Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Liberals...or misguided conservatives?

As you know I have been trying to ignore the stupidity in Washington but it is so compelling that it is very hard to turn away...the train wreck that is our President keeps showing us that he has no clue. The Democratic leadership keeps lying to us and stupid stuff keeps being repeated ad nauseum in the media. The Republicans are under pressure to make a deal....that pressure being applied by....the train-wreck President and the lying democrats.

Give me a break! Enough already!

When I listened to the utter garbage that Pelosi spewed yesterday in a speech to union members in Washington, I have to simply cringe.

Gems like this.

"They don’t just want to make cuts, they want to destroy. They want to destroy food safety, clean air, clean water, the department of education."

Really? Really?

how about this one....

“They do not like the government. They’re riding an engine of popular support for, ok we have to reduce the deficit. And they’re using that to destroy.”

It got me thinking about a number of things.

Firstly, I find it hard to believe that the progressives today actually believe this stuff. I find it hard to believe that they actually think the motivation behind conservatives is to destroy our air, destroy our water, reign death and destruction over all the lands....crazy stuff. And if they do believe it? Then they have all climbed aboard the crazy train with their chief engineers Pelosi and Reid.

I will come back to this point later in this that is what I am really wanting to examine today.

Before that, I want to spend a few minutes looking at how such blatant stupidity and lies get to be applauded by the followers.

It is clear to me that for lies to work, they must have some degree of believability. They must have a base truth that is either perceived by the listener to be true (even though it is not) or an actual truth.

If we look at Pelosi's statements above, there is the use of an ACTUAL truth to give validity to her claims.

That actual truth is: 
“They do not like the government. They’re riding an engine of popular support for, ok we have to reduce the deficit."

Damn right Pelosi! We DO NOT like Government. We want the government to get the hell out of our lives. We do have an engine of popular support for reducing the deficit...every poll taken shows that. You, ma'am are about to find yourself on the wrong side of history at the next election...and you know it. You have already stated the truth!

And then she goes and spoils it all by saying something stupid like:
"They don’t just want to make cuts, they want to destroy. They want to destroy food safety, clean air, clean water, the department of education."

Oh well...I guess I have to ask this question....if it looks like a clown, and talks like a clown, and acts like a clown , what is it? It is a member of Obama's sycophant clown posse. You don't have to be scared of clowns to be alarmed at this group....led by the Deceiver-in-Chief, they are nothing but a joke in their big shoes and sloppy pants. They are sure not big enough to fill those britches!!

Enough of Pelosi and her stupidity....

Although I have to thank her because she got me thinking in a different direction...and that is always an interesting experience.

When I think of the stupidity that sprouts from her mouth, and the mouth of her co-clown captain, Harry Reid, I have to wonder....

When you all were sitting in the mud and rain, enjoying Woodstock (and now regretful that you left early and missed one of the greatest renditions of the National Anthem EVER, played before a mere couple of thousand hangers-on on the Monday the late great Jimmi Hendrix) you really think your idea of the great progressive movement, destined to solve the world's problems, was in fact Pelosi and Reid? Is that what you envisaged? Are they the picture of liberalism that you would have embraced so fully had they been around then? Is that really what you aspired to?

I can't quite reconcile my knowledge of the Woodstock, summer of love, so-called hippy freedom movement, with the likes of Pelosi and Reid. If I am right, why are they there? Can someone tell me that?

So, it got me to thinking.

Are liberals today really liberals or are they simply misguided, uneducated conservatives?

I could throw in intellectually lazy as well...but I don't want to offend anybody

So, to make it easy, I have designed a short quiz to test whether you are a liberal/progressive or a misguided conservative.

1. Do you regularly, or occasionally, give gifts to charitable organisations such as faith based institutions (churches) or organisations such as Save the Children?

If you said yes, you are likely to be a conservative, as liberals rely on government to provide charitable giving.

2. Do you believe that natural resources should be protected, managed and utilized carefully so that they will be available to future generations? Do you believe you have a responsibility to ensure that?

If you said yes, you could be conservative, because that is what they believe. Liberals believe it is the government who must control and protect natural resources by passing legislation to prevent people enjoying them!

3. Do you believe somebody should be able to walk into your home, sit down, eat your food and stay as long as they like, without your approval?

If you said no, you are likely a conservative. Liberals believe that anyone should be able to live wherever they want.

4. Do you believe you should be able to choose what car you drive, what food you eat, what you read, what you do and what you believe?

If you said yes, you are likely a conservative. Liberals believe that the government should determine what is best for you to drive, eat read and believe. Liberals believe the individual is incapable of making the best decisions for their own lives.

5. Do you try to balance your home budget, trying to spend no more than you receive? Do you try to pay your bills on time out of the money you earn from your own blood, sweat and tears?

If you said yes, you are likely to be a conservative. Liberals believe that what you earn should be spread around so that other people can pay their bills using YOUR blood, sweat and tears to provide the money.

6. Do you believe that two people doing the same job should get the same pay, the same opportunities for advancement and the same recognition, regardless of sexual orientation, skin color, ethnicity or religion?

If you said yes, you are likely a conservative.Liberals believe that members of a minority group should have extra opportunities and have legislated exactly that. It is called affirmative action and bestows more rights on certain classes of people than others. This is the equality you believe in, right?

7. Do you believe that everybody should pay a fair share of the costs of government?

If you said yes, you are likely a conservative. Liberals believe that some people should pay more and others none of the costs of Government. This is their idea of equality.

8. Do you believe that the money you earn is your money, not your neighbors?

If you said yes, you are likely a conservative. Liberals believe the money you earn is community property to be used by whoever needs it.

9. Do you believe that when you buy a car, you can put whatever you want on it to make it work better. You can chose who can drive it and who will wash it. Do you believe your mechanic should be paid more for keeping it safe than the car washer who keeps it clean?

If you said yes, you are likely a conservative. Liberals believe they must control what you do with your own property in order to keep others safe. They tell you who you MUST employ (affirmative action) and how much you must pay them (minimum wage).

And finally...
10) Do you believe in certain God given rights that the Government is required to protect as demanded by the Constitution?

If so, you are a conservative. Liberals rarely believe in God, cannot distinguish between God given rights and man-made rules, and have no concern for the Constitution.

So...are you really a liberal, or simply just a misguided and confused conservative?

The liberal/progressive movement has been so good at creating new meanings for words, that many democrats of old do not realize that their party has abandoned them. They do not yet realize that they are really conservatives but follow the likes of Pelosi and Reid simply because they are democrats.

If we all practice intellectual honesty, question and understand not only what we believe but WHY we believe it, the conservative groundswell will be so powerful that all the left-wing marxists, the socialists, the communists, the liars in office and the clowns that support them will be forced to retreat in the face of insurmountable odds. They will be finished!

So, I implore you to challenge the thinking of your liberal friends and families. Do not try to win the battle of ideology. That is NOT where your weapons are strongest. Fight the battle of belief, the battle of what they truly deep down know is right. From there, you can guide them to the understanding that MOST Americans are conservative, and that the liberal/progressive movement has hijacked the democrat party and made a mockery of the Constitution we all love.



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