Friday, May 20, 2011

Why do Jews vote democrat?

My head hurts.

Really, it does.

I hate it when there is something going on that makes no sense and I can't find any logic to it.

What I am talking about is how the Jews of today can actually support the Democratic party. Why do they do that?

Am I the only person who sees this enigma?

Here is what I see.

The Jews in this country have a tendency to vote democrat. That seems to be their choice and I suspect that there is some historic symbolic reason for this. At some time in the past the democrats may have supported the Jewish Nation. Perhaps the democrats of the past had such a significant positive effect that Jews passed down this democrat nature from generation to now it is the Jewish thing to do to vote democrat?

I don't know the reason and that drives me insane.

But here's the thing. Why would a thinking person of any Nationality support a political party  that wants that persons homeland destroyed? Why support a party that today wants to see nothing short of the annihilation of Israel? Why support a party that calls for the removal of Israel's land?

So what if Israel captured that land during a war? To the victors go the spoils! Or at least that is the way it used to be. Why did Obama tell Israel that the only way to peace was to go back 50 years in time? What is it with this administration that so supports the 14th century movements of the middle east Islamic tribes while trying to defeat the 21st century technology of the only true democracy in the Middle East, Israel?

Why do the Jews in this country not stand up strongly and let the democrats know this is unacceptable?

Why will the Jews not let their displeasure be known at the next election?

Regular readers of this column know that I am not a person without opinions. And I usually can see what is going on and respond accordingly. But in this case, all I get is a headache!!

Maybe someone of the Jewish faith will help me?

Why do you vote democrat?
Do you believe the democrats of today are the same as the democrats of yesteryear?
What will it take for you to realize that the party you support is interested only in supporting a Palestinian state and not in supporting Israel?
When will persons of the Jewish faith rise up and declare their blind allegiance to democrats has ended?
What has to happen before you will stop blindly following liberals into the oblivion of a world without Israel, and start supporting those that support your homelands?

Are you such the oppressed and victimized remnants of history that you no longer see yourselves as worthy? Must you continue to hide in the enclaves of Hollywood where your liberalism is simply a way to acceptance in a world long bereft of reason? Or perhaps you remain scared of the antisemitism that still runs deep in some places? Or maybe you use that which we abhor as a way to maintain your success?

What is it?

To me, the Jewish people are God's chosen people. The Christians and the Jews serve the same God, the one real and true God. All other Gods are false. People of the Christian faith support the people of Israel, while people of little faith or no faith support the barbarians in the middle east and North African nations. The very barbarians that will destroy Israel in seconds if given the opportunity.

And yet, you throw your lot in with the current racist antisemitic democrats.The anti Israeli, Muslim loving faithless scourge of our society.

Would you rather be seen as a democrat than a God fearing, constitution loving, freedom oriented conservative?

Or is it simply that you have bought the liberal lies of generations that capitalism is bad, capitalists are bad, and only socialism is good?

Wake up. Your future is in your own hands. Words matter - start listening to the meaning of the words hidden by the hyperbole. Elections matter - start voting for people of morality, strength and a sense of history. Start thinking deeply rather than with the ingrained sensibilities of years past.

If you do not do these things, you will wake up one day and see Israel destroyed and the persecution of the Jews will race across this earth at the speed of light. A battle is coming and right now, you are on the side of those who wish to destroy you.




  1. Maybe they feel a sense of loyalty to the democratic party because it was the party in control in 1948. Even my Jewish friend does not know why the Jews vote democrat. He can't stand obama he sees the truth behind that guy. I hope for their sake and Israel they will open their eyes. Take care and God Bless.

  2. That is certainly part of it in my opinion. However, how long will it take for them to understand that those democrats of the past who helped the Nation of Israel, are now dead and there places have been taken by liberal progressive thugs intent on destroying Israel and the freedom she represents in the Middle East.


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