Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's undeniable. He's irresponsible.

Today I want to talk a little about music. 

Music has played a major part in every cultural movement that I can recall. Music either led the way or was used to record great events in history. In 1880 when Tchaikovsky penned what has arguably become the best known classical piece, "The Year 1812, Festival Overture in E flat major", better known as the 1812 Overture, he delivered a remarkable musical journey through the historical victory of Russia over the advancing French army led by Napoleon. The interplay of instruments leads the listener through the fears and joys of that occasion.

In recent history we have had cultures changed through music. Woodstock was a moment in time that led a cultural revolution. Elvis changed the entire direction of music and made 'black" music the staple of a new generation. Crooners like Frank Sinatra melted many a heart. The British invasion set off a explosion of cultural changes.

A large proportion of the population can remember the important events in their lifetimes by reference to the music they heard at the time.

Who can forget Marilyn Monroe's sultry version of Happy Birthday Mr President sung to JFK  just a few days before his 45th birthday?

So, if music is such a pervasive element of one's life, it is fair to ask what music a man would use to  best define a person for future generations.

As I pondered this question, it came to me that the perfect (almost) song for Barack Obama had already been written. When I say almost, it required the change of just two words from the original...and became just perfect.

Before I share this song with you, let's take a quick look at Obama and his efforts through the last couple of years....

- he is a narcissist
- he has no sense of etiquette
- he lies
- he blames others
- he does not do what he says
- he pisses off our friends and succors our enemies
- he believes Islam is a religion of peace
- he runs up the credit card to its limit and asks for more
- he devalues the currency 
- he creates class warfare
- he creates racism
- he creates poverty

Not a bad laundry list of achievements from our President in such a short period of time.

So today I am going to dedicate a song to him....a song made famous by Frank Sinatra....a song that could have been written for Obama to perform....

"Call me irresponsible - call me unreliable
Throw in undependable too
Do my foolish alibis bore you
Well I'm not too clever - I just adore me

Call me unpredictable - tell me I'm impractical
Rainbows I'm inclined to pursue
Call me irresponsible - yes I'm unreliable
But it's undeniably true - I'm irresponsibly mad for me"

So, Mr President, there is your new theme song. 

May it ring long and loud in your ears until you are kicked out of office in 2012.

Mr. President,

 your irresponsible actions over the last several weeks , specifically in relation to the debt ceiling negotiations, will not be forgotten by the voters. You have failed to bring leadership of any sort. Instead, you have brought threats, challenges, and fear tactics. When you did not get your way, you threw a tantrum and stormed out. You have never once taken responsibility for the State of the Republic today. Nor have you given any plan for how we as a nation will overcome the difficulties facing us.You have done nothing but deceive the American people with your threats and ridicule. Well, sir, the game is up. I will do everything within my power to ensure that the truth be told.

You, sir are irresponsible.

You sir, are unreliable.

You sir, are undependable.

You sir, are not too clever.

You sir are unpredictable.

You can continue pursuing rainbows and tilting at windmills, but it is time you did that on your own dime, not on the blood, sweat and tears of the American people.

You sir, are not a leader. If you had any leadership skills, you would be guiding this country toward a future of dreams being fulfilled, but no....you are forcing this country toward a future filled with broken dreams, a future filled with pregnant pauses where hope once reigned. 

You have sent this country on a course of self destruction, aided only by the progressives before you who paved the way for their Messiah as John the Baptist paved the way for mine. 

You sir, are the epitome of evil. Your lack of morality is second only to your lack of knowledge and common sense.

Mr. President, it's undeniably true - you are irresponsibly mad for you!



  1. Devereaux:
    You posted a comment to Adrian Vance's blogspot,
    with an invitation to check out your site. Hence my reply. After reading your last two blogs, I am happy to report to you that I have found another kindred conservative whom I'll check out from day to day. Good luck on your endeavors!--Joseph Gause

  2. Hi Joseph...
    Adrian Vance's blog is a good read....I enjoy it immensely ( http://adrianvance.blogspot.com/ ). He and I may have some different views but at the end of the day we are clearly on the same train.

    Thank you for your kind words.