Friday, July 29, 2011

Knight of the Living Debt. you have you ever been doing your thing, minding your own business...and you get the sense that something just isn't right?

You stop in mid step, or mid sentence and have to look around carefully to ensure that everything is normal. You look into all the corners of your surroundings, eyes trying to pierce the places where light does not enter. You look internally, your mind seeking to illuminate those parts that wish to remain hidden and in secret.

And then, with a shrug, the feeling passes and you go on your merry way, trying to remain oblivious to the uncomfortable sensation that just moments before almost paralyzed you.

I had one of those moments this morning, but instead of trying to ignore it, I chose to explore it.

What was it that caused such discomfort? What was it that caused every muscle in my body to prepare for fight or flight? What was it that caused adrenaline to pour through my body, that caused my heart to do a back flip landing awkwardly on my own fears?

Having summoned the courage to explore this sensation, I searched inward to find what it was that was causing this...and I found it!


Yep, zombies. 

Not the brain devouring mindless creatures you find in great movies like the wonderful Zombieland (Woody Harrelson is perfect!) but the kind of zombies that stalk the halls of Washington, hiding in the dark corners and mindlessly repeating the mantra..."money, spending, taxes...taxes...taxes", while their arms reach out to grab the unsuspecting and jerkily grab wallets and purses, looking for any stray cash that other tax hungry zombies may have missed.

As daylight dawned in my mind in the same way it does when the sun peaks over the horizon, it became clear that this group of zombies was unlike those in most zombie movies. This group had a leader, someone who they could mindlessly follow...someone who did not have ALL the attributes of a zombie, but had powers far beyond the norm....had the power to direct and recruit more brainless zombies for a common purpose.

Yesterday I said we do not need a knight on a white stallion. I didn't realize yesterday how accurate I was. Today I realize we have a knight in the White House already...a Knight of the Living Debt!

So now I have a problem. How do I reconcile the clown in the oval office with the leader now known as the Knight of the Living Debt?

While I pondered this apparent inconsistency, i recalled the statement that art so often imitates life. And what better art for this purpose than the art of movie making, where imagination and creativity often combine to reveal great truths about the present and the future.

So I went back to Zombieland...and considered the scene with Bill Murray. Bill Murray, one of the finest comic actors of the current crop, played the part of Bill Murray, a much loved comedian who had not succumbed to becoming a zombie. But he had stayed safe by "pretending" to be a zombie. He dressed like one and acted like one. 

He decided to play a joke on the hero in the movie and pretended that he was a fully fledged zombie. When nerdy college student hero Columbus (played by Jesse Eisenberg ) saw the Bill Murray zombie, he did what every red blooded nerdy college student would do. He gave him both barrels!!

Bill Murray's last word were..."He won't shoot me!"


So...let me try to explain this another way.

Bill Murray is a comic, a clown. He played the part of a clown. This clown believed he would not be shot. He was shot. He ended up dead!

And the moral is.... a clown who plays the part of a zombie is not likely to survive when the good guys think they are in real danger.

Obama..are you listening?  You are playing a dangerous game. Being the Knight of the Living Debt, being a clown pretending to be a zombie, will not end well for you. When the zombies line up to vote at the next election, they will find that their numbers are vastly inferior to the good guys...and they won't have the brains to stop lurching forward screaming "money, your money, taxes...taxes...taxes".

We are truly living through the Knight of the Living Debt.


Talking about scary, I decided to have some fun yesterday and visit some liberal blogs to see what the progressive talking points are today.

Apart from being an exercise in total futility, as most of the arguments have not changed in years, I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of liberals who were actually almost pleasant.

In a series of posts about the poor and future opportunities, this post appeared....

"Typical conservative. Doesn't know what they believe or how to explain it unless its fed to them in a Rush Limbaugh talking point. 
You are the one arguing equality, not me. I don't begrudge Bill Gates his 25 bathrooms, as you suggest. I just acknowledge the fact that not everyone will have the opportunity to construct a billions a year computer business because someone will have to work to build those computers. Not everyone is born with a trust fund and those that aren't have to work harder to become something.
You are the one who thinks that everyone has an equal chance, not me. You are so very confused."

Maybe this guy needs to read my post on liberal or confused conservative? In one breath he acknowledges that some people need to work harder than others. And yet he also argues that I believe everyone has an equal chance....and that he doesn't begrudge the wealthy? And I am confused? LMAO

And this one.....

"Sorry, but the American dream was never about there will always be poor people so we might as well stomp on them while we make ourselves richer."

These folk really do have a distorted view of conservatives. Now they believe we want to stomp on the poor and that we believe that is the American dream? They really should stop listening to the Liar-in-Chief, Pelosi and Wasserman-Schultz, and start listening to their own beliefs. They are not bad people...just very confused.

And finally, I want to share this one...

And you think that is a credible link?
Here at Swampland, we know what opinion is, what fact is, and what tabloid journalism is...."


For those who do not know, Swampland is the name of the comments section of the New York Times...a name I think is highly suitable for it describes a slimy unpleasant place full of creepy crawlies!

The article referred to was an opinion piece decrying the conservatives refusal to modify their thinking so a deal could be done to lift the debt ceiling. It was far from a factual piece, and while not being tabloid journalism, was definitely an opinion piece.

I can not decide what the heroes at Swampland consider it to be - he has not stated that. He just said he knows the difference?  LMAO  I make no bones about the fact that what I write is simply opinion....this guy seems to have failed remedial comprehension since he can't actually determine what it is that I write.

So...if you want a laugh, go visit the swamplands where you can easily find all kinds of zombie like just goes to show that zombies do exist...and we need to find more and more creative ways to destroy them.

Unfortunately, unlike the heroes of Zombieland, our tactics must be restricted to verbal salvos, and the cut and thrust of well thought out logical arguments...until we get to go to the polls, and then, we will truly discover that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Keep on seeking out zombies....


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