Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The trolls attack...well, limply anyway!

Well, well, well. It sure did not take long for a liberal troll to attack me.

I take that as a sign that I have somehow gotten under his or her skin...and that my truth in yesterday's post struck a nerve.

This tells me I am on the right track.

Anyway, back to my leftist friend.

I have always said you can know a lot about your enemy by watching what they do and listening carefully to what they say. As I have said previously, words have meanings. Sometimes the meanings change depending on the context but the "whole" meaning usually is loud and clear.

As you will recall, yesterday I wrote about political correctness, and the lies that it generates. Based on the sole response I got, it appears that I angered the left more than even I expected. Of course, I have no idea why this happened. After all, all I did was expose the truth.

Here is the comment I received (edited for content but if you want to see the whole post, you will find it in the comments.)

"You don't like being treated like a little irrelevant piece of s*** by us leftists? Well it's time for you to get your f*****g guns and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We are waiting for you....



Now, let me dissect this for you. It is amazing what we can discover just by carefully looking at the words.

First: This was posted "anonymously". Yep...the brave leftist who posted this was too scared to even put a name to his post. That is a sure sign that he is probably peeing his pants right now in case I respond.

Now, lets look at some of the content.

I was ready for a well articulated argument that showed the error in my logic and thinking. A well educated person would certainly have been able to mount a critical defense for political correctness, right? Ok...so where is it? The fact that I find not one single rebuttal is intriguing to me. This suggests to me that the author of this comment is either uneducated and therefor does not know how to phrase an argument, or is the beneficiary of a public school education and could possibly even have a higher education, but has never learned to think for himself because the public education system long ago decided that free thought was a bad thing.

So...I am going to go with ....a college dropout. I suspect from his spelling and sentence structure that he has at least a high school education and maybe some college.

So, if his content did not argue or rebut my post, what did it contain?

Well, it is nothing more than a few lines stolen from the liberal/progressive playbook. The playbook reads "if you cannot argue the facts, the first thing to do is to belittle your opponent. This will make him feel bad...and we all know that when people feel bad, they cry and run away!"

How is that tactic working for you? I have some news for you dude...I don't care what you call me. Firstly, I don't know you from Adam so why should I care what you say or do? You could argue that the fact that I am responding by posting about you indicates that I care. That argument is wrong. I am posting this to show people that they don't HAVE to care what is said about them. You and your pathetic little playbook are totally irrelevant to me.

What is relevant is your choice of language. This also predictably indicates your education level, and knowledge. Language is a means of expressing ideas, desires, needs etc. Your language expresses your need for a laxative and the fact you haven't been laid for a while. You really must get out of your mom's basement more often! When those specific words are on the tip of your tongue all the time, one can only surmise what your needs are!

All good posts should include a call to action - or at least so say the marketers. The comment has a great call to action. It incites violence. It is declaring war on conservatives. It says, the only thing you can do about it is get your guns and come shoot us. Hmm...sounds like we are talking about a person who has spent more time watching Rambo reruns than reading history.

A quick thought....if the liberals were winning, why the sudden call to arms? Why not just ignore the conservatives if they are truly worthless....or is there something with a deeper meaning here?

What could that meaning be, I wonder? Could it be that the conservatives are gaining strength and threatening the numerical strength of the progressives? Could it be that the truth is setting free more people every day and the intellectual hold that the liberals had is now crumbling? Could it be that they are scared of the intellectual honesty that people are now discovering?

I would like to think all the above is true but that would be projecting onto liberals something that I do not believe they have. I do not believe they have the capacity to think in logical honest ways. Liberalism is clearly a mental disorder that has forever damaged intellectual capacity.

Nope. It is far simpler than that. His call to arms is there simply because he knows no other way. When he can't win on the intellectual battlefield, he will try to apply violence and aggression, trying to make conservatives cower before his physical might. Or...to goad conservatives into taking the exact action they themselves would take.

Projection is a powerful aspect of the human psyche. A person who is basically moral expects those he deals with to be basically moral until proven otherwise, and treats them accordingly. A person who is a habitual liar expects everyone else to also be a liar and distrusts everything they say. It is perfectly natural for people to project aspects of themselves onto others. And liberals do it all the time.

When this guys calls conservatives out like this, he is projecting his expectation of the left's response. That is all he is doing.

And finally....Bring it? Isn't that the title of some sort of teenage cheerleader flick? This guy must really need to get laid if he has that on his mind!!

Dude, if you read this...a little advice.

Don't try to mess with the big guys. They are smarter than you. They are more honest than you. They have more integrity than you. And most importantly...they do not care what you think!


Stupid is as stupid says!


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