Friday, May 27, 2011

Forward we go...straight to the stone age!

I write this column because not only do I have opinions on many things that happen in this world, but I am also totally astounded by the clear stupidity of some people.

Sometimes, the stupidity is so great that it takes my breath away. Sometimes it is so ludicrous, that I simply have to laugh...and sometimes it is totally innocuous but very funny.

I wish that was the case for todays stupidity. This one is not innocuous, certainly not funny, and far from being simply breathtakingly stupid.

Today's example is world changing. If allowed to go unchecked it has the capacity to drag the world, with liberal cheers, back into the golden days of the cave man!

You think I exaggerate?

I have a question.

What do you think would happen if all the scientists in this world stopped researching? What do you think would happen if the inventors stopped inventing? What do you think would happen if all repairmen stopped repairing?...or all builders stopped building, or all engineers topped engineering?

What would happen if all judges stopped judging? Teachers stopped teaching....ooops...that one is already happening! Strike that!

Would you want to live in this marvel of the 21st century world when these happened? Or do you think that we would be thrust backwards in time, in short order, to a time where man had to forage for food and throw rocks at his neighbor to protect what scarce belongings he owned?

So....liberals are boldly stepping forward, with each step we get closer to the "event" that will drag us backwards thousands of years in the blink of an eye. We must be watchful, as each individual step taken by these so-called progressive thinkers is usually so small that nobody takes any notice....until now.

Now they have taken a step that is so outrageous that most clear thinking adults will say "No, that must be wrong. They can't be doing that, can they? That is just STUPID!"

Unfortunately, the population of clear thinking adults is dwindling and the uproar over stupidity has turned into little more than a childish whimper. is todays stupid act that will shake the world to it's core if allowed to continue.

Italian lawmakers have charged six seismologists with manslaughter, because they failed to predict a 2009 earthquake that killed several hundred people. I kid you not!

Do you see the insanity in this? Do you see the threat to world life as we know it?

When liberal law makers can ignore two basic tenets of life (shit happens and personal responsibility) and not only blame but charge with manslaughter those people who have devoted their lives to science in the hopes of one day being able to predict when shit will happen...when blame for a natural disaster is placed on people with no ability to change it ...then we have progressed a long way down the slippery slope of oblivion.

What is next? We have already had civil cases of people suing gas stations for allowing a drunk person to fill up...maybe we should charge him with manslaughter if the drunk kills someone? Maybe we should charge the manufacturer of the car? Or the guy who does the regular maintenance? What about charging the pedestrian who jumps out of the way of the wildly driven car? Maybe he should have stopped the drunk? makes much more sense to charge the seismologists for death resulting from an earthquake. After all, they knew what was going to happen and didn't stop it!

Yes, my foolish liberal are displaying your stupidity for all to see.

This world has truly turned upside down...and in the clarity of an upside down world, it is easy to see that liberalism is definitely a mental disorder.

We need to stop this nonsense before it spreads. Mass lobotomies may work....but then you and I would be charged with cruelty to animals for suggesting such a thing.

There goes liberty...there goes free speech...there goes freedom.

Stupid is as stupid says. No finer example can be found today.


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