching us that we live in a Democracy, they stealthily decrease the extent to which the Constitution drives government. In a true democracy, the law is not restricted by unfortunate Constitutional matters, but is free to be whatever the mob wants it to be. With more and more people relying on the government teat for their sustenance (ie parasites) the tipping point has been reached whereby the numbers are sufficient overpower the right thinking people in this country....and if it wasn't for that pesky Constitution, they cold do whatever they wanted.

Democracy? Bah humbug!!

When one talks with authority implying that USA is a democracy, ones intellectual dishonesty is worn on his sleeve for all to see. What is particularly distressing is that so few see this, and so many blindly agree with the falsehood emanating from this mans fingers.


3."We do not "depend" on the good graces of a favored few for our livelihoods. We all are supposed to have an equal opportunity, and equal rights. And there are things we are all entitled to -- "entitlements" -- that we get just because we were born here."

Really? Really? Equal rights? We have equal rights....our Constitution (remember that pesky document?) lays out what our rights are. We have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. On those three I will agree.

Equal opportunity? Well, while not a right it is certainly an admirable thing to strive for...nobody should be denied opportunity simply because of color, religion, sexual orientation or any other thing that makes them "different" or "appear different". HOWEVER, equal opportunity does not mean that some should be treated with "more equalness". I am referring here to that nasty thing called affirmative action. How does having to employ a person of color in front of a white person simply because of some arbitrary quota considered equal opportunity? Huh? Tell me? How?

Let's quickly look at entitlements. Equal entitlements right? So a black person should get the same entitlements as a white person? That would be equal, right? And a rich person gets the same entitlements as a poor person? So when a rich person is denied public health because his income is too high, while a person wasting his life on drugs is provided free public health, this is considered equal entitlements, right?

It seems to me that these arbitrary rights, opportunities and entitlements are not at all equal but are based solely on factors that differentiate people.

Yes, we have rights JUST BECAUSE WE WERE BORN HERE...and they are set out clearly in the Constitution. It is unfortunate that successive governments have chosen to not only expand those rights, but to restrict some people from having them based on color or finances etc.

This is what happens in a democracy. See point 2 above. This is exactly why the left wants us to think of ourselves as a democracy and not as a representative republic. 

I guess it is fine to want everyone to have equal rights and entitlements. That is one side of the coin. Clearly, according to the author, this equality does not extend to funding the government that provides these rights and entitlements. The more equal rich guy gets to fund more while the more needy poor guy gets to take more. 

Yep...that is definitely equality!!

Another example of intellectual dishonesty from this author.


In any normal situation that would be enough...but let's see if there are some examples of stupidity in this single article.

4. A democracy is supposed have a progressive tax structure that is in proportion to the means to pay.

Maybe a democracy is supposed to have a progressive tax...although I do not know where that is mandated. It is simply an opinion of the author. In any event, I don't care what a democracy is "supposed to have", or by what authority such a statement is made because USA is not a democracy. So, that basically kills the crux of this argument, however it may be entertaining to review the rest of this statement.

I love the italicized part ..."in proportion to the means to pay". OK...who determines what that proportion is? Who determines the means to pay? What arbitrary amount should be included? What is a fair tax rate? Obviously if a person has the means to pay above a certain level, why not tax that at a 100%> Indeed, why not tax everything above, say, $20k annual income at 100%? If we did that, everybody would be equal as the left wants it to be?

What's that? You don't think that number is high enough? Why? What is your basis for determining that? Is it because you earn more than $20k per year and want to maintain a certain lifestyle based on the effort you contribute to earn that money? Or is it because you don't want your hard earned money going to help some miscreant who never worked a day in their life?

I have found that most so called liberals want the poor to be looked after...but not with their money. With the money of the rich people. 

It is all well and good to make everybody long as it is with somebody else's money. I have discovered very few liberals who actually live what they profess. They still want their homes, caers and flat screen TV's while stridently yelling for somebody else to look after the poor and disadvantaged.

This author is no different. Hypocrite!


5. MY favorite:  "The rich do not "create jobs, We, the People create jobs"

Really? I started a business and created 12 jobs that did not exist before I started the business. My business was built in advance of the demand for the service I offered. It was funded by my own savings. Let me tell you, a poor person would not have created that business. A poor person, or even an ordinary hard working every day Joe, would not have started that business.


Because it took over $500k in start-up costs before the first penny of revenue was received.

"We the people" did not create the demand for the service. The business was created first and then the demand was created. This created jobs based on the use of capital...and poor people and ordinary people simply do not have the capital to start businesses that create jobs. By the way...that $500k created 11 jobs...around $45k investment per job. How many jobs does the government create for every $45k it spends? So don't go telling me that taxes create jobs.

And don't tell me that this magical thing called demand creates jobs without first explaining where demand comes from, ok?

So where does it come from? It comes from money that is earned by other workers (or government handouts). So how do people get jobs? Because a company that is probably owned by a rich guy, decides he needs to grow and to do that needs to employ more people!

What if the business owner is not  a rich guy? Well...somewhere along the line, his business has been supported by a rich guy, or by a pool of funds provided by several rich guys.

The intellectual dishonesty of this author astounds me...although it shouldn't because he is clearly the product of a poor education. However, to discuss demand as if it were something that comes out of nowhere is really sinking to the bottom of the intellectual barrel.

This time he is lying by means of not following an idea to its source. He has chosen to simply disregard reality in his attempts to make a point.


OK...if I have not shown you how wrong that article is, I guess I have failed. The reality is that the left concocts these lies, and builds very elaborate straw men that sound "right". The truth is they remain lies.

Taxes at whatever level, and charged to rich or poor alike, simply takes money from an efficient private sector and is then spent (wasted) by an inefficient government sector.

Someone, please tell me how this creates jobs? Please tell me how you can justify treating people unequally under the banner of equal rights?

Stop the hypocrisy, the lies and deceptions. Speak about it wherever and wherever you see it.

Stupid is as stupid says.



  1. Well put, really enjoyed your post. Missed you while you were busy working hard. God bless you.

  2. Thanks footman. I appreciate your kind words. It is reassuring to know that people enjoy my musings.