Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Once upon a Wednesday - how to defeat dragons!

Wednesday already!

Where has the time gone? So much to do, so few days in which to do it.

Today I want to talk about know...those fierce fire belching creatures of fairy tales. Well I am here to tell you they are real...they exist...but they can be slain.

As C.K.Chesterton wrote (and I paraphrase)..." Fairy tales do not teach children that dragons exist. Children already know that. Fairy tales teach them that the dragons can be slain."

What is the dragon attacking 21st Century USA? What vile creature is appearing out of nowhere with no more warning than the sounds of its wings beating the air as it selects its target and attacks?

It is the dragon of 21st century progressivism. Liberalism gone mad. Nothing more than a rabid memory of the democrats of yore.

To label the current crop of liberals as democrats is just wrong. They are a truly different beast. They are dragons circling the ineffective conservative defenses, their acrid breath turning staunch conservatives to jelly as they await the moment to fully engage with fire from their belly devouring the last remnants of common sense.

Dragons...with no sense of moral right or wrong, with no sense of integrity, but with an extremely well developed sense of survival. Dragons who will turn on their supporters, their friends, perhaps even their children, if it means political survival. Dragons who are crafty enough to succor their enemies, give credence to straw men and support any vile untruth if it gets them one step closer to total annihilation of this country.

We have one such dragon sitting in the White House, enjoying caviar and lobster while his dragon wife tells us what to eat...and warns of the danger of obesity while serving fries and hot-dogs (a healthy combination) to guests at their super-bowl party.

We have these dragons entertaining friends and people they believe can assist their nefarious dreams (from his father) at regular concerts held at the White House. (have you ever noticed how many black entertainers have been invited to perform? How many white entertainers have been?)

There is a way to defeat the racist dragons that plunder our economy, belching their nonsense and lies as they steal the very bread from your table. But, as with fairy tales, the brave prince who tries to defeat the dragon has many trials and dangers ahead of him. I intend to provide some sign posts for that brave prince to follow, so that he (or she....let's not be sexist here) can avoid the pitfalls that have destroyed those that went before....

1. The first piece of advice is to grow a pair! Do not be afraid to stand up and tell the world the truth. One thing I admired about Donald Trump was his willingness to stand up for what he believed. He was not cowed by the army of dragons huffing and puffing ...he stood his ground and refused to bow to that greatest injustice of all, political correctness. If anyone wants to fight these dragons, he/she must stubbornly hold their ground in the face of political correctness. Trump could never be the man to lead the revolt against the dragons, but he was sure able to show how it could be done!

2. Have a tough skin. It does matter what color this prince/princess is. This hero of mankind will be subjected to taunts because of color. If a black person, it will be said that he is running because he is black , and because white people know that a white person cannot compete for fear of being called a racist. If a white person is the hero, the race card will be played EVERY time. The dragons think they have this locked in...either way they can win. What they don't understand is that it works ONLY IF the hero cares what they say about him. A thick skin that does not give a hoot what the dragons think is essential for success.

3. NO COMPROMISE. How many times do conservatives make a stand only to fold at the last minute. Well, it is time they acted like they held 4 aces....the house is controlled by conservatives now yet they fall like dominoes every time the dragons say something like"if the budget is not passed it will be your fault"...pathetic!! Nobody holds any faith in the heroes when they give up and surrender at the first sign of disapproval from people whose opinions are based on ideologies completely opposed to their own. What sort of mamby pamby emasculated girly men do we have in conservative politics today? For success we conservatives must KNOW what we believe, act strongly on those beliefs, and not compromise on anything. Compromise means that the left wins, albeit a little slower than they wanted. Nevertheless, the dragons gain a little more strength and confidence. No compromise...compromise feeds the dragons!

4. Know your enemy. Our hero is going to be facing the impossible task of not only battling a political machine of enormous strength and firepower, but a media that long ago stopped reporting news and started campaigning for the prince of dragons. Add to that the millions of ordinary folk who have fallen under the spell of the dark prince and believe he will lead them to the promised land if only they will take up arms and help him defeat the voice of reason. Our hero has to have the strength of emotional Hercules to defeat such odds and the wisdom of Solomon to know where the next deceptive attack will come from. Our hero is limited by his adherence to truth, which must not be sacrificed on the alter of success as that further emboldens the dragons to victory. The only thing these dragons fear is truth itself. Our hero must stand strong and deliver truth to the masses, simply, coherently and not be distracted or diverted by the straw men the dragons continually build. Do not believe a single word from your enemies, or your friends. Know what is true in your heart. Do not fight to win an election. Fight to defend truth, for it is only by defending truth at every turn that you will find the strength to battle the vast array of dragons that will form a never ending line to destroy you. Know the enemy within as well as the enemy without.

Is there anyone who can withstand the brutal attacks that will be aimed at whoever has the nerve to go against the prince of deceit? Does anyone have the honor to admit when they are wrong? To change their opinions as they seek the truth? To show the world that the dragon ways are not the natural way?

I honestly do not know. I see signs of possibilities in the likes of Herman Cain, and Michele Bachman. I see supporting actors in large numbers. I have not yet seen the person who will stand up and say..."I do not care what anyone thinks of me. I am here to kill the dragon. And I will do that, whether you follow me or not. I will never give up and I will fight until that metaphorical dragon's head is stuck on a spike and displayed for all to see what happens to enemies of this country!"

Do we have any heroes left? I have to believe we do.

If we don't, then every child will know that fairy tales lied...and dragons can not be defeated.

Do we want our children to live in fear of dragons? Or do we want to show them that while dragons do exist, and that sometimes they gather sufficient strength to terrorize all that is good in this world, there will always be a hero that comes galloping on their white stallion with no more than his or her faith as protection, who will fight for good and slay the dragon.

More than any other time in modern history, we need a dragon-slayer. But history has always shown that great heroes appear when great heroes are needed.


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