Thursday, July 28, 2011

We don't need another hero....

Is this what America has come to?

What happened to the freedom of idea? What happened to open debate of issues? What happened to Congress doing what they believe the voters want done?

But most of all....what happened to the leadership of this Country?

I see a number of things that we can take away from the current debt ceiling situation:-

1. The great US Senate....the place that his been held up worldwide as the place for the free expression of ideas and honest debate, has now become nothing but a bullpen for ignorant liberals who refuse debate the issues (I suspect they refuse the debate because they know they cannot win.)

Have you heard anything more ridiculous than the Democrat Senators writing to John Boehner as Leader of the House, and stating very clearly...."don't even bother to pass the proposed debt ceiling plan through the House, because we are never going to vote for it anyway and it is a waste of everyone's time!"

I thought the Senate was the place for debate? It seems to have become nothing more than a weapon for the current administration (a very dull weapon at that) and a place that will only debate ideas that they pre-approve. Do I need to point out that the Democratic controlled senate has not passed a budget in over 820 days now, and these idiots expect us to believe they want to do the right thing about the Countries finances? Poppycock!

My personal belief is that Harry Reid is scared that if there was a decent debate in the Senate, that several democratic Senators will see the wisdom of the proposed legislation and vote for it, thus denying the President of his desire to further bully republicans. Harry Reid cannot take the chance with a debate because he will he uses parliamentary trickery and bully-boy tactics to avoid it at all costs.

And do you know what is worse than that? We, the American people simply accept it as the way it is.

2. We have a President who has been very vocal about his position on the debt ceiling stuff for some time. He has been heard campaigning for a balanced solution. He has been in discussions with the leaders of both parties in both houses. I do not think there is any doubt in anyone's mind that he wants a balanced solution.

So, the House produces a balanced budget solution....

"Oh no...that is not a balanced solution....the sort of balanced solution I want is more taxes and higher spending. And I want that to be for a period beyond the next election, ok? How else can I be re-elected?"

When that didn't work, he goes to the people. He makes threats. He bullies. He calls for plans. He does not even indicate what he has in mind.

He has more discussions, more BS and more claims about a balanced solution.

This is not leadership. This is not compromise. This is him electioneering. This is all about how he can try to paint the Republicans bad.

He is a disgrace. And what is more disgraceful? That a large portion of the population are so ignorant of reality that they believe his lies.

Where do we go from here?

Well, there is no doubt in my mind that the US credit score is going to be downgraded. It does not matter now what sort of deal comes out of Washington. The President and the Senate are now seen to be broken. The Country has NO leadership.

No organization can look at our governing bodies and have any confidence whatsoever that the countries fiscal problems can be fixed.

So we WILL be downgraded. This will result in higher interest rates on new borrowings which will dampen the economy. The stock market will respond accordingly and dip in the short-term. (I suspect that the downgrade is already priced into the market, as traders tend to see reality before politicians do! After all, it is their own money at risk, not somebody else's.)

UNtil a couple of very significant events occur, this downgrade will remain...the events that will assist in a return to a perfect grade are:-

1. the removal of the tyrant and Liar-in-Chief currently residing in the White House. Without strong leadership, and honest attempts to get debt and spending under control, the ratings agencies will not risk upgrading us

2. the re-establishment of the Senate as a place where issues are debated. Until the Senate starts doing it's job , no rating agency will ever upgrade us.

3. The Senate MUST pass a budget. That is their job.

4. Real spending controls MUST be instituted. Not some wishy-washy cut in spending 10 years out, but real controls that prevent this Government and future Governments from spending more than a certain amount of money.

5. Debt must be paid down significantly, not increased.

If America can show she is serious about tackling this problem head on with real solutions, real efforts and real results, I expect we will see our grading improve within a couple of years.

If we continue on the same path that our Liar-in-Chief wants to follow, a triple A rating is something we will never see again in my lifetime and probably my grandchildren's lives.

We don't need another hero. We don't need dreams from someone's father. We don't need the image of a white knight on a stallion coming in to save the day. We don't need the audacity of hope. We don't need hope and change.

What do we need?

We need honesty.

We need someone who will roll up his sleeves and get down in the trenches with us.

We need a leader who is not concerned about extending his time in the White House or improving his golf score.

We need a man or woman who, when no-one is watching, falls on his knees in grief for what this country has become...and when the grief passes, when determination sets in, he or she becomes the one to stand beside us as we all shovel that next load of crap out of the way.

We don't need a hero....we need someone who loves this Country more than life itself. We need someone willing to risk their wealth,  and their very lives to do what is right.

We need no hero.


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