Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let's party like we live in the White House!

Let me get this right.....it is only Tuesday today, right?

With the amount of stupidity seen in the last day or so, I would have sworn we had reached the weekly limit. Just goes to show that there is no limit on stupidity.

At least there is some signs of intelligence with Mitch McConnell clearly laying blame at Obama's feet, and stating that he doubts that the solution can be found for the debt question while this man remains in office. Good stuff. And John Boehner seems to have found a pair too.

But it seems that some in politics think there is no limit on how much debt the nation can carry.

But I digress....

My thoughts today revolve around something far more sinister than the onerous debt this nation carries. However the whole debt question is a very good example of what I find so disturbing.

Here's the thing.

Obama comes out yesterday and holds his dog and pony show, telling everyone how important it is to raise the debt ceiling. He once again demands that the wealthy pay their fair share. He explains that the middle classes carry too much of the burden and the rich are not. He sounds very reasonable when he says things like...:compromises are necessary, because if both parties do not move closer to each others position, no resolution is possible". (Paraphrased)

He tells everyone how he has moved in his position and will move further if the Republicans will just give up some ground too.


This is the man who proposed a budget with a $1.6 trillion deficit for 2012. And NOW he says we have to deal with debt...we have to compromise...we have to work together? (Where does he think the deficit funding will come from?)

This President is the most deceitful, lying piece of crap ever to have sat in the oval office. The nature of politics is that you measure the temperature of the electorate and give them what they want in order to get re-elected. I get it. But in the past this has been largely moderated by the need to do what is right for the Country.

This President has no concern with what is right or wrong for the country. He has no moral compass, and no fear of recrimination. He will say whatever he needs to say to appease the voters. He will do whatever he needs to do to get the next vote. He is a total narcissist, unconcerned about anything but his own self interest.

So...let's have a quick look at what he does.

- he first states his position....very clearly...that as President of the country he has a responsibility to tell the folks what the realities are, but to be careful not to spook them

- he then says that if the debt limit is not increased your children will be unable to eat safe food

- he then attaches safe food to the jets used by corporate America and the wealthy...effectively saying that if they don't pay more for their jets, your kids won't get safe food

Now he is forced to move into a second stage of  his arguments because the first ones were not able to bring about the result he wanted...

- now he tells everyone how wonderful he is and that the republicans now have to move their ideals closer to his

- he blames the republicans for not being able to reach an agreement (notwithstanding the fact that his own party has not reached agreement)

- he develops the sound bytes for the liberal politicians to use...the rich must pay more so that social security payments can be met

- Charlie Rangel suddenly gets religion and asks what Jesus would do

- Harry Reid and Nacy Pelosi get more vocal about the millionaires and billionaires causing the problem

- corporate jets become the solution
(Don't forget that just a few years ago the use of accelerated depreciation rates for corporate jets was encouraged and fully supported by Obama....he now sees them as the perfect foil for his class warfare plans.)

- the threat of unsafe food for your kids was not immediate enough...so now he makes it clear that if the debt limit is not increased, your social security checks will possibly not get mailed...because there may not be enough money in the coffers.

Does this sound like a President who is a leader...who leads from the front, who encourages everybody to keep working through the tough times...who is uplifting, confident, pragmatic and assured of his role?

Or does it sound like a bully, a miscreant who gets what he wants at any cost, who lies, deceives, threatens and uses scare tactics in an attempt to mold his subjects into his way of thinking?

I know I will be accused of crazy talk. I know the left will call me a fool and worse. I know that I risk retaliation from readers by saying this...but I also will continue to expound the truth whatever the cost.

This President is the most insidious and dangerous person ever to be in the White House. He knows that 47% of the population pay NO income taxes. That is the 47% that will vote for him in the next election as long as he continues to promises to take from the wealthier and give to them.

He makes it clear that it is the government's role that everybody has the same opportunities. And gets the same results. Effort is NEVER included in these discussions except with the mandatory "if you work hard you will succeed" crap that he spouts from his mouth. What he means is, if you work hard and succeed, the government will take what you have and give it to the lazy who don't work hard!

This man is evil. I don't know how clearer I can make this. He wants YOUR money  to use to buy the votes and favor of everyone else. He wants your effort, to keep the country moving, so that his lazy constituents can vote for him. He wants the sweat from your brow to pay for the bad choices of the clueless.

As Maggie Thatcher said...socialism is wonderful, until you run out of other peoples money.

Well, that is about where this country is at right now. We have almost run out of other people's money and now have to borrow to stay alive. Sure we can steal some more from the wealthy, but that will not solve the problem...in fact it will make NO difference apart from buying votes from the clueless.

So...let's follow Obama's lead and raise our personal debt limits...and then do it again in 2 years...and again a year later. Let's just live beyond our means, and party like we live in the White House. Let's pay no regard to the concept of saving for the future, paying our bills, matching our expenses with our revenues.

Let's follow the President's lead and use the same responsible fiscal guidelines he uses.

How long do you think you could last that way? A year? Two? Maybe just a few months?

No problem....Obama will send you a check whenever you need one!

Stupid is as stupid says.


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