Sunday, July 10, 2011

Charlie Rangel gets religion....lmao!

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie....what would Jesus do?

Are you serious? Charlie Rangel...under investigation for ethics violations, tells us to as what Jesus would do in regard to the debt limit?

This world truly has gone insane!!

To see just how insane, hold your nose and watch this video...

Rangel has suddenly become an expert on Christianity, Islam, and every faith in history...and uses this understanding to do several things:-

1. create a class war between the rich and the poor
2. to call corporate profits obscene
3. to make the debt question a moral question rather than a financial one

Friends, this is what we are up against. I do not care whether you are in favor of raising the debt limit, whether you are a cap, cut and balance person, or whether you demand the budget be balanced. It doesn't matter....what matters is that we cannot continue to allow our politicians (of any persuasion) to so easily redefine the questions, and to create straw men that have nothing to do with the discussions.

For starters...I doubt that Jesus would ever condone being in debt to the tune of $14.3 trillion you?

Some people will throw Romans 13:8 at me as an example of the evils of debt..."Owe no man anything"...but that would be taking it out of context. Paul was speaking to the church who claimed they did not owe taxes and instructed them to owe no man anything, meaning to pay the taxes even if they were to a man.

The bible speaks of debt on may occasions but does not speak of it negatively, but rather as something that happens and stating that believers should pay their debts. It is harsh on the debt collector who refuses to show mercy.

To my knowledge, Jesus was silent on the question of debt.

So debt is not a faith question. Did you hear that Charlie? It is not a question of faith.

It remains a question of wisdom. We can turn to the bible for advice on that subject too...where we read in Proverbs 22:7 "The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender".

SO, the Question, Charlie Rangle, should not be what would Jesus do....but is WISE to do. Jesus used debt in his parables but was not either for nor against it.

But is debt wise?

In some cases, I believe it is. Debt for the purpose of acquiring an asset (such as a home) can be what I call good debt IF the repayments are affordable and do not detract from your other financial responsibilities. Debt to acquire a vehicle should be avoided, if possible, and minimized. Going into debt to have the newest car, or the biggest TV or the vacation in Hawaii is just DUMB debt. Debt to maintain a certain standard of living is DUMB debt. Debt to pay your bills is even DUMBER debt.

Charlie, the debt the USA is incurring (at the rate of approximately $158 BILLION a month ....or $5.27 BILLION EVERY day...or $219 Million every hour...or $3.6 MILLION every minute...or  $60 thousand EVERY second!!) Just imagine...every second of the day, the US Government borrows more than most people earn in a year....just to pay it's bills.

And the Government says we have a revenue problem? doesn't take a very smart person to know that it is a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

Charlie Rangel...just so you can understand this I will say it again...very slowly...

We do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.

And rather than face the truth, the government refuses to accept that they have a spending problem, and simply tries to rape the wealthy even more to pay for their bad spending habits. By allowing the debt ceiling to increase, are we encouraging our government to face reality, or are we simply empowering them to go on their merry way, spending more and more, taking more and more from the taxpayer, until there is nothing left to take. And at that point no one will lend us anything...the credit cards are maxed out...and the hungry hoards will demand  (DEMAND) that the government feed them.

Hang on...haven't we seen that somewhere recently? Oh yes...Greece.

Of course we are nothing like Greece, right? We are the USA and that will NEVER happen here. Yeah right!

What would Jesus do? You tell me...but I suspect that Jesus would tear up the credit cards, work hard to pay down his debt, and reduce spending to the bone so that he would be beholden to no-one but his father.

What would you do, Rangel? Just go out and borrow more, right?


Stupid is as stupid says.



  1. D, I'm not sure where in the old testaments it says this but it talks of a nation that lends and does not borrow God says probably about Israel. God also said to leave the rich alone meaning not to over tax them. Jesus said you will always have the poor with you. That's all. footman

  2. is clear that the poor will always be with us. Either because they are poor themselves or because liberals have created the poor from the middle and upper classes. It is nigh impossible to eradicate poverty...but as the progressives show us daily, it is VERY easy to create it!