Monday, July 25, 2011

The soap opera continues!

It just gets funnier and funnier.

I tell you, the best script writers in Hollywood could not make this stuff up.

Let's take a look at some of the things that happened in the last few days:-

1. Obama makes it clear that if the debt ceiling is not lifted, the US will default, SS payments will be in jeopardy and soldiers on active duty may not get paid.

2. Wednesday last week, the House passed a bill to extend funding to FAA to keep it running with some restrictions on subsidies to a small number of airports. (Funding to the FAA would run out on the weekend).

3. Last Friday the Senate votes on "cut, cap and balance" without any debate, and then the senate closed early so the senators could have a weekend at home. The Senate did not consider FAA funding either through debate or vote notwithstanding that funding would run out in a matter of hours. Hours that the senate still had available i normal working hours. Clearly the democratic controlled Senate had no interest in passing FAA funding.

4. Friday Boehner walks out of debt ceiling negotiations with Obama, accusing him of moving the goalposts and not being serious about the negotiations.

5. Friday, Obama holds press conference and demands the leaders of both houses meet with him on Saturday.

6. Friday, late, the FAA advises that it will have to put about 4,000 employees on furlough since it does not have enough funding to pay for them. (These employees were largely involved in non-critical areas such as construction and secretarial duties. None of the furloughs presented a danger to the air travel system.)

7. Saturday, democrats around the country blasted Republicans for putting air travel safety at risk just because they wanted a few cuts to the subsidy system providing low cost flights to people in remote areas. (It seems incongruous to me that the Republican controlled House passed a bill, and the democratically controlled Senate refused to look at it....yet it is the Republicans who are causing the FAA problems.

8. Obama and his posse of clowns met with congressional leaders about the debt ceiling...nothing accomplished. (Not a surprise.)

9. Democrats claiming Republicans are the problem...yet the House passed a bill that was rejected by the democratically controlled senate. A senate that not only has NOT provided any plans, but has ALSO failed to agree on a budget for 818 days!!

10. Barclays and UBS analysts report that July revenues are higher than expected and accordingly financial armaggeddon is now not due till August 10. (They do state they are not 100% sure of that date, but that the government has plenty of money to meet SS payments due August 3 and all debt payments etc).

Does anyone else see the pattern here?

It is so clear to me that the democrats and the Joker -in - Chief, have absolutely no interest in securing this country's finances.

It is clear that Obama cares only for his re-election, demanding that any increase in the debt ceiling covers the period to 2013, beyond the next election.

It is also clear that the democrats in congress do not want to make a decision. If they do, they fear they will be held accountable for the outcome. If they fail to pass anything, they think they can get a passing grade by saying the house did not provide any acceptable alternatives, putting the blame back on the republicans.

This is starting to look like a very bad soap opera....I am just waiting for a blind photographer to become part of the script!!

I wonder how long the people will accept these lies? I wonder how long it will be before the liberals start screaming for heads to roll? I wonder how long it will take to get to the point where Obama himself is seen as the idiot he is...or the narcissistic, socialist, marxist nobody who uses race and bully pulpit tactics to get his own way.

Well...I think that time is now here, or at least very close.

Obama, nobody fears you anymore. Nobody fears the taunts from the left any more. We see through your feeble attempts to control us. And sooner or later we will do something about it.

In a representative republic like ours, the true power of the people is found at the ballot box. That is where this battle will be fought. Obama, you have already lost the battle of ideas. With over 65% of the population wanting a balanced budget amendment (as reported by your own CNN polls) and 75% wanting significant spending cuts, you are on the wrong side of the people.

Let me give you a little advice (although it pains me to tell you anything that could actually help you, I don't mind because you would never listen to anybody with a pulse). When you ignore the wishes of the people, when you treat them as irrelevant, when you chose to bully them as you do, they WILL rise up. They WILL reach a point where they say "Enough!!" That point is rapidly approaching. You saw a small sign of it in the 2010 elections where your party was decimated. That is but a small indication of what will happen in 2012.

I hope the debt ceiling is not lifted. I hope the government is forced to reduce spending. I know there will be some tough times, but I would prefer that to happen today than in 10 years time. ( I have always believed in the maxim that you take the pain as soon as possible and then move forward again...deferring the inevitable does not work!) I hope Obama is forced to decide who will or won't get paid. He will then be seen for exactly what he is....a tyrant and a liar.

If this makes me irresponsible, I will wear that title with pride. Any extension to the debt ceiling will only enable this government to spend more. It is time for the rot to stop!

And to the conservatives in Congress I say NOT be discouraged, do not blink, do not do what He demands. If he calls you to his office...politely but firmly decline his invitation....if he demands you be there...politely decline....he must learn that he is not an emperor but rather simply an elected official, doing the will of the people.

We must ALL make a stand....IT's Time!


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