Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mad dogs and Englishmen!

Just when I thought that there were no strong conservatives left in Washington, and when it looks like the GOP will once again cave to the bullies known as Democrats, I see something that makes me believe all is not lost.

If I was inclined to hero worship, I would say that today I found another hero.

Representative Joe Walsh was interviewed by MSNBC's Chris Mathews yesterday.

And he took no prisoners.

In the space of a ten minute slug fest between Mathews and Walsh, Walsh landed the following big hits:-

1. He said clearly that the President had lied...and when questioned about that he said "when the President says an untruth, knowingly, that is a lie!"

I lift my hat to you Rep Walsh...well played!

2. He pointed out the obvious by stating clearly that Chris Mathews "is a bully who will not allow his guests to answer the question".

Well played again, Rep Walsh!

3. He pointed out that the democrats had not passed a budget in a long time and that the president has NOT been taking this seriously!

That was a home run, sir!

Now, there is no doubt that Rep. Walsh knows why he was elected. He knows who sent him to Washington, and he knows what they want him to do. He is not scared of stating that in very clear terms, and in doing so, managed to get Mathews to fall back on the liberal playbook.

When the bullying didn't work, and the derision didn't work, Chris Mathews did what every progressive knows is the next step...he ran away!

Representative Joe Walsh, I applaud you for winning against this blowhard, Mathews.

Some of you will know that I am an accountant. Accountants have a sort of love hate relationship with numbers. Sometimes numbers provide the perfect solution while at other times numbers are the harbinger of disaster.

Whatever they are, there is one thing that never changes. Numbers mean something. Just like words, numbers have meanings. So...I thought that today I would look at some numbers and explain their meanings:-

1. The number 48

This is the number of people who tuned in to Chris Mathews last night to see his interview of Joe Walsh. I am saddened by this low number as it would have been marvelous for millions to have seen Mathews dissected so easily....but ....oh well...with ratings that low, Mathews will soon be forgotten and history will remember him only as the guy who gets a thrill up his leg when Obama speaks!

2. The number 813

This is the number of days since a democratic house or senate has passed a budget. Given that democrats controlled both the house and the senate from 2006 through 2010, and the senate through the present, one would have thought that they could pass a budget. But no...they can't, and they won't. And yet they want us to believe them when the claim to be fiscally responsible. And Obama wants us to believe him when he says the republicans are pushing us headlong into a financial crisis. Hey Democrats...813 days since you passed a budget? And you want us to trust you? Not gonna happen!

3. 350 million

This is the population of the USA. A subset of this number - 45 million is the number of people who voted for Obama. That leaves 300 million who did NOT vote for him. Assuming 100 million ineligible to vote, that leaves 200 million who can vote against him in the next election (plus a few who regret voting for the clown in 2008).  If we could get these people to the polls in 2012, game over!

4. 150 billion

The amount of money the government wants to borrow EVERY month for the next 18 months in order to meet its liabilities, bills, interest payments and living expenses

5. 180 billion

The estimated receipts that the federal government will receive each moth for the next 18 months

6. 20 billion

The estimated total of all interest  payments on loans to be paid each month

7. 160 billion

The amount available to the government to spend after paying all interest

8. 30 billion

Estimated monthly cost of defense spending

9.  54 billion

Amount available to the government after paying interest, defense,  SS, medicare and all other entitlements each month.

10. 200 billion

The amount the government needs each month to keep the government running (after paying interest, SS, defense and entitlements), the amount that can be prioritized and cut without impacting SS or other entitlement programs.

11. 13

Number of days till Obama declares financial armaggeddon on August 2 and stops paying SS, or veterans or any of the other payments he has threatened to stop.

12. 202

The number of days this year that the president has been caught in a lie.

13. 202

The number of days so far this year.

14. 13.4 trillion

The credit limit for America.

15. Unknown

The number of days till our over leveraged economy collapses, hyper inflation kicks in, the currency is devalued, or the real financial armaggeddon slaps us back to reality.

Yep...numbers mean something. They tell a story.

As they say, only mad dogs and Englishman go out in the mid-day sun.

Or...more appropriately...

Only fools and Presidents ignore the truth of numbers!


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