Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Profit...corporation...wealth....the new "bad words"! when did America become so devoid of passion and excitement for its future? When was it that the word "profit" became such a dirty word that people would try to avoid using it in mixed company? Of course, by mixed company I mean in the company of the liberal leftist loons.

When did "wealth" start to carry such a stigma that it had to be wrapped in a plain brown wrapper lest anyone see its reality?

And when did "corporation" become such a traumatic term to use that the label non-profit would be more valuable than the corporation itself? Of course, any thinking person knows that non-profit does not mean that no profits are made, or that it is staffed by volunteers who draw no salary. Nope...the non-profit corporation is simply a way to pay the founders large salaries, perhaps buy their farms and properties, and siphon money from benefactors who believe the non-profit is doing good work.

At the risk of seeming to be arrogant, I think I know exactly when this happened. It happened when the thinking people of this country stopped thinking for themselves and started listening to the politicians who preached "helped the kids, stop the super profits, tax the rich". It started when Hollywood nobodies decided that their lack of knowledge was no impediment to their right to express their views, realizing that millions of people knew even less than they did, and would follow each word with breathless silence and monotonous nodding of the head. It happened when the unwashed masses of the 60's decided that smoking dope and having sex with as many people as possible was a lot more fun than working for a living. It happened when teachers stopped thinking about what they were teaching their students and started thinking about how they cn force the state governments to pay them more. It happened when people belittled and spat upon returning soldiers. It happened when government decided it knew better than you how you should live your life.

It happened when you decided it was all too hard and that the government should take care of you!

When we as a nation did every one of the things listed above, and many more, we opened the door a little wider...we opened the door to let the sun shine in, but in reality we let the darkness in and it stifled truth. It stifled the American way. It stifled growth and entrepreneurship and creativity.

The darkness flowed in and filled our lives until only the smallest speck of light remains. But while that light, however small, burns in our memories, all is not lost.

We can fight back. We can proclaim the truth. We can throw out political correctness in whatever form it manifests itself, and once again think and act like a people who are free to dream.

The latest targets of leftist angst are the speculators who are being pointed to as the reason for high gas prices. The left is doing everything in its power to align speculation with evil. And yet, the truth is that the speculators are the ones who keep prices more stable. Without the speculators who bet on the future direction of prices, you would find huge swings in the price of commodities. When there is a glut in oil, speculators acquire it and hold it until the prices go up. When they sell, they increase supply and keep the prices lower than they would otherwise have been. This is a very simplified explanation, but I guarantee you that no lefty would even understand this let alone teach it. They do not want to know the truth. They simply want to find the bogeyman that they can blame for their own failed economic policies.

Do not be a part of this. Do not fall for the "evil rich" lies. Do not allow the left to define you...or soon enough, you will find that being "employed" will be a dirty word, and that the only acceptable lifestyle will be as a slave attached permanently top the government teat.

Do not allow the left to define your language. Words have power. It is time for conservatives to stand up and declare war on the left and say "no more" to the definitions they choose to ascribe to our language.

Just sayin'.


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