Thursday, July 14, 2011

Presidential bat and balls!

My regular readers know by now that I am not exactly a fan of the President.

One of these days I will throw caution to the wind and actually say what I really think...but until then I will maintain the deference that this man so richly deserves!

Having said that, on occasion (although few and far between) I actually find him the kind of way that slap-stick comedy is entertaining. You just know that something stupid is going to happen, you know what it might be...and you tell yourself that it is stupid and you are not going to fact you tell yourself that you are not even going to watch....but the coming train wreck is so captivating that you cannot turn away. So you watch as the villain slips on the banana peel he thoughtlessly dropped a mere few seconds laugh to yourself as his ass falls into the bucket of slop he didn't dispose of properly...and you laugh uproariously when he stands up with a bucket of slop stuck to his ass.

Get the picture?

So, at times this president is entertaining in that kind of way.

I got a kick out of his antics yesterday.

It seems that he was involved in discussions about the debt ceiling. From his point of view, the discussions were not going well. I have no idea why the Republics did not agree with Obama....perhaps it was because he kept changing the rules every time a negotiation started to look promising? From reports I have seen, he kept moving the goal posts...or the bases (choose your own metaphor...they all work in this case.)

So...I have spoken many times about my belief that Obama is nothing more than a bully, a cheap thug. What do bullies and thugs do in this situation?

Adult bullies and thugs try intimidation. They use their sheer physical presence and strength to intimidate those around them. When that doesn't work, they will try to convince people with threats of physical danger to loved ones. Eventually they will run out of effective techniques (assuming their previous efforts have failed.)

But that is not what President Obama did.

And, while this is no surprise to anyone, he did not show his great leadership skills in getting both sides to reach an agreement.

Nope, he followed neither of those possible techniques.

So what did he do?

I will get to that in just a minute, I promise. First I want to take you back to your past for a few minutes.

Do you remember those games of stick ball in the street, or, if you were really lucky, baseball on a makeshift pitch on some vacant land? Do you remember there was always that one kid who owned the ball and the bat. He was the one that basically organized the games...he LET you join in and play, not because he liked you, but because a game like baseball is no fun with one person. He knew that to get the most out of his bat and ball, he needed to have others involved. I am sure you remember the endless arguments about the street rules, where the boundaries were, what a foul hit was, where a home run was and so on.

And I am sure you remember those times when the kid who owned the bat and ball didn't like the rules, or the scores or that his pitches were astray...and would push out his lower lip, quivering and almost tearful, and then in anger stamp his feet and grab his bat and ball...and go running home, leaving you all standing there wondering what had just happened?

Aaaahh...the fond memories of childhood.

For most of us, as adults, these things remain only as memories. As adults we have learned that life does not always go the way we want it to. We have learned that sometimes discussions do not end up with us being right, or negotiations do not always give us the result we want. As adults, we do our best and then accept the outcome. Childish ways are left behind in the dust of our memories.

Not so with our President!!!

Our President chose to show exactly what a spoiled child he really is. I wish I could have been in that room to watch his lip quiver, his pouty he said he was willing to explain and defend his position.  As he said he could get well above the numbers the GOP is talking about with revenue increases.  As he said he wouldn’t be afraid to veto and he will take that message and defend it to the American people.  As he said if we default it will be a tax increase on every American.  As he said it is his responsibility  to the American people.  As he said, "I have reached the point where I say enough.  Would Ronald Reagan be sitting here?  I’ve reached my limit. This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this."

And then, with a flourish that was supposed to appear Presidential, he took his bat and ball and ran home crying to Michelle...."oh boo, hoo...I didn't get what I wanted, so I ran away...."

So, we have a leader who reverts to childish ways at the first sign of trouble....

We have a President who resorts to lies and deception when he wants something...

We have a President who is not even a good all bullies he runs away at the first sign of strength from his target.

To my way of thinking, this is not very effective leadership.

But yesterday, it got even worse. Yesterday it became laughable. Yesterday he became the slap-stick villain with a bucket of slop stuck to his ass.

Yesterday he used the worst threat ever used in a political negotiation...

In a moment of frustration he stamped his foot and said "It may be cost me my presidency but I will not yield on this!"

Oh my...if I could have been in that room!!

My laughter would have been heard  from Washington to Timbuktu!

Is that the best you have, Mr. President? Is that supposed to make me fold my winning hand and give in to you? Is that the leadership qualities we have all been looking for and not finding?

Mr. President, let me ask you this....if it will cost you the Presidency, that implies that a larger proportion of voters will disagree with your actions than will agree with it, right? That means that you KNOW your position is not what the people want...and is not the best for the Country. If you believed otherwise you would not state such a thing as this. You are truly an idiot, sir!

Is that the skill of oration that your sycophant followers claim you have?

Is that the negotiation skills you have?

Oh we have a new name for you...Slap-stick-villain-in-Chief!

And now, a quick word to the Republicans. You hold the winning cards...the mere fact that the President stamped his foot and took his bat and ball and ran away is proof positive that you have the power, not him. He just gave it to you.

Remember, peace is not is always the easiest thing to obtain if you surrender. But peace from surrender does not equate to freedom. You guys and gals on the conservative side must fight for freedom, not peace. The battle will be long and arduous...many of you will fail and fall by the wayside. But in the words of  Winston Churchill...."never give up, never give up, never give up".

Yesterday, our fearless leader showed that he is nothing but a spoiled brat with childish actions. Not so scary now, is he? Here's a fact. He never was.

But now that he has revealed his true self to the world, it is time to hand his ass to him on a plate.

He GAVE you the tools.

Go do it!



  1. Isn't 'don't call my bluff' an admition to bluffing?

  2. While I would like to agree with you, I think that is too easy. The term "don't call my bluff" can also be used to mean "I am not bluffing" fact it is more frequently used to say that than to indicate that a bluff is in play.

    So...while he may be bluffing, I cannot with any degree of intellectual honesty suggest that he admitted that with his statement.