Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The verdict is in.....

Dontcha just love politics?

I have come to the realization that there are several types of people in this world...but within the many sub-categories there are two very broad categories:-
1. those that are political junkies and who search the media for every tidbit of information that supports their view of the world
2. those who don't know anything, don't care about anything, have no sense of history and yet, are instant geniuses when it comes to talking about their preferred party or candidate.

A case in point is the person who calls a talk show and speaks passionately about how well Obama is doing, and that we have to continue to support his policies etc. That same person can not name his two senators, cannot name the 3 branches of government, and cannot even name the Governor of his state...but hey, he sure knows that Obama is doing a fine job!! Idiots!!

While both of these groups are equally dangerous to your personal health and mental well being, they are more dangerous to the health and well being of this great country.

I wrote the other day about how the world and this country in particular spends more time on the Casey Anthony case than on anything of far more importance. ( See )

Well, now the verdict is in and the people are in uproar. The internet is buzzing with people saying this is a disgrace, people saying the system worked, talking heads telling us the jury was wrong...or right....

Everybody, it seems, has become an instant expert...and has an opinion.

As for me, well, I have an opinion on everything. Here is what I KNOW.  I know that a small beautiful little girl is dead. I do not know who killed her, or if it was indeed an accident. I know that it took this little girl's mother around 30 days to call the police AFTER the child went missing. That is it. That is what I know...and based on that alone, the mother should have been given 10 years for being a lousy mother and not reporting the missing child. As for the other players in this tragedy...I have no clue.

But that is just my opinion, as is everything written on this blog.

Now we have that out of the way, maybe we can get back to what is really important in our personal lives, and leave this bit of judicial theater behind us.

Of course, judicial theater is very similar to the political theater we see around us every day. Most of it is little more than a snake-oil salesman's pitch to sell the overpriced and under-delivered promises of politicians who long ago exchanged their integrity for promises from the highest bidder.

Their cleverly worded pitches are designed to appeal to the categories of people I talked about at the start of this blog. The political junkie who wants evidence of his own opinions being right, and the politically ignorant who want sound bites to give them ammunition supporting their favorites.

When will politicians learn that there is a third group, largely unseen, largely not vocal, and much smaller who can turn the tide if they are fully engaged? Although small in number compared to the two groups listed above, their numbers are growing. This is the group that see through the spin of politicians from both sides of the aisle. This is the group that listens carefully and with open minds to seek truth. This is the group that does not simply accept the spin and sound bites of political theater, but actually questions and applies logic to what they hear.

And this is the group who know that most of what they hear is lies....spun from the mouths of treacherous politicians more involved in winning their jobs back than in leading the country. They have armies of researchers who advise the politicians on what position they should take, then spin the words so as to ensure that the lies cannot be proven. The advisers and campaign managers tell them what to say, when to say it and how to phrase it.

And we, the people, accept this as being business as usual. Why? Because the vast majority of us fall into the two categories above. We don't want the truth...that will make us feel bad. We want to stay in our nice comfortable imaginary worlds where we believe our politicians are doing what they believe is best for the country - any other reality is too horrible to consider.

As a Nation, we have become so dumbed down that we are now a Nation of fools. A Nation that cannot define itself except in terms of comparisons to other Nations. A Nation bereft of the high moral standards, high work ethic and high expectations that drove its past successes. A Nation of lazy pathetic whingers whose biggest ambitions are to suck at the Governments teat for the rest of their lives.

The fact that you are reading this indicates to me that that is not a true description of you. It certainly does not describe me. And it certainly does not describe many of the people I know. Unfortunately, it describes enough of the population to ensure that liberal, progressive policies will continue until the ultimate collapse of the American economy forces changes.

What can we do about this?

Education is a large part of the solution, but not the school type education. That is beyond repair and simply produces graduates that have been trained to think in terms of comparative differences rather than a thought structure that strives for excellence. Being better than another country is not good enough...we must be the best we can be, regardless of what surrounds us. We need to all change our thinking...we need to all expect and demand the best of those around us...we need to stop accepting that better is good enough.

We MUST demand that our politicians speak the truth, not the words their researchers tell them you want to hear. And you must question everything you hear. You must take the time to question boldly, to apply logic, to think and then see if it passes the "gut feel" test.

When a politician lies, he must be called out, must be made to pay the price...and must be openly challenged.

Only then, can we hope to see a change in the way things are.

Unfortunately, we are small in number and are not able to move the political needle very far. So we need to grow in number. The tea party has been doing a good job, but its numbers seem to be dwindling. Why? Quite possibly because the left has succeeded in re-branding the tea party as an extreme right wing group for the nutcases.

It's time.

It's time for conservatives to not accept the status quo any more.

It's time for truth from politicians.

It's time for smaller government, lower taxes, reduced spending, lower government waste.

It's time for real border security.

It's time for illegals to be sent packing.

It's time for America to be strong once more!

These thoughts are particularly important right now as Obama tries to scare the American people into accepting higher debt levels. The lie is that if we don't increase the debt, we will default on payments to our lenders. That is certainly one option. But has he EVER talked about cutting spending so that the loan payments can be met?

Many other options exist. Spending and waste can be cut overnight. But no politician will do that because it is politically dangerous.

It's time for you to call your representatives and tell them you do not support the increased debt level. Tell them that you want a reduction in spending. Tell them if they vote for a higher debt limit, you will do everything you can to ensure they are not re-elected. Demand they do the people's will.

It's time that we found a voice.

It's time that we do what's right....


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