Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Code Red...Code Pink...fools!!

Just when I thought I had seen it all...the loony left finds a new way to astound me.

The latest stupidity is the demonstrations by Code Pink at the Netanyahu speeches.

Ok, I get it. They don't like Israel. They think that the occupied territories belong to the Palestinians. They want Israel destroyed.

What I don't get is how uneducated these buffoons are.

Palestine? Palestinians? Where did these people come from?  There has NEVER been a nation called Palestine, and no peoples called Palestinians. This is a pure figment of their imagination. If I recall correctly, the whole Palestinian thing was an invention of the British when they did not want to see an Israeli settlement in '47/'48! When the Jews were trying to gain independence, the Brits were very misguided and encouraged Arabs of all nations to go live in the territories and call themselves Palestinians. The Brits thought they would outnumber the Jews and prevent the nation from rising up.

So, they were wrong. The worst part is that the Arabs calling themselves Palestinians, and millions of otherwise well-educated persons around the world have come to believe the crap that there really WAS a Palestinian nation and that Israel stole their land!! Thank you, Yassar Arafat...the PLO was a figment of your imagination and yet you convinced the world that the Palestinians had a Nation that needed liberation. What fools we are!

Good grief. Liberal educators will surely have something to answer for when they stand before God on judgement day!

So..the loony left has once again taken up the cause of the Islamic peoples, and turned their back on the Jews. Who would have believed it?

Ummm...wait. While it is true that the democrats were in power in 1948 when Israel gained its Nationhood (or at least became recognized as a nation - it's nationhood was never in question), it is not true that the democrats of the time were fully supportive of the Jewish nation.

And today they are even less supportive.

Code Pink is nothing more than a bunch of stupid liberals whose ignorance has driven them to do foolish things in the mistaken belief that they can make a difference. They can make a difference all right.

Normal people will look at these fools and choose not be associated with them...unless of course you are a liberal, in which case you will think they are doing God's own work...wait...you don't believe in God , do you? I guess they are doing man's work, and you better go along like a nice little lib and join them.

Stupid is as stupid says!


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