Thursday, May 5, 2011

The circus comes to New York!

I am a tad late in writing this because it took me some time to wrap my head around what is actually going on.

The facts simply do not make much sense. As I see it America has done the following:-
1. Killed the most wanted terrorist - a good thing
2. Afforded said terrorist a religious funeral within hours of his death! What?
3. Told the world that we killed said terrorist.
4. Refused to show pictures of said dead terrorist for fear that we might incite his followers. (I guess that killing him and then telling the world that we killed him would not incite his followers to action - but pictures of a dead guy will?)
5. Acknowledged that the war on terror continues, and that operations to track down and capture/kill terrorists continue in Afghanistan and other parts of the world. (This acknowledgement will not cause followers of the dead guy to be incited to violence?)
6. The President visits Ground Zero for the purpose of allowing the victims of the 911 attack to have closure. I suppose that such closure could not happen without the presence of his holiness, the anointed one?

Excuse me? It is only Thursday and all this has happened?

How can one dead guy create such hysteria in a government?

I may be oversimplifying this but life does not have to be like a Good Will Hunting equation! We don't need to pussy foot around terrorists.

Here is what I would have done:-
1. I would have killed the guy.
2. I would have declared his death at our hands with trumpets blaring.
3. I would have released pictures of his dead and twisted body. In fact, I would have made many copies of it and dropped them from aeroplanes all over the middle east, saying, "THIS is what happens to people who commit acts of terrorism against the United States."
4. I would have QUIETLY written to the families of the 911 attacks, with a heartfelt note saying that the US has kept its promise of bringing to justice the person responsible for 911. The note would have said, "I trust you are now able to bring closure to the pain and suffering brought by the now dead guy. God Bless America."
5. I would not have had a public circus which makes no sense at all. On one hand the government is trying to downplay the impact of this dead guy, and yet doing everything possible to lift his pedestal higher.

Listen, the guy is dead. End of story.

Time to move on.

It is not right to try to gain political capital from this.

A dead terrorist does not deserve the attention he is getting.

He is dead. Leave him that way.

Oh, and Mr. President....take your damn circus out of New York and let the true victims celebrate the victory and mourn the death of their loved ones, and find closure, in the way they need to do those things. Not in the glare of the media circus, and security that surrounds you. If you were half a man, you would have left the media at home, a\left the security at home, and done a silent and anonymous pilgrimage to Ground Zero. You, sir, are no leader. dead guy can create a circus. How did this country get here?


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