Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lies, lies and more lies.

So today was Obama's chance to swagger and talk tough, to show the world that he is indeed a strong leader, and to show that America will not back down in the face of danger.

Apparently his speech lasted for 50 minutes, but I wouldn't know because after 20 minutes of the crap he was spewing I could not watch any more and turned it off.

This whole non-event was preceded by Hillary Clinton introducing the man who has, "since the day he entered office, worked diligently to transform the diplomatic services of this country, finding a new and creative way for the diplomatic missions to achieve their missions". (I apologize for the paraphrasing...I was too busy bending over the sink regurgitating my cheerios to actually know exactly what she said, but I believe I have the gist of it right!)

And then, with the introduction done, and a handshake and hug complete with the obligatory pat on the back, Hillary relinquishes the stage to the deceiver in chef and the real dribble begins.

I think it was about 5 minutes into his speech when he stated this gem:-

"And though these countries may be a great distance from our shores, we know that our own future is bound to this region by the forces of economics and security; history and faith."

(This is a direct quote taken from the prepared text of the speech provided by the State no paraphrasing this time!)

Let's take a look at this statement (which is referring to the Middle East and North African countries).

He started strongly with a statement of fact. These nations are indeed a LOOOOOONG assed way from our shores. Too far to swim, but air transport can get you there in a few hours. Good point Obama...your speech writer clearly knows his geography...well at least in a broad sense.

Shame he doesn't also understand history....but we will get to that in a minute.

It is the second part of this statement delivered by Obama that I have great trouble with:-

"we KNOW"? Who knows? He is referencing the future...and to my knowledge nobody knows what the future holds, nobody has that perfect vision, and nobody can say for certain what is going to happen. And yet not only does this moron claim to know, he tries to absolve himself by using the term "we". I don't know, do you? It is a clever lie to bring "the people" into accepting what he says next.

"our own future is bound to this region"....hmmm...what doe he actually mean by that? Do you think America's future is dependent on what happens somewhere else in this world, or should America be self determining, and take actions based on its own self interest? To say that America's future is BOUND to the Middle East is giving power to the Arabs to determine what America will look like in the future.  Another lie trying to destabilize the right of self governance that America enjoys, and slowly leading the listeners toward acceptance of foreign determination.

"bound to this region by economics"....hmmmm...really Obama? What does this region provide economically for America that America cannot provide for herself? Oil? Known American oil reserves are greater than all the reserves the Middle East has, with who knows how much not yet discovered? So if not oil, it must be the purchasing power of these economies to acquire American goods and services? While it is true that many western ex-patriots enjoy tax free living in the Middle East, I suspect that the economic impact on the US economy is actually minimal. No...I suspect the greatest economic impact these countries have on America is the billions of dollars America sends them in aid every year. That must be the economic ties he talks so freely about!

"bound by security" apropro Mr. President. Our biggest ally in the region soon found out how America welcomes its security support when you turned your back on Mubarak. He may not have been a good guy but he was an ally who helped keep the western world secure from the Muslim terrorists, to at least some extent. turn your back on him and then have the nerve to say our futures are bound by security. You are so full of it, Mr. President. Security my ass.

"bound by history" Just what history are you referring to Mr. President. Ancient history tells us the Muslims expanded and killed every nation that opposed their brand of religion, until the Christians fought back in the Holy Wars. Is that the great history you want us bound by? The expansionist policies of Islam? The destruction of religious freedom? Is that the history that our future is bound to? Or are you referring to a future that recognizes the history of expansionist Islam and is bound by the need to fight that evil? That does not sound like your intent from this speech Mr President, so I assume you are expecting the west to be bound by the Islamic successors of history. Is that what you are saying? If not, what? It makes no sense....but maybe the next thought completes it?

"bound by faith" I don't know about you dear reader, but I am not now, nor ever will be, bound by faith to the middle east. Their faith is nothing more than a politically motivated idealogical system created from the bizarre thoughts of a pedophile who worships a black rock. If you don't know what I am talking about, do some research. I will never be joined by faith to an ideology that encourages pedophilia, rape, incest and homosexuality. And I haven't even gotten to the murder and destruction parts. Islam is nothing more than a cult and should not be given any respect as a religion. I will not bow down before Islam ever. And I abhor the President deciding without reference to me that my future is bound to that region by faith. NO! NEVER!

So...I put up with his ramblings for a few more minutes and then turned off the TV in the hopes that my sanity would remain intact.

I guess by doing so, I missed the most important part of this speech. The part where he turned on Israel and made it clear that he believes Israel should give up part of its territory to the Palestinians.

Oh how the world has gone astray...and this President is leading it toward oblivion. 

I may sound like a crazy person today....but I will NOT stand by quietly while the President leads us down this particular rabbit hole. 

One simple sentence that I have dissected above, tells you where this moron is leading this Nation....and then the comments on Israel tell us he is doing it quickly.

Everybody needs to take note of words...words have meanings...and then decide for themselves what those meanings mean.

Am I crazy? Maybe.



  1. Your not crazy, you see the truth. obama's leading us down a path of no return. Our God the God of Israel says Israel is the apple of His eye. America beware if they allow this crazy loon to go against Israel in favor of muslim countries. Thanks for cluing us in. God Bless you.

  2. Thanks footman. I often feel that I am only preaching to the converted, which is fine and good but does little to challenge those that think differently.

    Feel free to repost or quote me anywhere you like. I have no objections to you or anyone spreading my opinions when you agree with them.....devereaux