Monday, May 9, 2011

The greatest lie of all - political correctness!

So...I have been watching the news and thinking about why this country, western civilization and orthodox Christianity seem to be in their death throes.

Why is this?

Why does Western civilization crumble as we watch? Why does the great United States of America tremble at the threat of some third world despot not liking us? Why has the church gone soft on its moral leadership?

Why do we all accept this decay of our beliefs, our lifestyle and our future?

I have lots of theories and lots of reasons but as I examine them all, it eventually comes down to words. Words do have meaning. And yet we, as a culture, are all too willing to change our use of words so that people are not offended.

When Osama Bin Laden was brought to justice, it appears the code name used to refer to him was Geronimo....just a code name, and yet the Native American people are now upset that such a heroic figure as Geronimo was used as a code name for bin Laden. And now...Apache helicopters and Tomahawk missiles are offensive to Native Americans. What the hell is going on here?

Political correctness is what is going on. Political correctness and the need to be nice so as not to offend anyone is going on here.

Why do we allow this to happen?

We are trained from early childhood to be nice. We are told if we don't have anything good to say, don't say anything. We are told that we need to be tolerant and just let things be.

In other words, we have all been taught ..... lie avoid defending the truth do whatever is necessary to stop someone 's feelings being hurt avoid confrontation submit to others

Does any of this build a stronger civilization? Does it build a stronger country? Does it create a moral compass for our children to follow so that they can create a better civilization?

No!! It does not!

It has created a civilization filled with people who fear doing the right thing...if they even know what the right thing is!

It has created a civilization filled with men who have voluntarily been emasculated and no longer know what it means to be a man.

It has created a civilization that thinks it is ok to elect leaders who do not hold the strongest of moral values.

It has created a country that folds in the face of the smallest of threats to its cultural norms.

We have become a nation that no longer demands excellence...we demand that everybody not have equal opportunity, but be equal. Do you think I lie? What about junior sports like T-Ball where every player gets a medal for turning up regardless of how they play? Or the tournaments where winning margins must be no more than X, so that a vastly superior team does not make an inferior team feel bad. Do you really think this is teaching our kids anything other than mediocrity?

How about in the work force where if the unions had their way, no one would negotiate their own pay rates? The unions would do it so that everybody is treated equal. Is that the way we achieve greatness? Or is it the fast track to mediocrity?

And lets talk about taxes. We want the tax system to do what human nature can't. Human nature knows that not all men are equal and tends to reward the high achievers better than the incompetents. But we have come to believe that human nature is just plain wrong, and so we use the tax system to try to level out the playing taking from the high achievers and giving to the no-hopers.

And we believe this is the way to greatness?

Man, have we been fed a shovel full of crap..and we as a culture have lapped it up and asked for more.

And where did it all start? It started from a perceived need to accept everyone, to avoid hurting them, to be "the bigger man" and let them do their thing.

We are a nation of liars. We are a nation that calls things something other than what they we call Islam a religion of peace...when in fact is not even a religion but a political system based on hate and violence, a system that promotes homosexuality, pedophilia, rape and murder. This is what we call a religion of peace.

We call blacks African many of them have ever been to Africa let alone were born there? I wonder how many know that Africa is a continent and NOT a country! Since when can you be a citizen of a continent? (How many of these African Americans can even identify Africa in an atlas, or could name two countries in Africa? I have spent more time on the continent of Africa than 99% of these so-called African Americans!) Why does being born black give you the right to be an African American? You are an American if you were born here...nothing African about it! And yet, we don't want to offend anyone so we all fall in line like good little children and call them African Americans. What a bunch of crap!

How about illegal immigrants? That is the most stupid nomenclature ever. They are either immigrants who came here legally, or they are illegal ALIENS...and yet we call them illegal immigrants or even worse, undocumented workers!! We lie. They are not undocumented workers...they are ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Political correctness does nothing but hide the truth. When a person is not able to speak his mind for fear of offending someone, and must be politically correct, the ONLY thing that suffers is the truth!

And when  the truth is so easily hidden, so easily beaten into a pulp and left lying on the side of the road, bleeding and broken, and we all just blindly walk past, not even recognizing what we have become...our nation starts to crumble.

Our politicians have succumbed. They lie to our faces in the name of political correctness (and wanting re-election.) Our media have spread lie after lie after lie, repeating them so frequently and fervently that they have become the new truth. Hollywood applies the new truth, the lies and deception of political correctness, to their movies and TV shows.

What hope does the normal man and woman have in the face of this onslaught?

They have their courage! Somewhere deep down inside, every man and woman knows that the time has come to make a stand. The time has come to push political correctness back to the socialist/marxist/communist hell that gave it birth. Time to challenge every lie that is spoken.

It is time to lose that timidness that has been trained into each of us. It is time to ignore the teachers and the leaders who have said "be nice".

It is time to take a stand and stand up for truth, morality, justice.

Time to be honest within our hearts, and to speak out loudly and ferociously when we see true injustice in this world, and to deny evil the chance of getting a stronger foothold.

I want my readers to stand with me and do a few simple things:-
1. when someone calls Islam a religion of peace - stand up and say loudly "That is not true"
2. when someone refers to an African American - ask loudly whether they were born in Africa? And if not, then they are simply Americans like the rest of us
3. when someone refers to an illegal immigrant, or an undocumented worker, stand up and ask if they mean an illegal alien

This is just a start, and we have so much more to do. But we have to start somewhere....and as we get more comfortable with these 3 simple things, we will start to see how our entire lives have been stolen from us by the deceptive influence of political correctness.

It has to stop, and it has to stop now if we are to turn back the hands of time and make America the great country she once was.

God bless America...and God bless all those who defend the truth.



  1. You don't like being treated like a little irrelevant piece of shit by us leftists? Well it's time for you to get your fucking guns and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We are waiting for you....



  2. Dear anonymouus,

    you clearly need to get out more....lmao. You will love todays is all about you!